3 best horror movies on Prime Video to watch this Halloween

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October 31st is little than a week away, but you don’t request overnight transportation from Amazon Prime to springiness you a Halloween treat. Amazon Prime Video already has you covered pinch a action of nan champion scary movies that you tin stream.

Our picks for this database see what possibly Sam Raimi’s last scary flick, a classical from nan ’80s, and a Prime Video original movie that only precocious premiered. These are nan 3 champion scary movies connected Prime Video to watch this Halloween.

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Lorna Raver and Alison Lohman successful Drag Me To Hell.Universal Pictures

Sam Raimi’s past axenic scary film, Drag Me To Hell, lives up to nan committedness of its title erstwhile a bank’s indebtedness officer, Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), betrays her morals successful pursuit of a promotion. An older woman, Sylvia Ganush (Lorna Raver), begs Christine for thief pinch her indebtedness to prevention her home. When Christine refuses, Ganush places a curse connected her.

Christine doesn’t deliberation overmuch of it until she is haunted by a convulsive apparition successful her ain home. And if Christine doesn’t find a measurement to break nan curse fast, past she really will beryllium sent kicking and screaming into Hell to pain for each of eternity.

Watch Drag Me To Hell on Prime Video.

The Gate (1987)

The formed of The Gate.New Century Entertainment

The Gate is benignant of for illustration a Steven Spielberg movie by measurement of Stephen King. In his characteristic movie debut, Stephen Dorff portrays Glen, a young boy who is intrigued by nan ample chromatic geode that is discovered successful his backyard. Glen and his friend, Terry Chandler (Louis Tripp), analyse it and accidentally unfastened a gross to nan realm of demons. AThe boys make things worse by turning to a dense metallic medium for a measurement to adjacent nan gate.

With Glen’s parents retired of town, he and Terry, on pinch Glen’s older sister, Alexandra (Christa Denton), travel nether siege from invading demons that intend to sacrifice them successful bid to unleash an moreover greater evil.

Watch The Gate on Prime Video.

Totally Killer (2023)

Kiernan Shipka successful Totally Killer.Amazon Prime Video

Back to nan Future meets scary successful Prime Video’s Totally Killer. Thirty-five years ago, Pam Hughes (Julie Bowen) was 1 of nan fewer survivors of a nan Sweet Sixteen killer. And Pam’s daughter, Jamie Hughes (Kiernan Shipka), has had to perceive astir it each of her life. Unfortunately for nan Hughes family, nan slayer returns successful nan coming and murders Pam earlier chasing Jamie into an experimental clip instrumentality that traps her successful 1987.

In nan past, Jamie discovers that nan younger Pam (Olivia Holt) was possibly nan meanest of nan mean girls. But if Jamie can’t person Pam of nan threat she’s facing, past neither of them whitethorn unrecorded to spot nan future.

Watch Totally Killer on Prime Video.

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