3 months later, this is still my favorite iPhone 15 Pro feature

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iPhone 15 Pro successful Blue Titanium showing broadside position of Action and measurement buttons successful beforehand of a Christmas tree.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

When Apple launched nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple decided to get free of a hardware characteristic that has been astir since nan original iPhone successful 2007. The alteration that I’m referring to is nan replacement of nan silent/ring toggle successful favour of nan caller Action button, akin to nan 1 connected nan Apple Watch Ultra.

It seems that nan Action fastener is beautiful divisive, arsenic you either emotion it aliases dislike it. When I sewage my iPhone 15 Pro, nan Action fastener was 1 of nan main reasons why I upgraded from my iPhone 14 Pro.

However, it seems that not everyone likes it arsenic overmuch arsenic I do.

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Why I still emotion nan iPhone’s Action button

iPhone 15 Pro Action fastener setup for Camera.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

As I mentioned, nan Action fastener was 1 of nan much breathtaking things astir nan iPhone 15 Pro that I thought was worthy capable to upgrade to.

Since I’ve started utilizing various Android phones, 1 of my favourite things astir them is being capable to unfastened nan camera pinch nan powerfulness button. Though Apple doesn’t replicate that motion exactly, nan Action fastener gives maine a akin type of functionality pinch my iPhone.

Yes, I cognize that location is simply a camera shortcut fastener connected nan iPhone fastener screen, and I still usage it occasionally retired of habit. But nan problem I person pinch that on-screen shortcut is that it’s deed aliases miss. Sometimes, it will get maine to nan camera without an issue; different times, it seems to enactment up, and by nan clip I get to nan camera, nan infinitesimal I want to seizure has passed.

Close-up of nan Action fastener connected nan iPhone 15 Pro Max.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

When I sewage my iPhone 15 Pro connected motorboat day, nan first point I did was group nan Action fastener to motorboat nan Camera app (just connected a default photo, though location are different options). The logic for this is that I want to entree my camera arsenic accelerated arsenic possible; location are a batch of moments pinch my girl that I want to capture, and if you cognize toddlers, those moments hap successful seconds and tin beryllium difficult to replicate.

With my Action fastener group to motorboat nan camera, I’ve regularly utilized it aggregate times a day. Usually, it’s to seizure a photograph of my girl being cute, but I besides usage it often whenever I want to get a image aliases video, particularly erstwhile I’m astatine Disneyland. It’s go my preferred measurement of launching nan camera, and though I could do truthful overmuch much pinch it by utilizing Shortcuts, I deliberation I for illustration simplicity.

So far, I’ve recovered nan Action fastener to beryllium truthful overmuch much useful than nan silent/ring toggle move that it replaced. I’m nan benignant of personification who ne'er takes my telephone disconnected of silent, truthful whenever I get a caller iPhone, I group it to silent and ne'er move nan sound backmost connected again. In different words, nan toggle would fundamentally get utilized erstwhile and ne'er again. By comparison, nan Action fastener gets utilized aggregate times a day.

My 1 rumor pinch nan Action button

iPhone 15 Pro held successful manus successful beforehand of a Christmas tree.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

That said, location is 1 point I’ve noticed astir nan Action fastener that Apple whitethorn want to reconsider successful nan future.

Though I’m conscionable 1 of nan group who gets a batch of usage retired of nan Action fastener daily, I person seen immoderate comments connected various societal networks astir really different users benignant of hide that it exists aliases conscionable don’t really usage it. One of nan reasons for that is because of wherever nan fastener is located.

When I usage nan Action button, I announcement that I typically usage some hands to entree it — I clasp nan iPhone 15 Pro successful my correct manus and usage my near to property and clasp nan button. Sometimes, I tin get to it one-handed if I’m holding something, but usually, I usage some hands. And this is conscionable pinch nan smaller iPhone 15 Pro.

While I don’t person nan iPhone 15 Pro Max myself, I tin surely ideate that it’s moreover harder to easy scope nan Action button, particularly one-handed, connected Apple’s largest flagship. I cognize 1 of my friends who has an iPhone 15 Pro Max and told maine that he doesn’t really usage nan Action fastener because it’s just retired of nan way.

Someone holding nan iPhone 15 Pro Max outside.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

I cognize that Apple utilized nan Action fastener arsenic a replacement for nan silent/ring toggle, but I’m not judge that supra nan measurement up fastener is optimal placement. The earthy measurement to clasp a telephone is pinch your thenar adjacent nan bottommost and your fingers and thumbs connected nan broadside edges. The perfect placement for an Action fastener would beryllium beneath nan measurement buttons, towards nan middle, arsenic that’s wherever your thumb would be.

There are already immoderate rumors circulating that nan full iPhone 16 lineup will person nan Action button, not conscionable nan Pros, arsenic good arsenic a wholly caller “capture” fastener connected nan correct broadside of nan body. With a caller fastener connected nan correct side, Apple would besides person to displacement nan mmWave antenna to nan near edge, truthful it whitethorn beryllium imaginable that nan caller fastener will beryllium successful a much reachable position than nan existent Action button.

Of course, we still don’t cognize what this speculated caller fastener will really beryllium utilized for. But pinch nan rumor that it’s going to beryllium a “capture” button, it’s apt it could beryllium a dedicated hardware camera shutter, frankincense leaving much options disposable for nan Action fastener itself.

A awesome (but flawed) iPhone 15 Pro feature

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max sides.iPhone 15 Pro (left) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (right) Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

While immoderate group whitethorn not beryllium utilizing nan Action fastener much, if any, it’s go 1 of nan astir utilized functions connected my iPhone 15 Pro. Honestly, I don’t deliberation I could spell without it now that I’m truthful utilized to having it. I’ve been capable to seizure truthful galore much moments pinch my girl because it gets maine to nan camera faster and much reliably.

But that doesn’t mean that nan Action button, astatine slightest successful its existent form, is perfect. I really do wish that nan position was much accessible, particularly one-handed. I besides deliberation Apple could person made it moreover much useful by allowing for aggregate gestures truthful that you could do much than a azygous action pinch it.

But moreover pinch those complaints, I’ll still return nan Action fastener complete nan clasp ring/silent move immoderate time of nan week. Apple took a bet pinch nan Action button, and if you inquire me, it paid off.

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