5 best Super Bowl 2024 movie & TV trailers, ranked

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Ryan Reynolds successful Deadpool and Wolverine.Marvel Studios

When it comes to nan Super Bowl, TV and movie studios don’t person to interest astir making innovative commercials. Fans conscionable want to spot immoderate awesome trailers for upcoming shows and films. This year’s Super Bowl was a small ray successful that section arsenic a fistful of awesome studios didn’t fuss to bargain advertisement time. But nan studios who reserved spots for nan Big Game came distant pinch immoderate of nan buzziest moments of nan night.

To recap this year’s champion Super Bowl movie and TV trailers, we’re counting down from 5 to sanction our prime for nan apical entry.

5. Knuckles

Knuckles Series | Official Trailer | Paramount+

This was a amazingly adjacent call, because Paramount+’s Halo play 2 trailer was besides well-done. In fact, Halo‘s trailers are often much breathtaking than nan show itself. But Kunckles sewage nan motion for 5th spot by firmly embracing its position arsenic a Sonic nan Hedgehog spinoff.

Idris Elba and Adam Pally are reprising their respective roles arsenic Knuckles and Wade Whipple from Sonic nan Hedgehog 2, arsenic Wade gets immoderate training successful nan ways of nan echidna warriors. Plus, Sonic and Tails were confirmed to impermanent prima successful astatine slightest 1 of nan six episodes.

Knuckles will premiere connected Paramount+ connected April 26.

4. Wicked

This year’s large philharmonic scored a nonstop deed pinch this trailer. Wicked isn’t moreover expected to beryllium retired until precocious adjacent fall, but nan Super Bowl assemblage was excessively large to walk up. The movie is based connected nan smash Broadway play that acts arsenic a philharmonic prequel to The Wizard of Oz, and nan trailer played up that relationship pinch a glimpse of nan Wizard (as played by Jeff Goldblum), and moreover a little quality by Dorothy Gale and her friends.

But this communicative is each astir nan relationship turned rivalry betwixt 2 women: Elphaba Thropp (Cynthia Erivo) and Glinda Upland (Ariana Grande). And if nan trailer is immoderate indication, past Elphaba is good connected her measurement towards becoming nan infamous Wicked Witch of nan West.

Wicked will deed theaters connected November 27.

3. Twisters

It’s been almost 3 decades since Twister was successful theaters, and nan upcoming sequel, Twisters, doesn’t person immoderate of nan leads coming back. And it doesn’t matter because nan only point group really want to spot are tornados tearing things up connected surface from nan information of a movie theater. Preferably connected a very large screen.

Twisters will deed theaters connected July 19.

2.  Kingdom of nan Planet of nan Apes

Kingdom of nan Planet of nan Apes already had a beautiful bully teaser trailer a fewer months ago. But nan Super Bowl trailer did an moreover amended occupation of hyping up nan franchise’s return. The Witcher‘s Freya Allan was much prominently utilized successful this trailer arsenic a young female named Mae. She will beryllium teaming up pinch a caller ape leader named Noa (Owen Teague).

However, nan existent standout of nan trailer is nan film’s villain, Proximus Caesar (Kevin Durand), an ape who has enslaved his brethren and humans alike successful nan sanction of power. He really came disconnected arsenic a genuine threat successful nan trailer.

Kingdom of nan Planet of nan Apes will deed theaters connected May 10.

1. Deadpool and Wolverine

Marvel Studios is very fortunate that Deadpool and Wolverine is its only movie this year. Because if this movie can’t go a deed past each comic book movie is successful superior trouble. Fortunately, nan sequel informally known arsenic Deadpool 3 has each of nan makings of a blockbuster pinch some Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman successful their respective fan-favorite roles.

The trailer confirmed that Deadpool will beryllium progressive pinch nan TVA (Time Variance Authority) from Loki. And strangely enough, Marvel resisted nan impulse to straight show Jackman’s Wolverine. He’s only seen from down doubly successful nan trailer, but it makes for a very effective teaser.

Deadpool and Wolverine will deed theaters connected July 26.

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