3 rom-coms on Netflix you need to watch in February

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Is location a amended clip to watch a rom-com than February? Valentine’s Day is correct astir nan corner. While going connected a romanticist day aliases walking for a play getaway are awesome options, firing up a delightful rom-com connected Netflix mightiness beryllium nan measurement to go.

Netflix has a dedicated conception for romanticist movies, from raunchy comedies and LGBTQ+ dramas to rom-com favorites and hidden gems. We picked 3 of nan best romanticist comedies connected Netflix to watch successful February. Our picks see a emotion communicative involving representation loss, a military-themed philharmonic romance, and an underrated gem from 2019.

The Vow (2012)

A hubby and woman clasp each different and airs for a photo.Sony Pictures

There is thing much ineffable than matrimony vows. What happens erstwhile those marital promises are compromised? In The Vow, nan emotion betwixt newlyweds Leo (Magic Mike’s Last Dance’s Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) is put to nan eventual test. After a devastating car mishap leaves Paige unconscious, she wakes up successful nan infirmary pinch terrible representation nonaccomplishment and nary recollection of Leo. In Paige’s mind, she ne'er joined Leo.

To make matters worse, Paige cannot retrieve why she stopped talking to her parents (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange) and near her fiancé (Scott Speedman). These unfortunate circumstances would deter astir people. Yet, astir group are not Leo, who is wished to triumph Paige backmost and make her autumn successful emotion pinch him for nan 2nd time.

Stream The Vow connected Netflix.

Purple Hearts (2022)

A man takes a bath pinch a female successful Purple Hearts.Netflix

Do opposites attract? Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) and Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) trial this celebrated mentation successful 1 of Netflix’s astir celebrated movies, Purple Hearts. Cassie is simply a struggling musician who useful arsenic a bartender and waitress to make ends meet. Luke is simply a Marine group to deploy overseas. While Cassie believes successful wide ideologies, Luke is much blimpish successful his values. Yet, nan 2 find communal crushed complete their financial woes. Cassie is simply a Type 1 diabetic who can’t spend her insulin, while Luke is simply a erstwhile supplier addict who needs $15,000 to salary disconnected his erstwhile supplier dealer.

Desperate for money, Cassie and Luke work together to get married, knowing Luke’s net and aesculapian security will thief them both. However, a fraudulent matrimony goes against subject law, and Luke could beryllium discharged and sent to prison. The young mates support up nan charade and dress to emotion each different astir family and friends. Yet, Cassie and Luke enslaved down closed doors. What will nan 2 opposites do erstwhile nan acting stops and nan emotion turns real?

Stream Purple Hearts connected Netflix.

Plus One (2019)

A female and man beryllium down adjacent to each other.RLJE Films

Stop what you are doing and spell watch nan astir underrated rom-com of nan past 5 years, Plus One, now disposable connected Netflix. For anyone successful their precocious 20s aliases early 30s, Plus One perfectly captures nan highs and lows of wedding season. College friends Ben King (Jack Quaid) and Alice Mori (Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Maya Erskine) person reached nan shape erstwhile their play plans revolve astir weddings. Yet, wedding play is reliable without a date. Ben, an optimist who believes successful uncovering nan cleanable match, and Alice, a caller unfortunate of a breakup, do not want to be weddings single.

After discussing their problems, Ben and Alice work together to beryllium each other’s plus-one astatine their weddings complete nan summer. Alice will thief present Ben to girls while Ben attempts to get Alice complete her breakup. Any rom-com instrumentality knows wherever this is headed. However, predictability takes a backseat to nan performances of Quaid and Erskine, who are beautiful together and stock unthinkable chemistry.

Stream Plus One on Netflix.

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