3 reasons you should try Apple’s Journal app for yourself

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One of the better new appearance bottomward with iOS 17.2 is Apple’s much-anticipated Journal app. Despite actuality a bit simpler compared to some heavy-hitter journals out there, the iOS Journal app has a lot to offer, abnormally if you booty advantage of it. But this app isn’t aloof for journalers. Even if you abhorrence befitting a journal, I awful acclaim blockage out the Journal app and giving it a try. Here’s why.

It can advice you bethink abundant memories

Life is hectic. It’s chaotic. Even if you alive your activity with a bound and adamant schedule, there’s no way to abstain some of the anarchy that activity generally throws at us. And, if you accept a active agenda like I do, it’s accessible to lose clue of some of the smaller, but still abundant memories that you’ve accomplished and appetite to authority onto.

Apple’s new Journal app is a abundant way to bethink those memories, as the suggestions affection complete into the app can action a ton of abundant prompts that get your academician moving, and that little reel of blur that your apperception uses to authority all those memories to turning.

Image source: Apple

The acceptable affair is, you don’t alike accept to absolutely address in the Journal app to booty advantage of this. All you accept to do is accessible it and apprehend through the prompts. It’s a nice way to get in an added hit of dopamine, and I’ve candidly enjoyed seeing what memories Apple’s prompts can atom throughout my time with the new app.

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It’s secure

Whether you’re a adept journaler or addition who’s aloof accepting into it, journaling can be a abundant way to reflect on your week, the things that accept been accident to you, and alike your goals in life. While the prompts that Apple offers will advice you do all of that, one of the best things about it is the aegis that Apple offers with the Journal app.

Not alone can you lock it application the Face ID arrangement complete into your iPhone, but any backups fabricated of your account to iCloud are stored with end-to-end encryption. So, while addition ability be able to abduct your buzz or go through it back you accept it unlocked, you should be able to blow accessible alive that your account isn’t activity to end up on their account list.

It’s accessible to jump in

One of the best arrant things about starting to accumulate a account is addition out what to address about. Some bodies artlessly address about their days, but others attempt to acquisition out area they appetite to go with their journals. Thankfully, Apple makes things easier by alms up prompts based on locations you’ve visited, photos you’ve taken, and alike questions advised to get you cerebration about activity and what you’ve able so far.

Apple account appImage source: Apple

Sure, some of that doesn’t consistently advance to the best feelings, and you ability get a photo of a admired one who is no best with us, that you hardly miss. But all of the prompts are advised to advice you access your brainy bloom in an easy-to-use manner, and Apple has absolutely nailed that abstraction on the arch here.

In the accomplished brace of weeks of application the Journal app on iOS, I’ve begin the prompts to be acutely useful, and absolutely acceptable at agreeable me. I’ve alike acclimated some of the questions in conversations with friends, to activation on talks about activity goals, fears, and added $.25 of advice that I ability not commonly be adequate administration with others. But, actuality able to face those fears and afflictive capacity in the assurance of my Journal, fabricated it easier to allocution about them out loud, and that’s why I’ll abide to best what Apple is alms with its Journal app.

Sure, it isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t beggarly it isn’t worthwhile. It’s alone accessible in iOS 17.2 betas appropriate now, but once the Journal app hits the capital annex of iOS, I awful acclaim blockage it out. Just to see how it works for you.