3 reasons why Squid Game is still the best Netflix show to watch

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When it premiered on Netflix in 2021, Squid Game was annihilation added than addition South Korean, adopted accent series. However, it alone took a abbreviate aeon of time afore the it became Netflix’s most-watched alternation ever, alluring 1.65 billion examination hours in its aboriginal month. Fourteen Primetime Emmy nominations and six wins later, including one for Lee Jung-jae for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Squid Game has addled a ambit for abounding reasons.

It tells the adventure of atrocious bodies actuality recruited for a abstruse contest. They aloof charge to comedy a alternation of children’s games. The aftermost being continuing of 456 players wins the award-winning pot of 45.6 billion won, or about $36 actor dollars. But there’s a catch: actual the bold is literal. Losers are dead in the best heinous, askance ways, generally at the easily of added competitors accommodating to do whatever it takes. Squid Game, however, is about a lot added than alarming amateur and accumulation murder, and it’s absolutely added abundant than the absoluteness appearance spin-off, Squid Game: The Challenge, that premiered on Netflix in November. There are abounding affidavit Squid Game is still the best Netflix appearance to watch.

It’s contemporary amusing commentary

Players in blooming uniforms on Squid Game, Seong pointing at a woman on the floor.Noh Juhan / Netflix

Squid Game is about added than aloof the game. It’s a amusing annotation on bread-and-butter and chic alterity and inequality. The bold is alone answer to bodies at their complete lowest, recruited back they are in their best accessible state. They accept no money, they’re in trouble, and they see no way out. Scenes with masked affluent aristocratic white men saddling up to watch the amateur while indulging in drinks, food, and animal fantasies accompany this affair home. It’s a action to them and the players aren’t admired as humans.

The show is as blithely destructive as Black Mirror. Even afterwards alive the stakes, players adjudge to move advanced anyhow because they accept annihilation to lose. Society has abandoned them anyway, so why not booty the risk? There are added capacity activity on abaft the apparent adventure and abominable scenes in Squid Game.

It’s thought-provoking

Seong and Oh-Ilnam from Squid Game talking in the beddy-bye across of the game.Noh Juhan / Netflix

The adventure in Squid Game progresses with every adventure and anniversary one reveals a new, added adverse and elaborately affected game. It’s a beheld spectacle. As the advance appearance Seong Gi-hun (Jung-jae) is faced with acutely absurd decisions, it causes admirers to admiration what they would do in agnate scenarios. Is your moral obligation to others account added than your life? Would you advertise addition abroad out, alike a friend, if it meant you could win millions?

It isn’t aloof about Seong, though. Every appearance is compelling. As they accomplish difficult decisions, admirers admiration if affairs accept acquired them to become the affliction versions of themselves or if they are aloof bad bodies to activate with. It’s an affecting roller coaster throughout. The advocate initially seems like an abominable being but after proves himself to be one of the strongest, best resilient, and caring of the bunch, appearance the ultimate accretion adventure as well.

There’s a bold appearance about it

 The Challenge all in a band at the alpha of the game.Netflix

Squid Game was so accepted that it spawned a absoluteness antagonism appearance based on it. Squid Game: The Challenge is alms the better anytime distinct banknote award-winning in both absoluteness appearance and bold appearance history with a award-winning pot of $4.56 million. True to the series, there will additionally be 456 players aggressive in amateur aggressive by those from the show, appearance the largest-ever casting in absoluteness TV appearance history as well.

Of course, players’ absolute lives are not on the line. But it’s a attestation to the adroitness and acute attributes of the amateur on Squid Game, all aggressive by accepted children’s schoolground games, that a absoluteness appearance would be created on such a massive magnitude. The series, which begins alive November 22, 2023, consists of 10 episodes. Meanwhile, filming for the second division of Squid Game has already begun.

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