23% of PC gamers probably can’t play Alan Wake 2. Here’s why

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Alan looks amazed successful Alan Wake 2.Remedy Entertainment

We’ve known for months that Alan Wake 2 will beryllium 1 of nan most demanding games connected PC, but caller specifications show conscionable really taxing nan upcoming title from developer Remedy will really be. According to a now-deleted tweet from a Remedy employee, location astir 23% of PC players won’t beryllium capable to play nan game.

To beryllium clear, nan worker didn’t opportunity that number explicitly. In consequence to nan outcry complete nan Alan Wake 2 system requirements, nan worker shared that only cards pinch mesh shaders are officially supported, meaning immoderate Nvidia 10-series aliases AMD RX 5000-series GPUs aliases older aren’t officially supported.

A tweet from an Alan Wake 2 developer.X/Twitter

I did immoderate speedy mathematics connected Steam’s latest hardware survey, and that accounts for location betwixt 23% and 25% of participants, depending connected if you count integrated graphics aliases not. The number is overmuch larger if you see Nvidia’s GTX 16-series graphics cards, which support mesh shaders, but autumn beneath nan minimum requirements for Alan Wake 2. 

The developer says that cards without mesh shader support will still tally nan game, but you’ll apt acquisition overmuch little performance. It points to nan illustration of an RX 5700 XT and RX 6600 showing a ample spread successful Alan Wake 2 despite having akin capacity otherwise. Strict mesh shader support, according to nan developer, came up aft nan squad knowledgeable “lots of perfs issues and bugs” pinch a vertex shader path, starring nan improvement squad to officially driblet support for it.

Based connected nan strategy requirements, it doesn’t look for illustration PC gamers utilizing these older cards wouldn’t beryllium capable to tally nan crippled anyway. You’ll request astatine slightest an RTX 2060 aliases RX 6600 to tally nan crippled astatine 1080p pinch nan Low preset astatine 30 frames per 2nd (fps), and that’s pinch Nvidia’s DLSS aliases AMD’s FSR 2 group to nan Quality mode.

The strategy requirements for Alan Wake 2.Remedy Entertainment

Upscaling has been different contention surrounding Alan Wake 2, as it seems nan crippled requires players to alteration DLSS aliases FSR 2. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, but each of nan tiers connected nan strategy requirements telephone for immoderate shape of upscaling, ranging from Quality to Performance modes.

There’s nary uncertainty that Alan Wake 2 will beryllium a tech showcase. The crippled will support Nvidia’s latest DLSS 3.5, including nan Ray Reconstruction characteristic we saw in Cyberpunk 2077. It will besides support way tracing, which is simply a acold much demanding shape of ray tracing that leads to realistic lighting conditions.

Alan Wake 2 launches connected October 27, truthful we won’t person to hold agelong to spot really nan crippled runs connected PC pinch each nan features it’s packing.

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