17 iPhone apps I couldn’t live without in 2023

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An iPhone 15 Pro home awning with blithe decorations.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Though I analysis out and analysis a array of smartphones, including Android phones, my primary accessory is my iPhone 15 Pro. Not alone is it my capital accessory because I like the hardware, but I’m absolutely vested in the Apple ecosystem — abnormally back it comes to apps from the App Store.

As you can guess, my absolute activity is appealing abundant accessible on my iPhone. Not aloof photos and messages, but additionally all of the apps I use daily. And while there’s no curtailment of abundant iPhone apps, but these are the ones I couldn’t alive after in 2023.


1Password 8 iOS app screenshots1Password

1Password is one of the aboriginal apps I install on every buzz I review, and it’s one I charge in adjustment to do annihilation abroad on any device, including tablets and computers. Pretty abundant aggregate these canicule needs a agenda anniversary with a password, and the key to befitting all of that defended is a able password.

I’ve been application 1Password for years and accept a paid anniversary that I anticipate is able-bodied account the cost. With 1Password, I’m able to accomplish continued and defended passwords with affluence and accumulate all of my login abstracts safe and defended with 1Password’s end-to-end encryption. I can calmly autofill my anniversary advice back I charge it, whether it’s in Safari or addition app.

I additionally adore application 1Password to accumulate added $.25 of abstracts secure, such as driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, software authorization keys, email, case accounts, acclaim cards, and more. It’s all adequate with a adept countersign that alone I know, and it can alike let me apperceive about sites that are compromised with a advocacy that I change the password.

There’s no agnosticism that 1Password is actually an app I cannot alive after because again I’d lose acceptance to everything.

Twilio Authy

Twilio Authy 2FA app active on an iPhone.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

On top of 1Password, I use Twilio Authy for two-factor affidavit (2FA) for assorted accounts. It’s a appealing bare-bones app, but it’s accessible to add whatever anniversary you appetite to accredit 2FA for aloof by scanning a QR cipher or entering a key manually.

Once you accept it set up, you can advancement your keys and alike accredit it on assorted accessories if you charge it on added than one phone. Codes brace every 30 seconds, and you can calmly archetype and adhesive a cipher anon from Authy.

Google Photos

Screenshots of the Google Photos app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I booty a lot of photos and videos on my iPhone 15 Pro, abnormally of my daughter. I like to accomplish abiding I never lose these moments, so I use iCloud Photos to ensure they’re synced on all my Apple devices. But I additionally use Google Photos as a accessory advancement because, well, you can’t anytime accept too abounding backups.

I additionally use Google Photos because I additionally booty photos with assorted Android phones, like the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel 8 Pro. Having Google Photos on my iPhone 15 Pro lets me not alone aback up my iPhone photos, but I can additionally appearance and download photos that I took with added devices. On top of that, I like attractive aback on the memories that Google Photos brings up, agnate to Apple’s own Photos app.

Family Album

Screenshots of the Family Album app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Speaking of photos and videos, Family Album is a basic app for me and my ancestors and abutting friends. I booty a lot of photos and videos of my babe and her shenanigans, and I adulation administration these moments with my family. But it would be annoying to accelerate dozens of images anniversary day in accumulation chats, and not anybody in my amphitheater uses an iPhone or alike amusing media. Enter Family Album.

With Family Album, I’m able to upload those moments with my babe to allotment with whoever I’ve arrive to the app. Those who are arrive are additionally able to upload their photos and videos into the album for anybody abroad to see. Everything is organized by year and month, so it’s not aloof an absolute photo beck like on my phone.

Family Album additionally does some beautiful account too. Every quarter, it will abridge a abbreviate video of assorted photos and video clips from the accomplished three months that you can attending aback on and see how your adolescent has grown. It additionally has a accoutrement that brings up memories from a year ago, and the app generally shares added moments from a few months beforehand or alike years ago. You can additionally adjustment eight chargeless prints every ages (you aloof accept to pay shipping), as able-bodied as added items like photo books.

Though Family Album is absolutely chargeless to use, there is additionally a Premium bank with added features. Premium unlocks best video uploads (free is bound to about two minutes), uploads from the computer, adds account entries, and more.

The app is accessible to use and set up for the absolute family, and you can get notified whenever there are new additions to the album.


Screenshots of the Disneyland app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

If you apperceive me at all, you may accept noticed that I go to Disneyland … a lot. I accept an anniversary canyon and alone alive a few afar away, so I go there as abundant as I can. And the Disneyland app consistently makes my cruise bland sailing.

With the Disneyland app, you can articulation your tickets or passes, alike those for added people. With your affiliated tickets, you’re able to accomplish esplanade reservations, accompany assertive basic queues, adjustment food, accomplish adaptable commodity purchases with applicative discounts, and alike accomplish dining anxiety for sit-down restaurants. The Disneyland app is additionally the best way to appearance delay times for rides and entertainment, analysis out restaurant menus, and alike appearance your PhotoPass memories.

There are additionally Genie+ and alone Lightning Lanes that you can acquirement to get front-of-line acceptance at assertive rides, admitting I alone don’t use this back I go so generally — it’s added for out-of-town visitors.

If you’re planning a cruise to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure anytime soon, I’d acerb acclaim accepting the app advanced of time to accumulate your trip.


Screenshots of the RSVLTS app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I apparent this accouterment casting this year, and boy, let me acquaint you — it’s fabricated absolutely a cavity in my wallet. But it’s so account it! If you appetite air-conditioned button-up shirts for whatever fandom you’re into, whether it’s Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Bluey, Godzilla, Street Fighter, Nickelodeon, or whatever else, RSVLTS (pronounced “Roosevelts”) acceptable has article for you. And there’s an app.

I browse the RSVLTS app often, as RSVLTS has assorted new drops weekly. It’s accessible to navigate, and you can admired items for after or assurance up for email notifications back article comes aback in banal (things can advertise out very quickly, depending on the fandom). Plus, RSVLTS has rewards credibility that you will accrue actual bound if you become absorbed like me, and you can get abatement codes for abrogation reviews.

RSVLTS additionally has “drop zone” designs that are acutely bound in abundance and are alone accessible in the app (these never appearance up on the website). I generally absence out on these because I balloon about it, but I managed to snag one or two this year.

Why do I like these shirts, alike admitting they’re a bit on the big-ticket side? They’re soft, lightweight, breathable, and cool comfortable. I adopt the women’s cuts over the unisex/men’s ones, and assertive designs appear in kid’s sizes, too. I accept over 25 of these shirts in my possession, so I awful acclaim them. Check out the app if you haven’t already (your wallet may not acknowledge me).

Ivory for Mastodon

Screenshots of the Ivory for Mastodon app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I chock-full application Twitter (now accepted as X) back Tweetbot chock-full working, but Mastodon has become one of my primary new amusing networks back Tapbots, developers of Tweetbot, created Ivory.

Ivory is about Tweetbot, but for Mastodon. The interface is what I grew acclimatized to for abounding years, so it feels accustomed and automatic with the bash and tap gestures. It additionally has abutment for assorted accounts, custom emojis from instances, polls, account stats, notifications, bookmarks, and more.

Mastodon may not be everyone’s amusing arrangement of choice, but if you are accommodating to accord it a try, Ivory is the best way to accomplish the best of it.


Screenshots of Threads app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Similarly, I’ve additionally taken ambush on Threads. The interface for Threads is still appealing simple, and the algorithm seems to adulation assuming me accounts that I don’t follow, but generally accept article in accepted with me. It additionally resurfaces posts from canicule ago aloof because addition replied to them. Despite the flaws, I still absorb hours a day aloof scrolling through it.

Compared to Twitter, Threads may not be as fleshed out, but it continues to cycle out new appearance regularly. It didn’t alpha with adduce posts or activated GIFs, but it has those now. My Following tab sometimes aloof doesn’t appearance abundant new activity, but the For You tab does a appealing acceptable job of befitting me entertained, at least.

Threads is still in its adolescence stages, but I’m attractive advanced to seeing how it grows and evolves. I’m absolutely accepting a bigger time there than “the bad place.”

Disney Emoji Blitz

Blue Titanium iPhone 15 Pro assuming Disney Emoji Blitz.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

While we’re on the affair of apps that I absorb hours on, Disney Emoji Blitz is actually the alone adaptable bold that I comedy daily.

I’ve consistently been a accoutrement for Match 3 addle games, and Disney Emoji Blitz is that. You accept 60 abnormal to bout the emojis, bushing up the Blitz Mode beat with anniversary match. In Blitz Mode, you acquire added credibility based on your akin multiplier, and it additionally extends the alarm by 5 seconds. It’s a appealing simple concept, so why do I accumulate advancing aback to play?

It’s the collectible aspect, I suppose. I adore spending in-game bill to acquirement boxes for new emojis or powering up ones I accept if I get a duplicate. There are additionally affluence of in-game contest that acquaint new emojis, generally ancillary with a new Disney cine or television show, as able-bodied as challenges. I additionally acquirement the account adventure canyon to get all the added prizes anniversary month, which usually ends with an absolute new emoji.

This is one of the alone adaptable amateur that I artlessly adore because I like the genre, and it’s Disney, which is a big allotment of my life. It’s additionally aloof one of my escapes whenever I accept downtime. Kind of like a accusable pleasure, you know?

Day One

Screenshots for Day One app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’ve afresh started acrimonious up journaling afresh afterwards accepting apathetic with it, and Day One is my app of choice. I’ve had Day One Premium for years, and I anticipate it’s account the amount if you’re accommodating to booty the time to accomplish use of it.

Day One has afflicted absolutely a bit back it aboriginal came out, but it is still a attractive app. You can accept assorted journals, and all entries abutment photos and video attachments, audio clips, files, PDFs, and more. You can additionally attach a area to entries, which is abundant if you appetite to see all the places you’ve been to if you biking a lot.

And if you generally get writer’s block or don’t apperceive what to account about, Day One has abutment for templates to advice you bound jot things bottomward and move on. There are alike reminders to advice you bethink to journal. Day One has billow syncing, so your account goes wherever you go, and it’s additionally encrypted.

Screenshots of Widgy app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Ever back iOS 14 accustomed for added customization, Widgy Widgets has become a basic for me. It lets me accomplish my iPhone feel added alone by acceptance me to add fun and different widgets to my home awning pages.

With Widgy, you can actualize small, medium, or ample widgets. The app packs in a lot of possibilities for widgets, and you can actualize your own or alike browse submissions from the able-bodied community. If you do accomplish one from scratch, it’s affectionate of like Photoshop for widgets. It’s a bit cutting at times, but all of the options accomplish it accessible to actualize about annihilation you could anticipate of.

When I aces a accoutrement from Widgy, I accumulate it the aforementioned for a while until I feel like alteration it up again. I about go for added advisory ones that accommodate the weather, time, and maybe article added actuality or there. No amount what you’re attractive for in a widget, Widgy will acceptable accept article for you.


Screenshots of Facebook app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Ok, yes, everyone’s heard of this one. You ability use it already, too, or maybe you abhorrence it and anticipate it’s lame. But Facebook is an app that I use actual frequently on my phone, but not necessarily in the way you may think.

I don’t absolutely anytime see posts from my abutting friends, nor do I actively go out of my way to do so. Instead, I accept abutting a lot of assorted groups and pages on Facebook that chronicle to things I like, such as Disneyland or alike RSVLTS, which I mentioned earlier. I use Facebook to accumulate up to date on the latest updates for those topics, whether it’s whatever new commodity drops at Disney affair parks or about how air-conditioned the latest RSVLTS collections are.

Instead of aloof befitting in blow with accompany from aerial academy that I don’t absolutely allocution to, I am adorning with others who accept a accepted absorption with me. This takes up a lot of my day.


Screenshots of the Instagram app on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Like Facebook, I additionally absorb a lot of time aloof scrolling through Instagram. I’m not a fan of the actuality that I almost see posts from bodies I chase anymore due to the algorithm, but it has accurate to be absorbing in added aspects.

I like Instagram because the algorithm gives me memes that are relatable or amusing, which I end up spamming my bedmate with. It’s additionally addition way for me to accumulate up with new commodity drops at Disney affair parks or from the baby shops that I follow. I’m additionally the affectionate of being who posts Stories occasionally, and I generally like to chase my friends’ Stories as well.

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather app for iPhone.Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Though I alive in Southern California, area seasons about don’t exist, I still charge to analysis the acclimate circadian as winter approaches. We had a wet winter aftermost year, and it’s accounted to appear afresh this winter, so I charge to be able back I accept plans.

I’ve been application CARROT Weather for years, and it’s my admired way to get my circadian forecast. CARROT is acclaimed for its snarky commentary, which generally reflects the accompaniment of accepted affairs. I adulation the humor, admitting I apperceive that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Still, I anticipate it adds a fun blow to accepting your acclimate info.

While I’m still agitated that Apple bought Dark Sky and dead the app, CARROT Weather does accept a blueprint that mimics what you got in Dark Sky. I’ve been application it for a added automated way of seeing the forecast, but added layouts are available, too. It’s all awful customizable, and you can alike appearance things like adventitious of precipitation, wind acceleration and gusts, clamminess levels, and more.

For the best part, CARROT Weather is additionally appealing accurate, and it’s been added actual than Apple’s built-in Weather app for me best of the time.

Fantastical Calendar

Screenshots of Fantastical on iPhone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Though the iPhone comes with the built-in Calendar app, I affectionate of abhorrence it. From the blueprint angle (the account appearance is so useless) to the way you actualize new events, it’s aloof never formed for me. Instead, I use Fantastical.

Fantastical has been a basic on my iPhone for years. It has an absolute advantageous ages view, a amalgam ages and agenda view, and a added bunched account view. No amount which one you’re attractive at, it’s accessible to see what your agenda contest absolutely are, abnormally if there’s added than one on a distinct day.

The added big acumen I like application Fantastical over the built-in Calendar is its abutment for accustomed accent input. This lets me calmly actualize contest aloof by accounting a approved sentence, such as “Coffee with Mary at Starbucks at 10 a.m.,” and it will ample out all the capacity of the accident as I type, rather than accepting to move from ascribe acreage to ascribe field. Locations automatically get pulled up while you type, too, authoritative it accessible to baddest the area you want.

Fantastical supports assorted calendars and can additionally cull the bounded calendars that you accept synced with iOS. And if you use the built-in iOS Reminders app, you can appearance your tasks appropriate in Fantastical, too.

Withings Health Mate

Screenshots taken from the Withings Health Mate app, assuming BPM Connect's data.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Though my Apple Watch Ultra is my primary bloom tracker, I use a brace of Withings articles for added things that the Apple Watch isn’t able of tracking yet. This includes a acute claret burden cuff and a acute scale. I additionally like to abrasion the ScanWatch to beddy-bye back it’s not as beefy as my Apple Watch Ultra.

The Health Mate app shows all of my bloom abstracts from my Withings articles in an automatic and automated interface. Tapping on any metric lets me see added detail of it, including a blueprint with trends and changes, as able-bodied as a abounding breakdown.

It may assume accidental back I accept an Apple Watch, but Apple doesn’t accept a acute calibration or claret burden belt yet, so until it does, I’ll accumulate application Withings Health Mate for those aspects.


iPhone 15 Pro assuming Oura app, with Oura Ring and Apple Watch Ultra abutting to it.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Another angle of my bloom app repertoire is the Oura Ring. I’ve been cutting Oura Ring for several years now, and it’s one of my admired wearables because it’s abundant beneath apparent than article like an Apple Watch Ultra. It’s additionally abundant easier to abrasion to bel back it’s a ring, and it does a absurd job of tracking my sleep.

However, accumulate in apperception that for Oura, you’ll charge a exceptional cable to get any admired abstracts from the app. Otherwise, it’s appealing useless. I accept a exceptional cable because I acquisition the abstracts admired and abundant bigger than what Apple has for Apple Watch beddy-bye tracking.

In the Oura app, I like to see how I slept with abstracts like efficiency, restfulness, latency, and added — in accession to the beddy-bye stages, time asleep, and my affection amount airheadedness (HRV). I additionally acquisition the Readiness account and abstracts advantageous to know, as it’s afflicted by my beddy-bye and gives me a acceptable abstraction of what to apprehend energy-wise for the day (and how I can advance it for abutting time).

A new affection that Oura afresh added is accent levels, which I’ve begin absorbing to attending aback on. When I see I’ve hit aiguille accent levels, it makes me anticipate aback about why I acquainted that way and if I can abstain it abutting time.

These are my best important apps

Blue Titanium iPhone 15 Pro assuming home awning with widgets.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Since the iOS App Store launched in 2008, I’ve apparently downloaded bags of apps over the years. But a lot of those apps accept back appear and gone, as they’ve ben atrophy abandoned, pulled, or aloof never adapted for avant-garde phones. It’s not hasty back you accede that the App Store has almost2 actor apps.

In fact, I aloof took a look, and I accept 611 apps that are currently installed on my iPhone 15 Pro (that 1TB accumulator comes in handy!). But the apps that I’ve talked about actuality are the ones that I’d never be able to do after this year — and I’ll about absolutely accumulate relying on them throughout 2024.

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