BodyGuard – Lest We Forget :D

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Forget what you have been fed these few days and let me take you on a trip in my time machine… Now that I have been trying to find a job (with little success)… I haven’t had the time to make my usual postings and after the rebranding of the PakMediaBlog, I was looking for something to post.

And then I came across this little gem and had to show it to my friends and my readers. A little something to brighten your day I hope 🙂
Enjoy !!

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BIO: Moazzam Kamran. Currently Assistant Marketing Manager at Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.(CYBERNET). Past experience includes working for Dawlance Pakistan as Assistant Manager Communications and as Assistant Manager Marketing Research. VISION: I am also a teacher at SZABIST Karachi. All my life I have had the vision of empowering our youth instead of spoon feeding them facts we need to build up their concepts and nurture their Creativity. We need to create thinkers, leaders and visionaries because that is the only way Pakistan can florish. Finally to all my readers I hope I can make your experience at Pakmediablog as intersting and as fun as possible.

  • Ashhad Ahmed

    awesome ye to mene PTV pe bhi nahi dekha..dont know how i missed it per this one is toooo good..Commander safegaurd ka to dajjyan uradi..