Kisi Khaaki Par Na Kar Khaak Apni Zindagani ko, Jawani Kar Fida Us Par Jis Ne Di Jawani Ko! Jab Dil Hee Laga Bethay Har Naaz Uthana Hoga, Sau Baar WALIDAIN Roothay Sau Baar Manana Hoga! Pehlay Tujh Ko Bachpan Nay Barsoon Khilaya, Jawani Nay Phir Tujh Ko Majoon Banaya, Burhaapay Nay Phir Aa Kay Kya Kya Sataya, Ajal Tera Kar Day Gee Bilqul Safaya!

  • Hiba Moeen

    They have been up to these things such as ‘mudaarbah’, ‘musharkah’ , ‘rent for buying you some property’ and God knows what. . . but the real pain here is felt when people actually are deceived by these terms and argue in favour of such banks while thinking that some pious deed is being performed.

    So . . . the moral of the story is that a stubborn shall remain a stubborn, a practical example is of the high scale resistence of day light up to this day

  • Hiba Moeen

    I meant day light saving not day light 🙂

  • Faiz Ahmed Kazi

    What about the deceit where people happily go working in Banks claiming their income is as pure as everyone else’s?

    A person working in a bank is no more different then a bartender in a bar in terms of the money he/she earns.

    There is purposeful ignorance on the other hand also lack of knowledge throughout all quarters of our society, that’s what makes us Pakistani’s :p

  • Umer Tanveer

    @ Faiz: Brother I couldn’t agree with you more. Before writing the post I wanted to reflect on the aspect that you highlighted but it would’ve given a whole new dimension to the post.

    Its high time that we should know whats right or and whats not. To sum it all up

    “Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 3327 Narrated byAbdullah ibn Mas’ud The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) cursed the one who accepted usury, the one who paid it, the witness to it, and the one who recorded it. “