3 underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in February

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February marks nan presence of caller TV shows connected Netflix. Love is Blind, Netflix’s deed reality making love show, returns connected Valentine’s Day pinch a group of men and women hitting nan pods. Meanwhile, nan long-awaited live-action adjustment of Avatar: The Last Airbender premieres February 22. Both bid are bound to find a spot successful nan play apical 10 database of nan most celebrated shows connected Netflix.

Once you move past nan marquee shows, you’ll recognize location are hundreds of different bully programs connected Netflix. Many of these bid are undervalued contempt their dedicated assemblage and captious acclaim. These 3 underrated shows should beryllium adjacent successful your Netflix queue this February. Our picks see a Canadian mockumentary, a sports docuseries, and a thriller from the Money Heist creator.

White Lines (2020)

Four group airs successful beforehand of a car for a image successful White Lines.Netflix

Álex Pina is champion known for creating Money Heist, one of Netflix’s most-watched bid ever. During Money Heist’s run, Pina created White Lines, a enigma bid astir a sister’s investigation into her missing brother. Although nan show was canceled aft 1 season, White Lines was unapologetically crazy, which made for a thrilling 10-episode series.

The bid is told connected 2 timelines. In nan present, nan assemblage of Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), a erstwhile Manchester DJ, is unearthed successful a Spanish rainforest aft he went missing successful Ibiza 20 years earlier. The constabulary do not scheme connected investigating nan murder, truthful Axel’s younger sister, Zoe (Laura Haddock), travels to Ibiza to lick nan case. As Zoe pokes astir into Axel’s aged life, she uncovers her brother’s acheronian past and nan forces trying to screen up nan murder. The bid besides depicts scenes from nan past that chronicle Axel’s emergence successful Ibiza and nan circumstances that led to his murder. Expect greed, deceit, and a batch of narcotics successful this chaotic series.

Watch White Lines connected Netflix.

Trailer Park Boys (2001-2018)

Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian guidelines successful beforehand of trailers successful a promotional image for Trailer Park Boys.Netflix

If you person ne'er seen Trailer Park Boys, past you’re successful for a treat. The Canadian mockumentary follows nan adventures of Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay), 2 friends who return to Sunnyvale Trailer Park aft an 18-month stint successful prison. With thief from Bubbles (Mike Smith), nan trio conjures up scams to make money and profit disconnected nan residents successful nan trailer park.

Yet, these schemes are nan other of foolproof, arsenic they perpetually look guidance from nan trailer park’s alcoholic supervisor, Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth), and his partner, Randy (Patrick Roach). No matter really difficult nan boys effort to debar it, they ever find themselves successful problem pinch nan law, but successful nan end, you’ll admit these lovable losers.

Watch Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.

Full Swing (2023-)

Netflix deserves monolithic in installments for popularizing Formula One successful nan U.S. pinch Drive to Survive. The streamer is looking for nan aforesaid results pinch play in Full Swing. The docuseries follows nan lives of master golfers arsenic they navigate a play connected nan PGA Tour. Full Swing captures seminal moments from nan 2022 season, from competing astatine nan Masters and Open Championship to nan emergence of LIV Golf.

The divers golfers featured successful play 1 see Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Sahith Theegala, Matt Fitzpatrick, Tony Finau, and Dustin Johnson. Watch each 8 episodes of play 1 earlier play 2 releases connected March 6.

Watch Full Swing connected Netflix.

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