10 funniest Simpsons moments ever, ranked

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Since its debut successful 1989, The Simpsons has delivered galore of television’s funniest moments. While this long-running bid whitethorn person mislaid a fewer steps successful caller years, it remains a beloved linchpin of big animation acknowledgment to its immense history of witty penning and comedic timing.

As nan show continues to present laughs pinch its 35th season, audiences should refresh themselves connected nan Simpsons’ top 9and funniest) moments and retrieve why they’re still America’s animation family.

10. Homer swats a alert (The Good, nan Sad, and nan Drugly)

Homer pinch a dormant alert connected his caput successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

Talk astir utilizing your head. When Bart brings his woman to person meal pinch her family, she’s instantly thrown disconnected by their bizarre antics. More specifically, Homer baffles everyone by utilizing his skull arsenic a makeshift flyswatter.

He could’ve either utilized his maize cob aliases his drumstick to do nan job, but he came up pinch a solution that kept his full repast clean. Simple but elegant.

9. The stopwatch (Treehouse of Horror XIV)

Homer naked successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

Everyone tin work together this segment would look really bad without context. When Bart and Milhouse acquisition a watch that tin extremity time, they return advantage of this Twilight Zone-like artifact to dispersed mischief passim Springfield. The champion usage of it is making Homer’s donuts vanish earlier his very eyes, to nan constituent he tries to extremity it each pinch a knife.

The boys don’t fto him disconnected truthful easily, replacing nan leaf pinch a banana and stripping him of his clothes. But erstwhile they bring successful Nelson to humiliate him moreover more, they propulsion a curveball and return Nelson’s apparel too, astonishing some him and nan audience.

8. Hank Scorpio (You Only Move Twice)

A man towers complete different man connected a array successful The Simpsons.Fox / Fox

Hank Scorpio is nan benignant of feline you cognize is terrible, but you still want to activity for anyway. Even though Homer enjoys moving for his upbeat and compassionate caller boss, he is oblivious to nan truth that he is really a James Bond villain threatening to destruct his enemies.

This comedic opposition is champion displayed erstwhile Homer expresses his desire to resign, pinch Hank making clip for Homer arsenic he’s burning authorities agents live pinch a flamethrower. Still thumps moving for Mr. Burns.

7. Homer jumps Springfield Gorge (Bart nan Daredevil)

Homer flying done nan aerial connected a skateboard successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

Many would work together that The Simpsons’ occurrence began pinch play 2, and Homer’s epic neglect while jumping Springfield Gorge was a landmark infinitesimal for nan series. This segment puts Homer done nan wringer, arsenic he gets wounded astatine each conceivable moment.

Even arsenic he’s rescued by nan paramedics, he can’t debar hitting his head. But conscionable erstwhile nan skit seems finished, nan ambulance crashes into a tree, and Homer falls correct backmost into nan gorge.

6. Testing (The Secret War of Lisa Simpson)

Homer pinch a statement of megaphones successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

In 1 of Bart’s astir gut-busting pranks, nan small troublemaker hooks much than a twelve megaphones together to make an ungodly magnitude of sound while connected a section travel to nan constabulary station.

With a azygous word, Bart unleashes a shockwave that ravages nan full town, shattering windows and Homer’s brew bottles successful a cartoonish show of pandemonium. And support successful mind, he was only testing nan sound.

5. The Planets of nan Apes philharmonic (A Fish Called Selma)

Troy McClure successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

Whoever thought Planet of nan Apes would make for specified a catchy musical? Actor Troy McClure (voiced by nan precocious Phil Hartman) stars successful this Broadway mentation of nan sci-fi classic, breaking down slayer thumps arsenic talking apes creation for Dr. Zaius.

It’s a bizarre and surreal spoof that displays nan show’s comedic prowess pinch this clone musical’s unforgettable lyrics. Who tin hide this speech betwixt nan ape chorus and McClure? “He tin talk, he tin talk, he tin talk!” “I tin siiiiiiiing!”

4. Stupid sexy Flanders (Little Big Mom)

Homer imagining Flanders successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

When Homer goes skiing astatine a upland resort, he is amazed to spot Flanders successful a skimpy suit that leaves small to nan imagination. But erstwhile Homer slides down nan slope by accident, nan image of Flanders’s shapely physique blocks retired each his skis training.

His legs past split, and erstwhile it seems things can’t get worse, respective snowfall piles collide pinch his groin. But nan cherry connected apical is really Homer instantly picks himself up and takes nan assistance backmost up pinch a smile.

3. S-M-R-T (Homer Goes to College)

Homer dancing successful beforehand of a occurrence successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

When Homer learns he has been accepted into college, he instantly undercuts this accomplishment by mounting his precocious schoolhouse certificate and location ablaze.

If that wasn’t bad enough, arsenic he dances pinch glee astir nan flames, Homer misspells nan connection “smart,” a blooper that nan show writers thankfully kept successful nan episode’s last cut.

2. Chips successful Space (Deep Space Homer)

Homer floating towards a murphy spot successful "The Simpsons."20th Television / 20th Television

When NASA launches Homer into space, he creates hilarious havoc wrong his shuttle erstwhile he opens a container of Ruffles successful zero gravity. What follows is him eating chips passim nan compartment to nan sound of The Blue Danube successful a beautiful parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He past shatters an ant workplace that spooks everyone watching nan news, pinch Kent Brockman uttering his now iconic promise of allegiance to what he thinks are his caller “insect overlords.”

1. The Shinning (Treehouse of Horror V)

Homer and Marge successful a haunted location successful "The Simpsons."Fox / Fox

In this iconic parody of The Shining, nan Simpsons are assigned to watch complete Mr. Burns’ haunted upland location for nan winter. But erstwhile Homer discovers there’s nary TV aliases brew successful nan house, he quickly loses his mind and succumbs to a homicidal rage that’s only intensified by a ghostly Moe.

This full conception is The Simpsons astatine its best, firing panic jokes connected each cylinders successful a meticulous riff connected Stanley Kubrick’s scary classic. But remember, it’s not The Shining, but The Shinning, arsenic Groundskeeper Willie helpfully reminds Bart (and nan viewers). Nobody wants to get sued.

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