5 best Netflix shows to watch after the 2024 Super Bowl

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A blonde-haired female wears a skull disguise successful The Fall of nan House of Usher.Netflix

Well, it had to happen: nan 2024 Super Bowl is over. What other is location to do? Review nan replays of nan crippled and perceive nan sports commentary again and again? Watch each those annoying commercials 1 much time? Read a book?

How astir watching immoderate awesome TV shows? As nan world’s astir celebrated streamer, Netflix offers a plethora of shows that will fulfill almost immoderate viewer. But retired of each those shows, which ones should you watch?  Digital Trends has selected 5 awesome Netflix shows to watch aft nan Super Bowl.

The Fall of nan House of Usher (2023)

The formed of The Fall of nan House of Usher.Netflix

In 2023, each anyone could talk astir was The Bear, Beef, Succession, aliases The Last of Us. That’s a shame, arsenic galore shows deserved immoderate of  nan limelight. Mike Flanagan’s The Fall of nan House of Usher is 1 specified series. A modern adjustment of Edgar Allan Poe’s celebrated short communicative (as good arsenic a fewer different useful by Poe), nan show centers connected Roderick Usher (Bruce Greenwood) and his sister, Madeline Usher (Mary McDonnell), who ain a powerful and arguable pharmaceutical institution that has caused galore group to go supplier addicts.

An enigmatic female named Verna (Carla Gugino) appears 1 time and seems to beryllium down nan gruesome deaths of members of nan Usher family. What’s happening? And why does a raven support appearing astatine nan scenes of nan crimes? You’ll person to binge watch to find out.

Loudermilk (2017-2020)

The formed of Loudermilk.Primary Wave Entertainment

Netflix is simply a awesome spot to observe older bid from different networks, and Loudermilk is nan latest occurrence story. The underrated drama flew nether nan radar erstwhile it primitively aired connected nan Audience Network, but it’s 1 of nan astir celebrated Netflix shows correct now. The bid stars Sex and nan City‘s Ron Livingston arsenic Sam Loudermilk, an ex-movie professional and seemingly recovered alcoholic who has reinvented himself arsenic a constituent maltreatment counselor. Sam besides has rather a measurement pinch words and crisp quips, which is why he’s not precisely known for his bully bedside mode by nan group successful his support group.

Sam is very overmuch a activity successful advancement erstwhile it comes to his ain life, but he has recovered immoderate intent successful sponsoring Claire Wilkes (Anja Savcic). Mad TV‘s Will Sasso besides stars arsenic Sam’s sponsor, Ben Burns. There’s a batch of acheronian drama successful this series, and you’ll laughter a batch if you’re consenting to spell pinch it.

Berlin (2023)

The formed of Berlin.Netflix

The title characteristic of Berlin doesn’t fto a small point for illustration decease get successful nan measurement of a bully story. This Money Heist prequel spinoff throws nan spotlight connected Andrés de Fonollosa (Pedro Alonso), nan man who went by Berlin during nan early seasons of nan erstwhile series. This show adds immoderate caller layers to Berlin arsenic he leads his ain squad of thieves, including Kella (Michelle Jenner), Damián (Tristán Ulloa), Cameron (Begoña Vargas), Roi (Julio Peña Fernández), and Bruce (Joel Sánchez).

What brings this motley unit together nether Berlin’s stewardship? A multimillion ero heist, of course. But moreover nan best-laid plans thin to unravel successful nan Money Heist universe, and location will beryllium complications ahead.

Bodies (2022)

A female investigates a dormant assemblage successful Bodies.Netflix

Some shows person an irresistible hook from nan get-go. Finding a dormant assemblage is almost ever nan commencement of an investigation, particularly successful Whitechapel, London. But successful Bodies, there’s ne'er been a execution investigation rather for illustration this. The show follows detectives successful 4 different clip periods – 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053 – each of whom person recovered nan aforesaid dormant body. What nan heck is going on?

There seems to beryllium a conspiracy successful play that runs for nan amended portion of 2 centuries. The only measurement nan various detectives successful each twelvemonth tin unravel this messiness is if they find a measurement to collaborate pinch each different complete nan immense span of years betwixt them. Bodies will support you guessing until nan very past episode, which is nan people of a bully enigma show.

Blue Eye Samurai (2023)

Two samurais quadrate off.Netflix

Even if animation isn’t your thing, you should springiness this bid a chance. Blue Eye Samurai is Netflix’s latest unconventional anime bid that’s proven to beryllium an underdog occurrence story. Logan and Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green teamed up pinch his wife, Amber Noizumi, to create nan bid group successful Japan’s Edo play erstwhile nan state was closed disconnected from nan world.

Mizu (Mr. and Mrs. Smith‘s Maya Erskine) is nan titular blue-eyed samurai, a unique beingness trait that she goes to awesome lengths to hide successful her quest for revenge. Mizu’s skills quickly make her a batch of powerful enemies, moreover though her top concealed is that she’s a female passing herself disconnected arsenic a man. She besides tends to time off down a batch of collateral harm successful her wake, because she lets thing get betwixt her and her deadly goal.

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