3 best Disney+ movies to watch instead of the Super Bowl 2024

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Harrison Ford arsenic Indiana Jones staring astatine a aureate idol successful "Raiders of nan Lost Ark."Paramount Pictures / Image via LucasFilm

It’s February 11, and nan mobility everyone is asking is this: really are you going to walk Super Bowl Sunday? If you’re not a large shot instrumentality aliases don’t attraction astir Super Bowl halftime shows, past you whitethorn consciousness for illustration you’re retired of luck. After all, what other is location to watch?

Disney+ whitethorn look for illustration an overseas solution to this problem, but it turns retired nan House of Mouse streamer has immoderate bully options for anyone willing successful immoderate action, adventure, aliases immoderate bully old-fashioned comedy. Here are immoderate movies that are judge to entertain and we promise, location won’t beryllium a shot successful sight.

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Free Guy (2021)

A man looks astatine a feline pinch a weapon successful Free Guy.20th Century Fox

It’s reliable to retrieve that Ryan Reynolds is much than conscionable Deadpool aliases a societal media personality; he’s besides an character who tin beryllium occasionally charming. Shawn Levy’s Free Guy tells nan communicative of a slope teller (Reynolds) discovering that he’s a non-playable characteristic (or NPC for those gamers retired there) successful a massively multiplayer online video game, and he teams up pinch different subordinate named Millie Rusk (Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer) to thief her find nan root codification that a crippled company’s CEO stole.

Free Guy succeeds by leaning into its delightfully nonsensical premise. The movie plays good to its imaginative premise acknowledgment to its colorful video game-themed world, and it features Reynolds astatine his charmingly comedic best. It’s a bully movie to watch to flight a world dominated by footballs and acold weather.

Free Guy is streaming connected Disney+.

We Bought a Zoo (2011)

A man and a female locomotion successful a zoo successful We Bought a Zoo.20th Century Fox

Ignore nan silly title and re-discover a amazingly decent drama play from a decade ago. Adapted from writer Benjamin Mee’s memoir of nan aforesaid name, head Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo follows a family arsenic they return connected a monolithic project. Widowed begetter Ben (Oppenheimer‘s Matt Damon) and his family move into a caller location for a caller commencement arsenic they struggle to header pinch his wife’s passing.

However, they’re only allowed to bargain nan caller location if they bargain nan dilapidated zoo that’s besides connected nan property. Head zookeeper Kelly Foster (Asteroid City‘s Scarlett Johansson) helps lead nan renewal efforts successful hopes that they will beryllium capable to reopen to nan public. We Bought a Zoo has a predictable story, but its charming prima turns by Damon and Johansson and feel-good vibes make this a decent movie to watch pinch nan full family.

We Bought a Zoo is streaming connected Disney+.

Raiders of nan Lost Ark (1981)

Indiana Jones stands successful a burning building successful Raiders of nan Lost Ark.Paramount Pictures

You can’t spell incorrect pinch a classic. Directed by nan legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, Raiders of nan Lost Ark is nan debut of nan fan-favorite adventurer pinch a fedora and bullwhip who tries to extremity sinister Nazi forces from securing a vulnerable treasure.

The movie was groundbreaking for its time, pushing nan boundaries for action group pieces and nan improvement of nan pulpy escapade genre. Indiana Jones is still an iconic characteristic (although you should disregard Dial of Destiny, nan latest and past loop successful nan franchise), and Raiders is not only 1 of nan champion action movies ever made, but besides 1 of nan champion films ever. Who needs shot erstwhile you sewage Indy?

Raiders of nan Lost Ark is streaming connected Disney+.

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