10 Ways to Make One Million Dollars (Seriously!)

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Discover 10 applicable strategies to thief you make 1 cardinal dollars and execute financial success. From choosing nan correct profession and investing early to avoiding indebtedness and building a broadside hustle, these steps tin bring you person to your millionaire goals, whether you're aiming for a accelerated way aliases a much gradual journey.

Having a cardinal dollars whitethorn look for illustration an intolerable dream, peculiarly if you’re starting from zero. But nan truth that location are much than 33 cardinal millionaires successful nan US already intends it’s doable.

After all, if astatine slightest 33 cardinal group tin do it, truthful tin you.

All you request are nan correct strategies and a generous helping of patience, and you tin do it too.

To thief you successful that pursuit, I’ve laid retired 10 ways to make 1 cardinal dollars.

Depending connected your existent financial business and nan strength of your effort, you tin scope millionaire position anyplace from a fewer years to 2 aliases 3 decades.

How to Make $1 Million Dollars

ways to make 1 cardinal dollars

1. Choose nan Right Career

The much money you earn, nan much you’ll beryllium capable to prevention and invest. That will make nan way toward 1 cardinal dollars shorter and easier. For example, it will beryllium overmuch easier to prevention 20% aliases 30% of a $150,000 net than it will beryllium pinch a $75,000 salary.

U.S. News published a database of nan apical paying jobs successful America earlier this year. It should travel arsenic nary astonishment that a disproportionate number of those are successful nan healthcare field, typically doctors of 1 type aliases another.

But I whittled that database down to nan top-paying positions that don’t require you to person a aesculapian degree. After all, not everyone is trim retired to beryllium a doctor.

Here’s nan list, including nan mean net for each occupation:

  • Petroleum Engineer: $154,780
  • IT Manager: $149,730
  • Marketing Manager: $145,620
  • Financial Manager: $143,530
  • Lawyer: $141,890
  • Sales Manager: $137,650
  • Financial Advisor: $124,140
  • Business Operations Manager: $123,460
  • Pharmacist: $121,710
  • Actuary: $114,850
  • Political Scientists: $112,030
  • Medical and Health Services Manager: $111,680

These are conscionable examples of careers known to salary precocious salaries. If you’re not successful 1 now, it’s thing to aspire to. And location are plentifulness of different trade jobs aliases profession fields wherever you tin make six figures, peculiarly coming connected nan Internet.

Make it a goal, and prosecute it for illustration your financial early depends connected it – because it really does.

2. Invest Early and Often

A batch of young group don’t put early, and that’s a large mistake. It’s understandable since truthful galore group successful their 20s postgraduate from assemblage pinch big student indebtedness debts. Then there’s ever nan propulsion to get nan trappings of your desired lifestyle.

First and foremost, that includes a car. And past there’s an flat and everything you request to capable it. Then location are those life-enriching experiences, for illustration vacations and travel.

It’s good to put immoderate of your money into each of those.

But astatine nan aforesaid time, nan earlier you statesman investing, nan much quickly you’ll accumulate wealth.

Even if you commencement pinch a small bit, you’ll get yourself connected track. And conscionable arsenic important, you’ll beryllium getting yourself into nan wont of investing regularly.

But let’s walk a infinitesimal connected nan value of opening to put early.

Let’s opportunity you gain $50,000 per twelvemonth and put 10% of it – $5,000 per year. In a blended portfolio of stocks and bonds earning an mean yearly complaint of return of 7%, you’ll person conscionable astir $1 cardinal by nan clip you’re 65.

The calculation is incredibly blimpish because it assumes your income will stay astatine $50,000 per twelvemonth for nan adjacent 40 years. It will almost surely increase, astir apt dramatically.

That intends your portfolio astatine 65 will beryllium overmuch higher. In fact, you mightiness moreover scope nan $1 cardinal people earlier you move 50, particularly if your income rises quickly. Here’s a sample array that shows nan imaginable growth:


The cardinal to investing your measurement to $1 cardinal is to commencement early, fto compound liking do its thing, and do it each and each year.

Million Dollar Secret:

The More You Devote to Savings and Investing, nan Faster You’ll Become a Millionaire

The higher nan percent of your income you tin give to savings and investing, nan sooner you’ll beryllium a millionaire.

In nan illustration above, I showed really you could go a millionaire by investing 10% of your income for 40 years. But if you gradually summation that percent to 15%, 20%, aliases moreover 30%, nan sooner you’ll scope millionaire status.

One proven measurement to do that is to summation your savings percent each clip you get a salary increase.

For example, if you get a 2% salary hike, summation your savings percent by 1%. That’s really you tin move 10% into 15% successful conscionable 5 years, aliases 20% successful 10 years.

Below is simply a array that provides a clear illustration of really this mightiness activity complete time. Assuming an first savings complaint of 10%, nan array illustrates really nan savings complaint tin summation to 15% successful 5 years aliases 20% successful 10 years, by expanding nan savings percent by 1% for each 2% salary hike.


Aspiring millionaires don’t prevention and put for illustration everyone else. No, they spell MUCH higher. It’s really truthful galore go millionaires good earlier reaching status age.

3. Emphasize Growth Investments

I conscionable mentioned a portfolio pinch an mean yearly complaint of return of 7%. That’s based connected a portfolio operation of astir 60% stocks and 40% bonds. But it’s imaginable to do moreover better.

The mean yearly complaint of return connected stocks has been correct astir 10% for nan past 90 years. While you should see fixed-income investments, for illustration bonds, nan largest allocation needs to beryllium successful stocks aliases different high-yield investments if you want to go a millionaire.

A portfolio consisting of 90% stocks and 10% bonds will nutrient an mean yearly output of amended than 9%. And it’s powerfully recommended erstwhile you’re successful your 20s, aliases moreover your 30s.

The thought is to stress maturation successful your portfolio. Right now, fixed-income investments are only paying astir 2% per year.

You’ll ne'er get rich | connected that benignant of investment. Fixed-income investments do adhd an important information constituent to your portfolio. That’s why you request to person them, though you don’t want to person excessively many.

If you’re not comfortable being excessively heavy invested successful stocks, you tin besides grow into real property finance trusts, aliases REITs. They person an mean semipermanent return of close to 13% going backmost to 1978. That’s moreover amended than nan return connected stocks.

Whether you put chiefly successful stocks aliases REITs – aliases some – you’ll beryllium adding nan maturation you request to build your portfolio faster complete nan agelong term.

Below is simply a array that represents various types of maturation investments, on pinch their imaginable return and level of risk.

Stocks7 – 12High
Bonds3 – 5Low to Moderate
Real Estate6 – 9Moderate to High
Mutual Funds5 – 10Moderate
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)4 – 10Moderate
Commodities5 – 12High
Private Equity10 – 25Very High
High-Yield Bonds6 – 8Moderate to High
Money Market Funds1 – 2Low
Venture Capital15 – 30Very High

4. Use Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan for All It’s Worth

If you’re not taking afloat advantage of your employer’s sponsored status plan, you’re missing a awesome opportunity to scope nan million-dollar mark. Employer-sponsored plans for illustration 401(k) and 403(b) plans are 1 of nan very champion ways to scope millionaire status.

First, you tin lend up to $23,000 per year, aliases $30,500 if you’re 50 aliases older. And nether scheme rules, there’s nary percent of income limit. You tin lend nan first $23,000 you gain to your plan. What’s more, nan contributions will beryllium tax-deductible, which intends nan authorities will beryllium helping you money your plan.

Meanwhile, nan finance income built into nan scheme will accumulate connected a tax-deferred basis. A 10% return connected your portfolio will beryllium 10%, alternatively than 7%, aft being reduced for income taxes successful a taxable finance account. Over nan agelong term, that’ll make a immense difference.

But there’s different use that makes employer-sponsored status plans a must-have, and that’s employer matching contributions.

If your employer will supply a 50% matching publication connected up to a 10% publication by you, that will adhd an other 5% to your scheme each year. It’ll summation your full contributions from 10% to 15% each year. Needless to say, your scheme will turn 50% faster.

An employer matching publication is for illustration getting free money because that’s what it is. At a minimum, you should make a individual publication complaint capable to nutrient nan maximum employer matching contribution.

5. Buy a House…or Two aliases Three

A location is simply a silent wealth-building machine. Even if you simply unrecorded successful nan location and make nan monthly owe payments arsenic scheduled, you’ll beryllium building up a tremendous magnitude of equity.

For example, let’s opportunity you acquisition a location for $300,000. The location doesn’t emergence successful value, but aft 30 years, your owe is paid successful full, and you ain nan spot free and clear. That will adhd $300,000 to your nett worth.

But astatine slightest since World War II, a location has been a measurement to build wealthiness successful 2 directions: paying down and yet paying disconnected nan owe and expanding spot values.

According to huduser.gov, nan median value of a caller location was $130,000 successful nan mediate of 1994. By July 2023, nan median value had reached $415,400. That’s an summation of conscionable complete 270% successful 25 years.

Based connected those numbers, a location you acquisition coming for $300,000 could beryllium worthy $750,000 successful 25 years. That azygous location acquisition would get you three-quarters of nan measurement to $1 cardinal each by itself.

6. Start Your Own Side Hustle

If you don’t person nan type of occupation that pays a six-figure income, 1 important measurement to activity astir that limitation is by starting a side business.

There are excessively galore advantages to a broadside hustle to walk up nan opportunity:

  • You’ll person a chance to gain further income.
  • The further net tin beryllium dedicated specifically to savings and investments, enabling you to build your portfolio faster.
  • You tin turn a broadside hustle to nan constituent wherever it earns much money than your regular job.
  • There are taxation benefits to having a broadside hustle. You tin constitute disconnected business expenses and moreover return advantage of very generous self-employed status plans.

Choose a business wherever you’re knowledgeable, and preferably 1 you’re passionate about. Remember, nan broadside hustle isn’t providing you pinch your regular paycheck for surviving expenses. For that reason, you tin take to do thing you really want to do.

And 1 point that almost ever happens erstwhile you do thing you for illustration is that you extremity up earning much money!

Which is simply a bully segue into Strategy #7.

7. Parlay Your Side Hustle into a Full-time Business

One of nan champion ways to go a millionaire is by becoming self-employed connected a full-time basis. There are nary limits connected really overmuch you tin earn, and a successful business tin often beryllium sold for a ample windfall – moreover millions of dollars.

A batch of group are understandably acrophobic to commencement their ain business. That makes consciousness because location are risks involved. The first is that location will beryllium nary rate travel erstwhile you start. If that continues for excessively long, your business will fail.

But you tin debar that result if you start pinch a broadside hustle. While you’re still connected personification else’s payroll, you tin build up your business connected nan side.

You’ll beryllium capable to return arsenic overmuch clip arsenic you need, and do what’s basal to make it happen, each without nan risks associated pinch making it a full-time plunge.

Once you scope nan constituent wherever your broadside hustle is providing dependable rate flow, possibly moreover thing adjacent to income from your full-time job, it’ll beryllium clip to return nan leap of religion and make it your full-time venture.

Armed pinch nan knowledge that your business tin win because of your broadside hustle experience, you’ll person nan assurance to return your business arsenic acold arsenic your talents and efforts can.

As a broadside benefit, typical self-employed status plans, for illustration nan SEP IRA and Solo 401(k), tin alteration you to lend up to $69,000 per year.

With tax-sheltered contributions that high, you’ll scope millionaire position successful nary clip astatine all.

8. Become Friends pinch Other Millionaires

“You are nan mean of nan 5 group you walk nan astir clip with.”

Jim Rohn

It’s been said that we’re each nan average of our 5 closest friends. If astatine slightest 1 aliases 2 of your friends are already millionaires, you’ll person a amended chance of joining them.

That’s because you’ll study really they deliberation and act, peculiarly toward money. And conscionable knowing specified group tin beryllium motivating. When you get to cognize and go friends pinch existent group who are millionaires, you statesman to recognize nan extremity is doable.

What’s more, you tin move to your millionaire friend(s) for advice. And because they’re already there, you tin spot you’ll beryllium getting nan correct advice.

There whitethorn moreover beryllium times erstwhile you’ll beryllium capable to participate successful wealth-building opportunities simply because of nan connections your millionaire friend(s) have.

If you don’t cognize immoderate millionaires personally, make it a constituent to statesman pursuing immoderate connected nan web. There are many, galore highly successful group telling their stories connected blogs and YouTube.

Find a fewer you for illustration and travel them regularly. And by swapping emails, you mightiness conscionable find a existent millionaire friend. It’ll beryllium good worthy nan effort.

9. Avoid “Lifestyle Inflation”

Lifestyle ostentation is what happens arsenic your income and wealthiness rise. While that whitethorn look for illustration a earthy progression, it really hurts your chances of becoming a millionaire. While your income and investments are rising successful value, your manner is eating up an expanding percent of both.

Lifestyle ostentation is particularly communal pinch rising incomes. As your income grows, you abruptly find yourself “outgrowing” your house, your car, nan vacations you take, and nan restaurants you frequent. You whitethorn besides beryllium tempted to subordinate a state nine aliases return connected costly hobbies.

But if you want to go a millionaire successful nan shortest clip framework possible, you’ll request to debar going successful that direction. At best, it will slow you down, and astatine worst, it whitethorn lend you money successful bankruptcy court.

Wants move into needs, and earlier you cognize it, you don’t cognize wherever your money is going.

If you walk immoderate clip studying group successful nan FIRE movement – which is simply a moniker for Financial Independence, Retire Early – they do nan nonstop opposite.

As their incomes grow, they support their surviving expenses fixed and grow nan information of their net that goes into savings and investments.

If you dream to subordinate nan million-dollar club, you’ll request to do nan same. And that’ll require, first and foremost, avoiding manner inflation.


Live arsenic acold beneath your intends arsenic possible. There will beryllium plentifulness of clip to bask nan bully things successful life erstwhile you’re a millionaire. But you’ll person to activity connected getting location first.

10. Stay Out of Debt

If you bargain aliases ain a house, you’ll almost surely person a mortgage. It’s besides very emblematic to person a indebtedness connected a caller aliases precocious exemplary car. And millions of students postgraduate assemblage pinch student indebtedness debts.

If you person immoderate of those debts, you should make it a individual ngo to salary them disconnected arsenic soon arsenic possible. You’ll not only get retired of debt, but you’ll besides free up your rate travel to save and put much money.

While you’re paying disconnected those basal debts, it is besides vitally important that you debar different types of user debt.

These tin see installment indebtedness for nan acquisition of furnishings and akin items, timeshares, and particularly in installments cards. Each not only adds to your indebtedness burden, but they usually transportation very high-interest rates.

For example, if you’re paying 20% connected a in installments paper balance, you’re not apt to get thing adjacent to that successful finance returns, astatine slightest not connected a semipermanent basis.

Paying disconnected that benignant of indebtedness and avoiding it successful nan first spot is nan champion measurement to return power of your income. The little indebtedness responsibility you have, nan quicker nan way to $1 cardinal will be.

The Bottom Line: Make One Million Dollars successful Just a Few Years

If you’re capable to usage each 10 of nan supra strategies, you’ll apt go a millionaire successful conscionable a fewer years. But moreover if you take to attraction connected only 3 aliases four, you’re highly apt to scope millionaire position astatine immoderate constituent successful your life.

You tin take nan accelerated way aliases nan slower 1 – it’s up to you.