3 great Netflix thrillers you should watch on Christmas Day

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Christian Bale holds a lantern successful The Pale Blue Eye.Scott Garfield/Netflix / Netflix

You don’t usually deliberation of thrillers erstwhile Christmas rolls around. For many, comedies, dramas, aliases family films are usually nan preferred genre to position connected that day. It’s understandable, arsenic galore folks want to flight viewing Bill Murray encountering Christmas ghosts successful Scrooged, laughter while watching Home Alone, aliases conscionable beryllium merry pinch Will Ferrell’s cheery Elf.

There’s a smaller crowd, however, that prefers their holidays to beryllium a small darker, possibly moreover bloodier. That’s wherever these 3 thrillers travel in. Now streaming connected Netflix, each 1 serves up an ample dose of suspense that will return your mind disconnected those Christmastime worries.

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The Pale Blue Eye (2022)

Christian Bale stands adjacent a stream successful The Pale Blue Eye.Scott Garfield/Netflix / Netflix

This 1 is criminally underrated, moreover though it’s comparatively new. Given its highly truncated tally successful theaters successful precocious 2022, you astir apt missed seeing The Pale Blue Eye erstwhile it was connected nan large screen. That’s a shame, arsenic nan movie, group successful snowy New York successful nan early 19th century, is gorgeous to look astatine and very due viewing for nan cold, acold period of December.

The Dark Knight character Christian Bale stars arsenic Augustus Landor, a erstwhile detective who hasn’t gotten complete nan decease of his woman years ago. He’s an alcoholic, and his once-promising profession has faded. When a cadet astatine West Point is recovered brutally murdered, Landor is coaxed retired of status to lick nan mysterious death. But Landor can’t do it alone, truthful he turns to 1 of Fry’s classmates to enactment arsenic his partner connected nan case: Cadet Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling). The Pale Blue Eye is flawed (the killer’s personality is somewhat ludicrous), but it’s worthy seeing Bale successful a play thriller that ends successful a measurement you won’t spot coming.

A Walk Among nan Tombstones (2014)

A man looks astatine an quiet thoroughfare successful A Walk Among nan Tombstones.Universal Pictures

For immoderate reason, action movie prima Liam Neeson and nan grim, acold upwind spell manus successful hand. In A Walk Among nan Tombstones, Neeson stars arsenic Matt Scudder, a erstwhile FBI agent-turned-private detective moving nan streets of New York City. When a supplier kingpin (Dan Stevens) asks Scudder to find nan men who murdered his wife, Matt’s investigation turns up a number of astonishing revelations that unit nan PI to perpetually reside and re-address his civilized compass.

A Walk Among nan Tombstones is a awesome illustration of modern movie noir pinch a tight script, memorable supporting characters, and a reliably beardown lead capacity by Neeson. It’s nan correct movie to watch if you person to activity retired immoderate of that pent-up vacation aggression.

The Ice Road (2021)

Truck drivers guidelines adjacent to a surgery down motortruck successful The Ice Road.Netflix

It’s Neeson again, and conjecture what? He’s still armed, angry, and fresh to do thing astir it. The Ice Road stars Neeson arsenic Mike, a big-rig motortruck driver pinch an cognition problem. When a unit of gem miners is trapped wrong their moving quarters successful nan aftermath of a collapse, Mike must thrust his motortruck crossed nan harsh Canadian wilderness successful a convulsive snowstorm to rescue nan miners.

But arsenic nan upwind worsens, Mike and his backup squad are successful for overmuch much than they bargained for pinch nan rescue mission. A very loose adjustment of nan classical 1953 French thriller The Wages of Fear, The Ice Road may technically beryllium an action movie, but it excels arsenic a thriller, too. And nan icy locations are cleanable for viewing connected Christmas Day erstwhile it’s expected to beryllium arsenic acold arsenic it is successful nan movie.

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