2 ways you can boost game performance by 75% on old PCs

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The RTX 3060 installed successful a computer.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Even if your PC is getting old, it doesn’t person to mean that playing nan latest games is retired of nan question. While immoderate performance-boosting features were antecedently reserved for those who ain 1 of nan best GPUs aliases 1 of nan top processors, modders person now stepped successful to alteration that narrative.

As a result, a mod enables utilizing Nvidia’s DLSS 3 (or rather, AMD’s FSR 3) on overmuch older graphics cards. Confusing? Don’t worry, it makes a batch much consciousness than it seems, and you could usage it to boost your PC’s gaming capacity by up to 75%.

DLSS is Nvidia’s game-changing framework procreation technology. At slightest connected paper, it’s locked to RTX 40-series graphics cards. AMD’s FSR 3 is nan counterpart to Nvidia’s DLSS 3, and it’s open-source, meaning it’s disposable connected galore much graphics cards than Nvidia’s exclusive tech. On nan surface, you’d deliberation that this would mean that framework procreation should beryllium disposable to a wide scope of gamers, but it isn’t. This is because nan take of FSR 3 has been very slow, and arsenic of today, it’s only disposable successful 4 games.

However, Digital Foundry precocious spotted a mod that useful pinch each nan games that support DLSS 3 natively. The mod fundamentally tricks nan machine into believing that nan PC is moving an RTX 40-series card, but it is, successful fact, usable connected older RTX GPUs (20-series and 30-series). The instrumentality is that it doesn’t tally DLSS 3; instead, it enables nan open-source FSR 3 that useful connected galore graphics cards.

Essentially, it lets you tally games pinch FSR 3 that would not different beryllium capable to tally it, not owed to GPU limitations, but owed to nan truth that nan characteristic is unavailable successful that peculiar title. The funny part? It doesn’t activity connected AMD GPUs.

Using a DLSS 3 mod pinch FSR 3.Digital Foundry

Running nan mod requires injecting DLL files into a game’s directory, editing nan registry, and finally, enabling nan characteristic successful nan game. All of that makes this FSR 3 disguised arsenic DLSS 3 work, and according to Digital Foundry, it seems beautiful brilliant.

Testing nan mod pinch respective AAA games, specified as Cyberpunk 2077, showed a awesome capacity boost connected an RTX 3080. With nan mod running, nan RTX 3080 was capable to support complete 100 frames per 2nd (fps) astatine 1440p connected RT overdrive mode; without it, it deed a overmuch little awesome 60 to 70 fps. This marks an up to 67% boost astatine 1440p. Spider-Man: Miles Morales saw moreover greater gains, pinch an uplift of up to 75%.

Unfortunately, moving this DLSS 3-slash-FSR 3 amalgamation results successful immoderate downsides, including ocular artifacts and higher latency. These issues person mostly been ironed retired successful games that support FSR 3, but seeing arsenic this is conscionable a mod, it’s nary wonderment that it’s not perfect. Check retired Digital Foundry’s video if you’d for illustration to study much astir nan mod and perchance effort it retired for yourself.

An illustration of Nvidia's Resizable Bar.Nvidia

Turning your older Nvidia GPU into a alloy for AMD’s FSR isn’t nan only point you tin do to summation immoderate other framework rates. PCGamer precocious dug up an absorbing GitHub task referred to arsenic ReBarUEFI, which is simply a BIOS mod that will let you to tally Resizable BAR (ReBAR) connected older PCs making love arsenic acold backmost arsenic 2011 that wouldn’t different support it. ReBAR is simply a characteristic that lets your CPU entree nan afloat framework buffer of nan GPU alternatively of being constricted to only 256MB, which is nan lawsuit connected hardware that doesn’t support it.

Older motherboards often don’t support Resizable BAR, but nan mod allows you to get past these restrictions and tally it. ReBarUEFI adds nan mounting successful nan BIOS connected older motherboards, allowing nan CPU and nan GPU to pass effectively. This translates to a capacity boost of up to 12%, according to nan mod’s author, and perchance overmuch much connected an Intel Arc GPU, arsenic those beautiful overmuch require ReBAR.

While nan DLSS 3 mod seems easy capable to enable, ReBarUEFI is simply a small trickier. If you really want to springiness it a go, we urge reference done nan instructions cautiously and going successful pinch nan thought that thing mightiness spell incorrect — and if things spell incorrect successful nan BIOS, your full PC whitethorn beryllium affected.

Either way, it’s awesome to spot group uncovering ways to bring newer exertion to older PCs, moreover if it takes immoderate tinkering to get them to work.

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