3 sci-fi movies on Prime Video you need to watch in December

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Sci-fi movies can be abounding things: escapist fun, bookish explorations of the attributes of humanity, or absolutely apparent beheld spectacles. Yes, that alike includes movies from decades afore we accomplished the akin of technology we accept today with CGI and added beheld effects. Such is the case with the three sci-fi movies on Prime Video you charge to watch in December. All three are from decades ago, yet they still impress.

One stars Charlie Sheen in a added affecting role than admirers ability be acclimated to seeing him in, one is from the James Bond universe, and addition is an Arnold Schwarzenegger classic. If you’re attractive for article a bit altered from the archetypal sci-fi fare, these three movies won’t disappoint. For added ideas, analysis out the best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime Video.

The Arrival (1996)

An astronomer called Zane (Charlie Sheen) discovers able adverse life, but his bang-up doesn’t accept him and fires him. So, Zane gain to abide with the analysis on his own and comes above accurate proof. But as it turns out, these creatures accept a secret, and they’re accommodating to do whatever is all-important to accomplish abiding Zane never learns what it is. Zane and his new altitude scientist ally, Ilana (Lindsay Crouse), now acquisition themselves in grave danger.

The abstruseness anxiety sci-fi abstruseness shows a altered ancillary of Sheen, who went on to accouterment added comedic roles in his career. It’s one of those absent movies in his basement that’s account blockage out. The Arrival offers a beginning booty on an apish genre, with affluence of twists and turns to accumulate you thoroughly entertained throughout.

Stream The Arrival on Prime Video.

Moonraker (1979)

Travel all the way aback to the 1970s for this spy-fi film, one of abounding in the James Bond universe. Roger Moore stars as the fabulous MI6 abettor attractive into the annexation of a amplitude shuttle. He eventually campaign into alien amplitude area (spoiler alert!) and saves the apple from the blackmail of apocalyptic proportions, which would accept complex the conception of a adept race.

Sure, Moonraker isn’t your acceptable sci-fi movie. But if you’re in the affection for sci-fi that isn’t absolutely sci-fi, this is a acceptable compromise. You get all the elements of a abundant action abstruseness with one of the best to anytime comedy the Bond appearance accumulated with science and amplitude exploration. It’s asinine and entertaining, absolute for added lighthearted, cornball viewing.

Stream Moonraker on Prime Video.

The Running Man (1987)

Back in the 1980s, afore he was Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the better action cine stars in Hollywood. One of his beneath blatant films of that decade was The Running Man, a dystopian action cine set in a approaching (2017 and 2019!) area able killers coursing bottomward bedevilled abyss to annihilate them. Oh, and it’s all for action because it’s the accountable of an absorbing bold appearance on television. The prize? A close vacation and a government absolution from the absolute badge state.

Schwarzenegger is Captain Ben Richards, a badge helicopter pilot who, afterwards abnegation to accessible blaze on rioters, is abhorrent anyhow and beatific to a bastille activity affected from a abomination he didn’t commit. He is apprenticed into abutting the TV appearance afterwards the host, Damon Killian (Richard Dawson), becomes afflicted with his ability and absurd abilities. Not surprisingly, Richards becomes a force to be reckoned with in the “game.” As far as action movies go, The Running Man isn’t one to booty too seriously. But it’s Schwarzenegger at his best and will admonish you why he was one of the best approved cine stars of the generation.

Stream The Running Man on Prime Video.

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