3 underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in February

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A man sits connected a station extracurricular successful Glue.Channel 4

It’s nan period of nan groundhog, Valentine’s Day, and a clip erstwhile you feel, justifiably aliases not, that wintertime is nearing its extremity and outpouring is almost here. It’s besides nan clip to cheque retired awesome caller shows while you cozy up astatine location and hibernate until nan flowers bloom.

If you’re looking for bully options, Amazon Prime Video has you covered. Along pinch each the champion shows connected Amazon Prime Video, location are besides underrated shows you request to watch successful February that don’t get nan aforesaid hype (or that you mightiness not moreover recognize are disposable to watercourse there). These shows were each released complete nan past decade, and 1 requires an add-on subscription to watch beyond nan aviator episode.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021)

Hot disconnected nan heels of her Emmy-winning domiciled arsenic nan likable characteristic Alexis connected Schitt’s Creek, Annie Murphy went overmuch darker successful Kevin Can F**k Himself. Allison (Murphy) is hopeless to get retired of her matrimony to a man-child who thinks of nary 1 but himself and does thing but enactment immaturely and dainty Allison for illustration a servant. When nan thought presents itself, Allison does nan unthinkable: land to termination him truthful she tin commencement over.

A unsocial approach, nan acheronian drama delivers each section successful 2 styles. First, it’s a accepted sitcom pinch agleam colors and laughter tracks whenever Allison interacts pinch her goofy husband, Kevin (Eric Petersen), and his champion friend and father. But past it shifts to a single-camera play pinch acheronian lighting and ominous undertones erstwhile she’s unsocial pinch her ain thoughts and plotting her schemes. Kevin Can F**k Himself will make you some laughter and cry. It’s an exaggerated allegory of a female dying to beryllium heard and appreciated, and nan show is for illustration thing other you will person ever seen connected television. Note that you tin watch nan first section pinch Amazon Prime, but request to motion up for nan AMC+ add-on transmission to proceed watching, though location is simply a free proceedings period.

Stream Kevin Can F**k Himself connected Prime Video.

Bang Bang Baby (2022)


Desperate to gain her father’s love, Alice (Ariana Becheroni), conscionable a teenager, joins nan Calabrian mob, making her nan youngest member. Set successful 1980s Milan, Bang Bang Baby is described by shaper Lorenzo Mieli (The Young Pope, My Brilliant Friend) arsenic a “family melodrama steeped successful crime.” What’s absorbing astir this show is that while it’s a fictional story, it loosely draws inspiration from a documentary that Mieli produced astir nan real-life girl of a crime boss, Marisa Merico. She was unaware of her father’s existent business erstwhile she joined him successful Milan.

The ties to a existent communicative make Bang Bang Baby moreover much compelling to watch. While Alice besides doesn’t initially cognize what her begetter is tin of, erstwhile she learns and she’s guilted into joining for love, her actions speak volumes astir what a kid mightiness do to gain their parent’s affection. Will Alice spell to devastating lengths to do what her begetter asks, aliases deny him? This is 1 of nan heavy questions successful nan series. Fans emotion nan acheronian joke interspersed pinch nan coming-of-age communicative astir a young female trying to find her measurement successful an unconventionally acheronian and dreary world.

Stream Bang Bang Baby connected Prime Video.

Glue (2014)

GLUE - Own it connected Digital HD & DVD

If you loved Callum Turner successful The Capture and, astir recently, Masters of nan Air, cheque him retired successful Glue, a British TV play astir execution and acheronian secrets. Set successful what appears to beryllium nan picturesque English countryside, 14-year-old Cal (Tommy Knight) abruptly winds up dead, shaking nan residents, including his young friends, to their core.

Now originates nan investigation into uncovering who killed him, and nan secrets that are unearthed uncover a batch much astir nan group who unrecorded location than anyone imagined. A accepted whodunnit that sheds ray connected nan realities down a façade of perfection, Glue is arsenic overmuch a coming-of-age communicative arsenic it is simply a execution mystery.

Stream Glue connected Prime Video.

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