3 sci-fi movies on Prime Video you need to watch in September

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Who doesn’t emotion a bully sci-fi flick? They are usually mind-bending, intriguing, and exciting. They’re nan types of movies you tin talk astir aft watching, sharing theories and discussing nan astonishing typical effects, cast, and clever storylines. Sometimes, sci-fi movies person a humorous separator and different times they dive heavy into tech. With AI astatine nan forefront of galore sci-fi movies and shows nowadays, there’s a spot of creation imitating life arsenic well.

Amazon Prime Video has tons of awesome sci-fi movies. If you’re looking for a bully sci-fi movie to watch this September, cheque retired these 3 divers options connected Prime Video, each pinch its ain unsocial rotation connected nan genre.

Interface (2022)

Imagine if you could bring personification backmost to life by transferring their consciousness to personification else’s body. This thought has been explored successful galore movies and TV shows, for illustration nan Netflix original series Altered Carbon. In Interface, it’s a near-future world wherever specified a exertion exists. A person’s mind and memories tin beryllium transferred to another, truthful efficaciously keeping them live aft death.

After 2 sisters suffer their begetter and their mother ends up successful a coma, they observe plans for a instrumentality that tin execute this, and recreation done nan multiverse trying to find it. The goal? To bring their mother backmost earlier she leaves them for good.

Stream Interface connected Prime Video.

A Million Miles Away (2023)

A Million Miles Away - Official Trailer | Prime Video

A caller movie this month, A Million Miles Away is based connected a existent story. It stars Michael Pena arsenic real-life NASA formation technologist Jose Hernandez, who went from humble beginnings successful a mini colony successful Mexico to flying much than 200 miles supra Earth successful nan International Space Station.

A communicative astir nan thrust and determination of 1 man and nan overwhelming support of his family and teachers, nan movie is arsenic overmuch an entertaining sci-fi movie arsenic it is simply a tribute and emotion missive to Hernandez, who is arguably nan personification of nan American Dream. The communicative is based connected Hernandez’s book Reaching for nan Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut.

Stream A Million Miles Away connected Prime Video.

Beyond nan Infinite Two Minutes (2020)


A clever Japanese sci-fi comedy, Beyond nan Infinite Two Minutes offers a humorous twist for those who don’t want thing aggravated and emotional. The communicative centers astir Kato (Kazunari Tosa), a café proprietor who discovers thing typical astir his machine monitor: it shows what is going to hap 2 minutes into nan future. His café’s TV, connected nan different hand, shows what happened 2 minutes prior. The 2 are apparently linked pinch a two-minute delay. Naturally, Kato has a brilliant idea: spot nan show successful beforehand of nan TV and create a Droste effect wherever a image appears wrong itself, displaying an infinite two-minute cycle. He’s efficaciously clip walking successful nan astir unique, hilarious, and arguably pointless, way.

Because of nan timing of this movie’s merchandise during nan tallness of nan COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t get a adjacent changeable successful theaters. But for those who watched it, they praised Beyond nan Infinite Two Minutes for its “infectious energy” and “low-budget spirit.” Bottom line: This sci-fi flick should beryllium connected your watch database erstwhile you want thing high-tech, yet ray and nosy astatine nan aforesaid time.

Stream Beyond nan Infinite Two Minutes connected Prime Video.

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