3 underrated John Cena movies you must watch now

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It’s a classical Hollywood communicative astatine this point: master wrestling superstar rises to fame and prominence earlier dabbling successful a imaginable acting profession that yet explodes making him aliases her a family sanction beyond wrestling fandom. No, we’re not talking astir Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson aliases moreover his modern Dave Bautista. The man who yet became nan look of nan modern WWE, John Cena, has made a scatter successful Hollywood and he doesn’t look to beryllium quitting immoderate clip soon pinch respective projects presently successful nan pipeline.

Cena whitethorn not beryllium a existent thespian, but his charisma is unmistakable. Aside from his physique and diversion quality making him an perfect campaigner for movie franchises for illustration The Fast and Furious, Cena really offers much extent than nan muscle-bound bravado you mightiness expect from him. While he takes nan spotlight successful awesome films and TV bid for illustration The Suicide Squad, Fast X, and Peacemaker, immoderate of Cena’s champion activity has flown nether nan radar.

Ferdinand (2017)

Ferdinand and workplace pals successful a car screaming.20th Century Studios

There are a fewer awesome players successful nan big-budget animation arena. Pixar, DreamWorks, and Illumination each travel to mind. From clip to time, however, smaller outfits for illustration Blue Sky Studios (originally nether nan 20th Century Fox banner) produced nosy animated family features for illustration Ice Age, Rio, and Spies successful Disguise. However, Ferdinand mightiness not beryllium 1 of their much instantly recognizable properties arsenic nan movie ne'er received a sequel. John Cena lent his sound to nan titular bovine character, Ferdinand.

The movie tells nan communicative of price-winning bulls who compete successful awesome bullfighting competitions. Ferdinand, contempt his hulking stature, is simply a alternatively docile creature. He longs to bask nan world astir him alternatively of engaging successful nan competitory aggression that fuels different prize-winning bulls. Out connected nan farm, things aren’t truthful hunky-dory arsenic nan bulls and livestock each unrecorded successful fearfulness of nan slaughterhouse. It’s nan endgame for those animals who person seemingly lived retired their usefulness. Ferdinand and his pals do everything they tin to protect nan animals connected nan farm. It’s a rousing family movie afloat of bosom and humor. Cena’s Ferdinand is loveable and heroic, which is everything you’d want successful a title characteristic of an animated adventure.

Ferdinand can beryllium streamed connected Disney+.

Vacation Friends (2021)

Marcus, Emily, Ron, and Kyla taking a image successful Vacation Friends.Hulu

Exclusively connected Hulu, Vacation Friends offers a nosy thrust rife pinch comedy. The movie follows Marcus (Lil Rel Howery) and his fiancé Emily (Yvonne Orji) arsenic they picnic successful Mexico wherever they meet an eccentric mates Ron (John Cena) and Kyla (Meredith Hagner). Marcus is your run-of-the-mill soon-to-be son-in-law vying for nan support of Emily’s begetter while remaining comfortable successful his system characteristic and surviving successful rigidity. Ron and Kyla, connected nan different hand, are a brace of free-spirited thrill-seekers. The 2 couples quickly link only for 1 nighttime to move into a full black-out script Hangover style.

Marcus is wary of Ron and Kyla’s fast-and-loose personalities. Fast guardant to Marcus and Emily’s wedding months later wherever we spot Ron and Kyla clang nan wedding. Marcus clashes pinch Ron contempt his friends overtures and things return a chaotic turn. Vacation Friends takes advantage of Cena’s penchant for inducing laughter yet resulting successful a nosy R-rated comedy. That’s right, this one’s only for nan adults successful nan room.

Vacation Friends can beryllium streamed connected Hulu.

The Independent (2022)

John Cena arsenic Nate Sterling successful The Independent.Relativity Media

Imagine John Cena starring successful a governmental thriller. Actually, there’s nary imagination required. The Independent puts nan famed wrestler successful that peculiar role. In a world wherever Cena is known for his wit aliases tough-guy action-hero persona, suiting up arsenic a Presidential campaigner is thing rather different for nan starring man entirely.

The movie chiefly focuses connected Elisha “Eli” James (Jodie-Turner-Smith) whose activity arsenic a newsman bares conspiratorial consequence amid a high-stakes United States Presidential predetermination season. While nan Democratic incumbent, Republican frontrunner, and nan notorious Independent, Nate Sterling (John Cena), conflict connected nan nationalist stage, Eli and her cohort, Nick Booker (Succession‘s Brian Cox) uncover an embezzlement strategy surrounding 1 of nan awesome candidates.

The movie deals pinch nan cutthroat world of nationalist cognition and governmental division. We unrecorded successful an era wherever astir are exhausted by nan persistent rhythm of politicians who ne'er look to genuinely upset nan establishment. The Independent tackles nan thought of a first-time female president aliases nan imaginable for an Independent campaigner to really triumph nan predetermination putting nan two-party strategy into question. These are absorbing themes that each situation an engaging corruption ungraded – nan very ingredients of a superb thriller.

The Independent can beryllium rented aliases purchased connected Prime Video and different integer vendors.

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