3 action movies on Netflix you need to watch in February

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Netflix continues to bolster its room pinch caller movies and TV shows each month. The streaming work has seen an summation successful action movies successful February, pinch American Assassin, Fury, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil, and Shot Caller each disposable to stream. Some of these films could find themselves connected nan apical 10 charts of most celebrated films connected nan service.

If you are looking for much films to watch this month, we selected 3 action films to spot successful your Netflix queue. One of our picks is Extraction 2, nan Chris Hemsworth-led sequel to 1 of Netflix’s champion original films. The different selections see a sequel to a celebrated assassin movie and an fantabulous zombie scary movie from Asia.

Extraction 2 (2023)

Chris Hemsworth holds a weapon extracurricular of a situation compartment successful Extraction 2.Jasin Boland / Netflix

Some of nan astir successful action films coming are directed by erstwhile stuntmen. Look nary further than Chad Stahelski pinch nan John Wick franchise and David Leitch with Atomic Blonde, Bullet Train, and Deadpool 2. Add Sam Hargrave to nan database for his activity successful nan Extraction franchise, and much specifically, Extraction 2.

Despite astir dying successful Extraction, Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) survives, electing to discontinue arsenic a mercenary and heal successful a secluded compartment successful Austria. Yet, Rake’s status is short-lived aft being recruited to thief break his ex-wife’s sister and her boy retired of impenetrable prison. Challenge accepted. How did Hargrave travel up nan fantabulous 12-minute one-take series successful Extraction? He doubled down and filmed a 21-minute one-take changeable in Extraction 2 that is something you request to spot to believe.

Stream Extraction 2 on Netflix.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

 section 2.Niko Tavernise / Lionsgate

Speaking of John Wick, Stahelski raised nan ceiling of nan franchise pinch John Wick: Chapter 2. After defeating Viggo Tarasov successful nan first film, John (Keanu Reeves) returns to status to unrecorded a quiet, undisturbed life. Yet, John is pulled backmost into nan criminal underworld pinch nan presence of Italian crime leader Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio).

Santino helped John discontinue for nan first clip to wed Helen. In return, John swore a humor oath pinch a marker, a token he must grant aliases other look retaliation from nan High Table. Santino tasks John pinch sidesplitting his sister, Gianna (Claudia Gerini), truthful he tin summation her spot astatine nan High Table. It’s different termination ngo for John, but arsenic agelong arsenic he has a gun, there’s a chance.

Stream John Wick: Chapter 2 connected Netflix.

Train to Busan (2016)

The formed of Train To Busan.Next Entertainment World

A modern classical action movie group connected a train, Train to Busan is a zombie film, but these deadly creatures are not nan slow-walking ones from George Romero’s films. Train to Busan‘s zombies are fast, vicious entities, akin to nan beasts from World War Z. Quicker zombies lead to much thrills and violence, placing Train to Busan in nan action genre.

Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) has been an absentee begetter to Su-an (Kim Su-an), his young daughter. Su-an wants to walk her day pinch her mother successful Busan. Seok-woo reluctantly obliges, and nan 2 committee a slug train from Seoul to Busan. After a sick female transforms into a zombie, nan apocalypse begins, sending nan full train into complete chaos. It’s a conflict for endurance successful this harrowing zombie adventure.

Stream Train to Busan on Netflix.

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