3 (HBO) Max crime dramas you should watch in February 2024

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 6, 2024 6:00AM

For arsenic agelong arsenic HBO has been a brand, it’s been associated, astatine slightest successful part, pinch crime dramas. Everything from True Detective: Night Country to The Sopranos to The Wire has emerged from nan network, and each those play bid unrecorded connected Max now.

In summation to each of nan awesome play bid connected Max, though, nan streaming work is besides location to 1 of nan deepest selections of crime movies you could inquire for. There are plentifulness of awesome original titles that you tin cheque out, arsenic good arsenic a heavy room of movies that were wildly acclaimed during their first runs successful theaters. Here are 3 of nan very champion crime dramas connected Max for you to cheque out:

No Sudden Move (2021)

Steven Soderbergh whitethorn beryllium nan top maestro of nan crime movie moving today, and No Sudden Move is 1 of his champion efforts. Set successful Detroit successful nan 1950s, nan movie follows a trio of small-time thieves hired to bargain a document, only to person their heist spell horribly wrong. In nan aftermath, they effort to fig retired who hired them and what’s successful nan archive they’ve been made to steal.

Featuring awesome cardinal performances from Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro, arsenic good arsenic a roster of outstanding supporting actors, No Sudden Move is thrilling from commencement to decorativeness and besides beautiful difficult to predict.

A Most Violent Year (2014)

A awesome underseen thriller astir nan proprietor of an lipid business who is trying arsenic difficult arsenic he tin to beryllium that he is not arsenic corrupt arsenic everyone astir him, A Most Violent Year is 1 of nan astir slept-on movies of caller years. Thanks to 2 titanic performances from Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, nan movie feels ripped correct retired of an era erstwhile these kinds of movies were common.

What makes nan movie work, though, is nan measurement it truthful thoroughly examines a strategy that forces a bully man to do sadistic things successful bid to enactment successful business. He wants to beryllium amended but exists successful a world wherever being amended intends losing everything.

Killing Them Softly (2012)

A sadistic crime thriller that is really astir nan 2008 recession, Killing Them Softly is 1 of nan champion movies of nan 2010s and is criminally underseen. The movie is ostensibly astir nan aftermath of a paper crippled that was ripped disconnected by 2 low-level crooks, but astatine its root, it’s a movie astir systemic rot and nan inability of a azygous personification to alteration anything.

Brad Pitt (Bullet Train) has ne'er been amended than he is present arsenic a ruthless slayer who kills not for revenge but because he’s paid to do so. Everything is simply a transaction successful Killing Them Softly, moreover if immoderate of nan movie’s characters wish things could beryllium different.

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