Worldcall – A User’s Worst Nightmare

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As most of you who may have used any Worldcall service might already know, their service is absolutely pathetic. Why it is so bad is not really a mystery. The service quality since WC’s inception has been going downhill and it took a more than a few disgruntled customers to actually make them work towards improving their infrastructure.

My experience with Worldcall has always been bad and I cannot think of a time when I was remotely happy with their service. Since some parts of the Phase VII area cannot subscribe to DSL due to the damage caused by DHA (Defence Housing Authority) while making the new bypass behind Khy-e-Ittehad, the people of this area have had to use Worldcall out of sheer desperation. Unfortunately, my house is just one of many who cannot get DSL service anymore due to negligence and stupidity of DHA.

I am always online, if I’m not home, my computers are always on, downloading something or the other so I require a package which is not volume based, since most of the services apart from DSL are volume base, subscribing to those are useless and WC is the only other option.

My recent experience with WC has been more than horrific. The connection stopped working on Wednesday night (29th July) and first thing Thursday morning before going to work I launched a complaint with them. Their customer service agent told me the problem would be fixed in 24 hours, as I write this, it has been 5 days since the service has not been restored.

I emailed their customer service office and there was no reply to my email, I called them again demanding to speak to their CS manager but allegedly they are not allowed to let customers talk to the managers. The sad part is, these people are there to interact with the customers and solve their problems yet the customer is not allowed to speak to them and they do not respond to their e-mails.

Anyways, constant calls back and forth resulted in the agents telling me to leave my number and I will be called back but as anyone can guess, that never happened, It resulted in more calls and by now, almost ever agent in the WC call center has my number and still no phone call.

My last resort was to launch a complaint with the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regarding this matter in the hopes that this would help me get my point across and my connection restored but I’m not holding my breath.

The sadest part is that WC can get away with providing such poor and unsatisfactory service and customer support and the people who are effected are not doing much to resolve this issue. For how long will these companies exploit the customers, take their hard earned money and get away with substandard services.


The regulatory bodies should take notice of this abuse and set strict guidelines and fix response times for these service providers, offenders should be fined to ensure compliance.

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  • MKM

    Another blog on Worldcall’s pathetic costumer service.

  • Babar Javed

    this was hilarious man

    “Unfortunately, my house is just one of many who cannot get DSL service anymore due to negligence and stupidity of DHA”

  • Babar Javed

    by the way, you should post this on

  • asad

    just go down to their office (near the talwars) and ask to speak to the customer relation manager. then complain to him. that’s what i did and my complaint was taken care of in 5 hours 🙂