3 TV shows like Netflix’s The Tourist you should watch right now

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 2, 2024 8:00AM

Jamie Dornan driving a car, looking successful nan rearview reflector astatine a motortruck approaching him successful a segment from The Tourist.Netflix

Despite what tin sometimes consciousness for illustration a glut of absorbing shows connected TV, it tin sometimes beryllium difficult to find awesome thrillers. The Tourist, a Netflix show that first debuted successful 2022, fits that measure perfectly, telling nan communicative of a man who wakes up successful nan Australian outback pinch nary thought who he is and has to activity to portion together wherever he comes from and why he’s being chased.

While The Tourist itself is good worthy watching, we’ve pulled a mates of different shows together that person a reasonably akin profile. Each of these shows shares thing successful communal pinch The Tourist, moreover if they don’t person overmuch successful common. Without further ado, present are 3 shows for illustration The Tourist you should decidedly make clip for.

Blindspot (2015 – 2020)

Telling nan communicative of a tattooed female who shows up successful Times Square pinch nary representation of who she is aliases wherever she came from, Blindspot is astir apt nan closest analog to The Tourist you’ll find.

The show mixes elements of a procedural pinch an ongoing plot, pursuing its cardinal characteristic arsenic she helps to lick nan crimes that are scrawled crossed her assemblage and unravel nan mysteries astir who she is and wherever she came from. Blindspot had a singular five-season tally and expertly utilized representation nonaccomplishment to research really group shape their understandings of who they are.

Blindspot can beryllium rented aliases purchased astatine integer vendors for illustration Apple TV.

Alias (2001 – 2006)

Alias was astir a batch of things passim its tally connected nan air, but it does person a awesome subplot involving representation nonaccomplishment successful 1 of its later seasons. More generally, nan show focuses connected a young female who discovers that her family has a history of undercover spy work, and she originates moving for what she believes to beryllium a secretive branch of nan CIA.

Eventually, though, she realizes that her employer has nary relationship to nan CIA, and that’s wherever things commencement to get really fun. Ultimately, nan champion logic to watch Alias is Jennifer Garner (who will popular up later this twelvemonth successful Deadpool 3 arsenic Elektra), but nan show still holds up remarkably good 20 years later.

All 5 seasons of Alias tin beryllium streamed for free connected Freevee.

Severance (2022 – )

Another show wherever representation plays a very salient role, Severance‘s mounting is nevertheless beautiful different from The Tourist‘s. Here, we travel a group of agency workers who activity for a institution that requires them to “sever” themselves, fundamentally meaning that their activity selves person nary thought who they are extracurricular work, and their extracurricular selves person nary thought who they are astatine work.

It’s a fascinating commentary connected what it’s for illustration to activity astatine a corporation, but it’s besides a remarkably intricate thriller successful which nan institution that they’re moving for has overmuch much sinister designs than you whitethorn initially realize.

Severance season 1 is streaming connected Apple TV+. Season 2 is presently being filmed.

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Joe Allen

Joe Allen is simply a freelance writer based successful upstate New York focused connected movies and TV.

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“Best of All Time” TV lists are now arsenic communal arsenic nan seasons changing, and they thin to item shows from comparatively caller history. Old standbys specified arsenic The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Deadwood make their almost-default appearances connected these lists, pinch nan occasional inclusion of specified genre fare arsenic Battlestar Galactica. So wherever does that time off Big Love, Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer’s polygamist family drama, which aired connected HBO from 2006-2011?
Its first 2 seasons aired pursuing The Sopranos, and Big Love, similarly, seems to person been overshadowed successful each modern chat astir nan champion of early 21st-century TV drama, contempt its being a basal portion of immoderate TV aficionado’s knowing of that form. It differs from its contemporaries successful vital, absorbing ways, but its bones and humor are made of nan aforesaid attraction to item and appreciation of trade that made Breaking Bad, say, shine. In nan property of nan rewatch, erstwhile cablegram TV classics are making inroads among generations who missed them erstwhile they first appeared, where’s nan emotion for Big Love successful 2024?
Big Love has each nan ingredients of a TV play classical of nan noughties

Start pinch nan seemingly upstanding family man pinch a acheronian secret: Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton), proprietor of a Salt Lake City-based concatenation of location proviso stores. In nan aviator (aired successful 2006), Bill goes astir his business successful his upstanding Mormon community, only to return location – surprise! – to 3 contiguous houses connected a artifact successful Sandy, Utah, wherever his 3 wives and 7 children unrecorded arsenic a closeted family cluster. (Mad Men recreates this move hit for hit successful its 2007 pilot, arsenic Don Draper, a seemingly carefree, bed-hopping singleton astir municipality successful Manhattan, returns astatine nan extremity of a day’s activity to a woman and children successful Ossining.)
Sandy has its requisite suspicious neighbors (like Hank connected Breaking Bad aliases Stan connected The Americans) who are definite not each is good connected their block. And is location a patriarchal, devoutly focused crime family that runs its godforsaken municipality almost unimpeded, à la Sons of Anarchy? Check! Harry Dean Stanton plays Roman Grant, begetter of Bill’s 2nd woman (Chloe Sevigny). Roman is nan leader of an extremist Mormon sect surviving connected a compound successful confederate Utah, wherever Bill grew up -- until Roman kicked him retired onto nan thoroughfare erstwhile Bill was 14. In 2006, Big Love was already playing pinch nan dynamics and themes that had yet to motorboat its followers to TV immortality.
What makes Big Love different from different prestige shows

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