3 great sports documentaries to watch ahead of Super Bowl 2024

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 8, 2024 5:30AM

Jason Kelce successful Prime Video's Kelce.Amazon Prime Video

If you’re personification who loves nan Super Bowl for nan crippled itself, past you mightiness beryllium looking for creative ways to prep up of time. Some group rewatch aged games aliases reminisce astir nan season, but for others, a bully sports documentary is nan cleanable measurement to get successful nan headspace of preparing for 1 of nan biggest sports days of nan year.

We’ve compiled 3 great, football-focused sports documentaries that you tin cheque retired up of this year’s Super Bowl. While they don’t each straight necktie into nan teams playing successful this year’s game, they’re important reminders of nan measurement that sports and athletes tin style our lives, moreover if astir of america ne'er get nan chance to meet them.

Last Chance U (2016-2020)

A superb bid that documents respective different, mini assemblage shot programs, Last Chance U is arsenic rewarding arsenic it is heartbreaking. Because nan show follows programs that don’t get overmuch nationalist attention, nan students location are each painfully alert that their careers astatine this schoolhouse mightiness beryllium nan extremity of nan roadworthy for them.

Because nan bid besides documents nan lives of nan players and coaches, we get penetration into nan struggles that these group look erstwhile they’re disconnected nan court. Nothing could ever lucifer nan play and emotion of Friday Night Lights, but Last Chance U manages to get remarkably close.

Last Chance U is streaming connected Netflix.

Quarterback (2023-)

A bid documenting immoderate of nan astir salient quarterbacks successful nan league, Quarterback is a fascinating look astatine really immoderate of nan astir elite athletes successful nan world unrecorded their lives. Each play of Quarterback documents 3 pros playing successful nan NFL, and nan show had nan tremendous use of nabbing Patrick Mahomes (alongside Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota) for its first season.

While nan show doesn’t needfully probe each that deeply, it does supply an absorbing look into really these athletes position their ain abilities and careers. And fixed that Mahomes is successful nan Super Bowl this year, it feels for illustration a logical clip to cheque it out.

Quarterback is streaming connected Netflix.


This documentary is (unfortunately for each you Taylor Swift fans) not astir Travis Kelce. Instead, this documentary follows his brother, Jason Kelce, done his 2022 play arsenic nan Philadelphia Eagles center. While nan 2023 play didn’t activity retired rather arsenic good for nan Eagles, this documentary nevertheless is 1 of nan main reasons why Jason Kelce quickly roseate to go 1 of nan much beloved players successful nan full league.

He whitethorn not beryllium making love an world popular star, but Jason still has plentifulness of group successful his corner. And, of course, because Travis is his brother, nan Kansas City tight extremity does make a mates of appearances arsenic well.

Kelce is streaming connected Amazon Prime Video.

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Joe Allen

Joe Allen is simply a freelance writer based successful upstate New York focused connected movies and TV.

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