5 action TV shows just like the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher

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Alan Ritschon arsenic Jack Reacher turning backmost and looking suspicious astatine thing off-camera successful Prime Video's Reacher.Image via Amazon Prime Video

This week, Alan Ritchson is backmost arsenic Jack Reacher successful nan 2nd play of Amazon Prime Video‘s Reacher. Author Lee Child couldn’t person anticipated that Reacher would beryllium portrayed by personification arsenic physically imposing arsenic Ritchson, which makes him look for illustration a superhero compared to astir of nan different group connected nan show. That’s fitting since Ritchson made impermanent appearances connected Smallville arsenic Aquaman, and he co-starred successful Max’s Titans arsenic Hawk.

The cardinal entreaty of Reacher is that nan title characteristic isn’t acrophobic to return nan rule into his ain hands and face powerful criminals erstwhile nary 1 other will. Naturally, nan action is besides a large tie for Reacher fans, which is why it already has a third-season renewal connected nan way. But if nan caller episodes of Reacher play 2 conscionable aren’t capable for you, past cheque retired our picks for nan 5 action TV shows conscionable for illustration Reacher, which you tin watch immoderate clip you for illustration during nan vacation season.


Timothy Olyphant successful Justified.FX

At first glance, Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens whitethorn look very flimsy compared to Alan Ritchson’s towering Jack Reacher. But some men look for illustration they’re heroes who person stepped retired of nan past and into nan present. In Justified, Raylan is simply a U.S. Marshal who has nan skills of an Old Western gunslinger and a willingness to usage them whenever he has to. Unlike Reacher, Raylan has a badge, and he really is committed to bringing down nan worst group successful his erstwhile home, Harlan County.

All six seasons of Justified are streaming connected Hulu alongside nan sequel miniseries Justified: City Primeval. Both of Raylan’s shows are going to springiness you hours of enjoyment, particularly if you’ve ne'er seen them before.

Watch Justified connected Hulu.

Bosch (2014-2021)

Harry Bosch stepping successful play 7 of Amazon Prime Video's Bosch.Prime Video

In conscionable 9 years, Titus Welliver has gone done 7 seasons of Bosch connected Prime Video and 2 seasons of Bosch: Legacy connected Freevee. That’s a agelong clip for anyone to bent connected to a role. As Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch, Welliver’s title characteristic whitethorn person much successful communal pinch Raylan Givens than he does pinch Jack Reacher. But Bosch has been known to crook nan rule a spot if justness can’t beryllium achieved without other steps. That’s thing that Reacher would beryllium capable to place with.

An unwavering belief successful justness whitethorn beryllium nan 1 point that Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher genuinely person successful common, but fans of these throwback heroes will astir apt spot a batch to for illustration astir some men.

Watch Bosch on Prime Video.

The Old Man (2022-Present)

Jeff Bridges successful The Old Man staring astatine 2 group astatine his doorstep.Prashant Gupta / FX / FX

Jeff Bridges yet gets his action infinitesimal successful The Old Man; it just took a fewer decades to get there. Like Jack Reacher, Dan Chase (Bridges) was formerly successful a vulnerable profession. Although we’d opportunity that Chase’s activity arsenic a CIA operative was acold much awesome than Reacher’s Military Police background. Chase’s problem pinch being ex-CIA is that he has excessively galore secrets to safeguard, and that’s why FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Harold Harper (John Lithgow) wants him dead.

Chase is forced to spell connected nan tally pinch his impermanent landlord, Zoe McDonald (Amy Brenneman), erstwhile Harper’s minions get close. But Chase is nan 1 who is typically kicking ass and staying up of Harper. The Old Man already has a renewal successful place, truthful Chase’s communicative will proceed to unfold.

Watch The Old Man on Hulu.

The Punisher (2017-2019)

Jon Bernthal successful The Punisher.Marvel TV

The 2nd play of The Punisher has much successful communal pinch Reacher than nan first season, but immoderate instrumentality of Reacher should admit nan TV-MA action of this series. Marvel TV primitively produced this bid for Netflix arsenic a spinoff from Daredevil, pinch The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal successful nan lead domiciled of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher.

Season 1 of The Punisher picked up immoderate threads from Daredevil play 2, arsenic Castle discovered that his champion friend, Billy Russo (Westworld‘s Ben Barnes) was connected pinch nan execution of his family. In nan 2nd season, Castle was fundamentally a drifter (like Jack Reacher) who conscionable wanted to beryllium near unsocial earlier he was forced to resurrect his Punisher persona to put down immoderate bad guys. Rumor has it that Bernthal will reprise his domiciled for Daredevil: Born Again connected Disney+.

Watch The Punisher on Disney+.

Banshee (2013-2016)

Antony Starr successful Banshee.HBO Entertainment

Before Antony Starr was formed arsenic Homelander successful The Boys, he headlined Cinemax’s action bid Banshee arsenic Sheriff Lucas Hood, a man of galore secrets. For starters, Lucas Hood wasn’t his existent name, and he simply assumed nan existent Hood’s personality arsenic beforehand for his activities successful Banshee, Pennsylvania. At nan commencement of nan series, Hood is caller retired of situation aft serving 15 years down bars, and he needs to retrieve his stolen diamonds from his ex-lover, Anastasiya “Ana” Rabitova (Ivana Miličević).

Since Ana had reinvented herself arsenic Carrie Hopewell and joined nan town’s DA, Hood stuck astir Banshee and took a very unconventional attack to enforcing nan law, which mystified and angered his deputies. In immoderate ways, Hood is simply a batch for illustration Jack Reacher, conscionable unencumbered by accepted morality. Sometimes, it takes a crook to return down crime.

Watch Banshee on Max.

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