5 Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2024

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Protecting your personality is much important than ever successful our integer age. Discover nan apical personality theft protection services of 2024 that connection broad coverage, mobile app convenience, family options, and risk-free tests to safeguard your individual accusation against evolving fraud threats.

The champion personality theft protection services tin thief you forestall each kinds of fraud and financial mayhem, specified arsenic personification hacking into your brokerage account aliases utilizing your accusation to file a taxation return successful your name.

Better yet, galore of nan apical companies that connection personality theft protection widen up to $1 cardinal dollars successful personality theft security that tin screen financial losses if you’re ever a unfortunate of fraud.

With that successful mind, it’s smart to comparison nan champion personality theft protection work providers truthful you tin motion up for this protection before you request it. Read connected to study which of nan champion personality theft protection services we recommend, really their plans work, and wherever each 1 shines.

***All complaint examples are based connected monthly rates pinch yearly billing

Our Picks for Best Identity Theft Protection

  • Identity Guard: Best Budget Protection
  • LifeLock: Best Mobile App
  • ReliaShield: Best Family Coverage
  • ID Shield: Best Free Trial
  • ID Watchdog: Best for 401(k) and HSA Fraud

Best Identity Theft Protection – Company Reviews

Without this type of protection, your delicate individual specifications and financial accusation whitethorn beryllium susceptible to theft and fraud, making you an easy target for hackers and thieves. The institution reviews beneath tin thief you find nan champion personality theft protection services for your needs.

Identity Guard was chosen arsenic our champion budget prime based connected nan wide scope of coverages offered successful their basal plan. For conscionable $7.99 per month, individuals tin get protective benefits specified arsenic $1 cardinal successful security for stolen costs and fraud, acheronian web monitoring, a U.S.-based dedicated lawsuit manager, and more.

The company’s scanning is backed by IBM Watson, a supercomputer that uses artificial intelligence to find and analyse fraud patterns and pass customers faster.

Individuals who want nan astir robust sum imaginable will besides get a bully woody pinch their Premier plan, which is only $25 per month. This scheme includes each benignant of fraud protection you tin deliberation of, positive nan use of three-bureau in installments monitoring, in installments and debit paper monitoring, 401(k) plan and finance relationship monitoring, activity offender registry monitoring, monthly in installments people reports, and more.

LifeLock offers broad personality theft sum successful 3 different tiers, each of which see up to $1 cardinal successful personality theft security for lawyers and experts and cybersecurity via Norton 360. That said, each tier of sum besides offers $25,000, $100,000, aliases $1 cardinal successful sum for stolen costs reimbursement arsenic well. Another stand-out characteristic of LifeLock is its 60-day money-back guarantee, which applies erstwhile you prime nan yearly costs action for your coverage.

This company’s mobile app is besides nan highest-rated retired there, pinch 4.6 retired of 5 stars successful nan App Store and 4.5 retired of 5 stars connected Google Play. This tin beryllium important for consumers who want to person notifications and support an oculus connected their personality theft protection connected nan go.

ReliaShield offers personality theft protection plans for individuals and families, and their plans for individuals commencement astatine conscionable $7.99 per period aliases $87.99 per year. Also, statement that each of ReliaShield’s plans travel pinch $1 cardinal successful stolen costs and disbursal reimbursement coverage.

All family plans besides see free sum for each children successful nan location who are nether 18 — including monitoring societal media accounts and nationalist records — making ReliaShield a bully action if you want to group up personality theft prevention for your dependents.

We besides for illustration nan truth that ReliaShield offers 3 plans to take from, including a top-tier ReliaShield Elite scheme pinch Social Security number monitoring, 3 in installments bureau monitoring, bank account takeover monitoring, in installments paper exertion monitoring, and more.

IDShield is different in installments monitoring institution to consider, and doing truthful is made easy acknowledgment to their free trial. This institution lets you bask personality protection and in installments protection for 30 days earlier you perpetrate to your plan. If you’re unhappy pinch their services aliases you want to move to a different company, you tin simply cancel earlier 30 days are up.

This institution offers individual and family plans that see only your TransUnion in installments report, but you tin besides prime plans that see monitoring of each 3 bureaus. Each of their plans besides comes pinch $1 cardinal successful personality theft security sum arsenic good arsenic in installments bureau monitoring, societal information number and tribunal records monitoring, acheronian web monitoring, and in installments people search and reporting.

Also statement that you tin take from individual plans and family plans that screen you, a spouse, and up to 10 limited children.

ID Watchdog is worthy considering if you want nan astir magnitude of personality theft security possible, peculiarly if you person a batch of money successful your 401(k) aliases a Health Savings Account (HSA). Both of this company’s scheme options travel pinch $1 cardinal successful personality theft insurance, but nan ID Watchdog Premium scheme adds an further $1 cardinal successful sum for stolen costs from a 401(k) aliases HSA.

Other perks offered by nan top-tier scheme see financial accounts monitoring, integrated fraud alerts, societal relationship takeover alerts, a backstage VPN, and a password manager. Family plans besides fto you group up a in installments frost connected your dependent’s Equifax in installments report.

Identity Theft Guide 

Whether your extremity is avoiding personality theft scams online aliases securing immoderate personality theft protection insurance, nan champion personality theft monitoring services tin thief you on nan way. Keep reference to study really personality theft works, really personality theft companies tin thief you forestall fraud, and what to do erstwhile your personality is stolen.

What Is ID Theft?

According to authorities resources, personality theft takes spot erstwhile personification steals your individual accusation to perpetrate immoderate type of fraud. They whitethorn usage that accusation to apply for a in installments card aliases payday indebtedness successful your name, aliases they could record your taxation return and effort to get your refund. Not only tin ID theft harm your in installments file, but it tin origin victims of personality theft sizeable accent arsenic they activity to reconstruct their identity.

Unfortunately, personality theft is becoming much costly each year, and fraudsters are still uncovering caller ways to get their hands connected individual details, specified arsenic your driver’s licence aliases SSN, which they tin usage to perpetrate fraud. The 2022 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin* revealed that fraudulent activity and information breaches costs consumers $43 cardinal successful losses successful 2021 alone.

The study besides shows that full personality fraud losses climbed to $56 cardinal (USD) successful 2021 and that hackers and personality thieves person progressively moved toward contacting their victims straight to ensnare them.

Losses involving personality fraud scams—involving nonstop interaction pinch victims by criminals—totaled $28 cardinal and affected 27 cardinal consumers successful nan United States.*

As nan study from Javelin says, “A noteworthy characteristic of personality fraud scams is that consumers often callback nan infinitesimal they interacted pinch a criminal done a text, call, aliases email.”

How Does ID Theft Protection Work?

ID theft protection companies connection plans that see various levels of protection from fraud. Common inclusions successful ID theft prevention plans see in installments bureau monitoring, acheronian web monitoring, Social Security number monitoring, societal media monitoring, personality theft insurance, real-time slope relationship monitoring, fraud alerts, and moreover malware protection aliases antivirus software.

Generally speaking, consumers prime a scheme that applies to themselves and their family members, and they statesman enjoying ID theft protection correct away. While consumers tin still thin connected old-fashioned personality theft protection strategies for illustration checking their credit reports for errors (or much modern cybersecurity strategies specified arsenic enabling two-factor authentication), an ID theft institution will activity connected their behalf astir nan timepiece and notify them of suspicious activity.

Most personality theft protection companies connection an online dashboard, and galore besides person their ain mobile app. Consumers tin usage some of these platforms to support an oculus connected immoderate changes to their in installments reports aliases to find retired if anyone is trying to retreat money aliases unfastened a caller relationship successful their name.

Many ID theft services interaction their clients done email alerts, but immoderate will nonstop fraud alerts via matter aliases their mobile app.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

If you person been wondering how personality theft destroys your in installments score and are looking for a measurement to forestall it, your champion stake is to motion up for ID theft protection pinch 1 of nan providers we highlighted successful this guide. By paying for personality protection services, you get 24/7 monitoring of your accounts, which tin lead to nan find of signs of fraud correct away.

In nan meantime, make judge nan scheme you prime comes pinch a sizeable magnitude of personality theft security and betterment services. This type of protection tin screen your financial losses if you upwind up being a unfortunate of fraud, arsenic it tin salary for expenses for illustration lawyer fees and reimbursement of stolen funds.

If you’re looking for ways to repair your in installments history, however, you whitethorn request to look successful a different direction. For example, you whitethorn beryllium wondering how to hole errors connected your in installments report aliases how to region collections from your in installments report.

Maybe you want to cognize really to dispute your in installments report aliases want to look into a in installments people simulator to spot really decisions could impact your score.

These are questions you should inquire of nan best in installments repair companies alternatively of an ID theft protection service.

Types of ID Theft Scams

When it comes to nan types of personality theft scams, location are endless possibilities to beryllium alert of. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) often lists nan latest ID fraud scams connected its website, and present are immoderate of nan latest:

  • Crypto aid scams
  • Credit repair companies stealing individual data
  • Hackers pretending to beryllium nan FTC
  • COVID-19 personality fraud scams
  • Phishing scams via phone, text, aliases email (this tin beryllium reported to nan Anti-Phishing Working Group astatine [email protected])

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) besides offers accusation connected communal personality theft scams to beryllium alert of. Some of nan scams listed pinch nan FBI include:

  • Adoption scams
  • Advance interest scams
  • Charity and disaster fraud scams
  • Elder fraud scams
  • Internet auction fraud
  • Ponzi schemes

From here, nan database goes connected and on. If you person been wondering why you should cheque your in installments study regularly, nan endless number of scams retired location is simply a bully denotation that you request to protect yourself. Ultimately, this is why you should motion up for personality theft protection services that activity connected your behalf 24 hours a day.

How We Found nan Best Identity Theft Protection Services

To find nan champion personality theft protection services, we looked for companies that connection divers plans to take from. We only selected companies that connection astatine slightest $1 cardinal successful personality theft insurance, and we went pinch providers that connection plans for some individuals and families.

While nan value of ID theft plans was considered for this ranking, we besides looked astatine nan full costs for monthly aliases yearly plans. Ultimately, we selected nan ID theft companies that connection nan astir services and champion worth for nan money spent.

Summary of nan Best Identity Theft Protection Services May 2024

  • Identity Guard: Best Budget Protection
  • LifeLock: Best Mobile App
  • ReliaShield: Best Family Coverage
  • ID Shield: Best Free Trial
  • ID Watchdog: Best for 401(k) and HSA Fraud

Bottom Line: Top 5 Identity Theft Protection Services 2024

In today’s integer age, safeguarding your individual accusation is crucial. The apical personality theft protection services of 2024 connection a shield against evolving fraud threats. 

Identity Guard stands retired pinch broad sum starting astatine $7.99/month, powered by AI-driven scanning. LifeLock excels successful mobile app ratings, pinch plans featuring up to $1 cardinal security and Norton 360 cybersecurity. ReliaShield caters to families, providing $1 cardinal successful sum and kid protection astatine affordable rates. 

ID Shield offers a risk-free proceedings play and various plans, including in installments monitoring. ID Watchdog specializes successful 401(k) and HSA fraud protection pinch further coverage. Stay vigilant pinch these services to thwart cybercriminals and their perpetually evolving tactics.