5 best Christmas movies on Disney+ you should watch

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Disney+ whitethorn person developed a estimation for being nan mothership for each things MCU and Star Wars, but nan streamer is location to truthful overmuch more. Most notably, it’s filled pinch classical Disney movies and TV shows, arsenic good arsenic deed films passim nan years that were released by Disney and 20th Century Fox (which Disney now owns). Its room has besides amassed a bully magnitude of vacation content, truthful connected apical of being filled pinch superheroes and spaceships, Disney+ is besides a go-to for anyone who loves nan Christmas season.

Spanning everything from container agency hits to Disney Channel Original Movies, nan streaming work has a bully operation of content, offering up a hefty dose of Christmas cheer for viewers of each ages. It’s nary concealed that vacation movies person go an iconic portion of Christmastime, and watching them has go a perennial contented for galore group worldwide. So beryllium back, put connected your favourite disfigured Christmas sweater, drawback a basking cocoa, and cheque retired immoderate of nan champion vacation movies connected Disney+.

Home Alone (1990)

Kevin gets cornered by nan bandits successful Home Alone

Everyone has astir apt already seen Home Alone, but it’s conscionable truthful damn iconic that it’s worthy of a rewatch each year. In nan movie, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally near down arsenic his family travels to France for Christmas. Even worse, 2 section criminals person been eyeing his location arsenic their adjacent target. But nan movie’s existent spot lies successful its much subtle moments.

Home Alone is loaded pinch memorable moments, from Kevin being handed Tic Tacs by Santa to his first acquisition pinch aftershave and moreover his fearfulness of nan basement (which is thing truthful galore of america retrieve arsenic kids). Every segment successful nan movie felt truthful existent and axenic that, contempt its often cartoonish violence, Home Alone still had tons of bosom and warmth. Every Home Alone sequel, including nan Disney+ original Home Sweet Home Alone, is besides disposable connected Disney+.

The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

Santa stands pinch kids successful The Ultimate Christmas PresentDisney Channel

The Ultimate Christmas Present is 1 of nan astir criminally underrated Disney Channel Original Movies. In nan film, a naughty young woman discovers that Santa lives successful a shed successful nan mountains surrounding Los Angeles. (Why? Who knows.) While snooping connected Santa, they observe he’s made a upwind instrumentality and determine to bargain it and make it snowfall successful Southern California. Before long, nan metropolis is blanketed nether an aggravated blizzard that shuts down nan full Southland.

The movie had a hodgepodge of actors who had perfectly nary business being successful a movie together. Disney darling Brenda Song starred alongside everyone from Spencer Breslin to erstwhile NBA subordinate John Salley and moreover Hallie Todd (aka Lizzie McGuire’s mom). But you cognize what, this ragtag bunch clicked perfectly, and nan movie is an absolute blizzard of vacation mischief and hilarious absurdity.

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020)

Darth Vader opens a coming successful nan LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Disney+’s Lego specials are wholly underappreciated and merit measurement much attraction than they get. If you want immoderate slapstick drama mixed pinch a spot of witty meta-humor, you’ll emotion Disney’s Lego specials. In nan Star Wars vacation special, Rey journeys done nan past connected Life Day and encounters each nan champion moments from nan original trilogy.

Complete pinch disfigured Christmas sweaters, gift-giving, and Death Star II, nan vacation typical is simply a awesome operation of nostalgia, vacation spirit, and humor. It besides brought together a bunch of characters from different times successful nan franchise, pinch Darth Vader, Rey, Finn, Baby Yoda (Grogu), and Emperor Palpatine each together for nan first time.

The Santa Clause (1994)

Scott Calvin and Bernard successful The Santa ClauseWalt Disney Pictures

Another quintessential Christmas movie is The Santa Clause. In nan movie, a divided begetter accidentally kills Santa (whoopsies!) and is past forced to return his spot and go nan caller Kris Kringle. Watching Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) go Santa is an absolute blast. As his belly and breadstuff turn bigger, those astir him go much and much concerned.

If we arsenic viewers didn’t cognize Scott was becoming Santa, nan modulation would beryllium incredibly disturbing – and that dichotomy is portion of what makes it each truthful humorous. Plus, pinch lovable supporting characters for illustration Bernard nan Elf and iconic moments for illustration nan elf squad breaking Santa retired of jail, The Santa Clause remains 1 of nan astir unsocial Christmas films to date. Both Santa Clause sequels are besides streaming connected Disney+, arsenic good arsenic nan sequel bid The Santa Clauses.

The Guardians of nan Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)

Mantis holds a Christmas coming successful The Guardians Holiday SpecialMarvel Studios

It conscionable wouldn’t beryllium Disney without nan inclusion of thing Marvel, and luckily for some Marvel fans and vacation lovers, Disney+ has you covered. In The Guardians of nan Galaxy Holiday Special, Mantis and Drax study astir nan Earth vacation Christmas and determine they will springiness Peter nan eventual Christmas present. So, for illustration immoderate bully friend would, they spell to Earth and kidnap Kevin Bacon (who plays himself) and connection him to Peter arsenic a present.

Keeping pinch Guardians‘ taxable of rock-centric soundtracks, nan vacation typical is loaded pinch awesome Christmas euphony for illustration Christmastime by The Smashing Pumpkins and Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, among others. In nan finale, Kevin Bacon moreover sings a Christmas song. If you want a rocked-up return connected a vacation special, this one’s for you.

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