5 Matthew Perry movies and TV shows you should watch besides Friends

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen November 1, 2023 4:30AM

In nan aftermath of his death, galore group person looked backmost connected Friends‘ prima Matthew Perry‘s full profession to find ways to admit what he brought to each of his various projects.

While astir group work together that Perry was ne'er capable to afloat replicate nan tremendous occurrence he had pinch Friends, he was undeniably a captivating surface presence, and location is simply a immense array of different TV and movie projects that item his skills arsenic an character and comedian. His decease was an undeniable tragedy, but Perry near america pinch plentifulness of awesome examples of conscionable really superb he could beryllium on-screen.

17 Again (2009)

Perry’s past movie role, 17 Again  is an underrated drama that Perry elevates from nan 2nd nan movie begins. The movie, which is almost for illustration a reverse type of Big, is chiefly a Zac Efron conveyance and imagines a middle-aged man who finds himself transformed into his teenage aforesaid erstwhile again.

The movie gives its opening and closing moments to Perry, though, and it’s Perry who elevates nan movie’s drama and laces it pinch vulnerability. While 17 Again may not beryllium a cleanable movie, it’s sewage plentifulness of charm, and Perry is 1 of nan movie’s assets from nan 2nd he shows up connected screen.

The Odd Couple (2015-2017)

After you’ve starred successful thing like Friends, each different sitcom domiciled you return connected tin consciousness for illustration a spot of a comedown. Even so, Perry’s tally on The Odd Couple captured overmuch of nan magic that made him 1 of nan champion joke deliverers connected Friends.

The show was a reboot of a classical sitcom, and this type followed Perry arsenic Oscar Madison and Thomas Lennon arsenic his overmuch much uptight roommate Felix Unger. Perry besides served arsenic an executive shaper connected this show, and while you mightiness deliberation that The Odd Couple is a small conventional, it’s difficult to contradict that it was funny.

Go On (2012-2013)

A much unconventional dramedy, Go On follows Perry arsenic a sports power big who joins a support group to activity done nan decease of his wife. Although Go On is, astatine slightest successful theory, a comedy, it’s 1 that’s laced pinch meaty conversations astir condolences and death.

Perry didn’t often get nan chance to show disconnected his purely melodramatic chops on Friends, but erstwhile he did, he showed awesome levels of pathos and vulnerability. Go On gives him much opportunities to play nan melodramatic extremity of things, moreover arsenic he maintains nan wry wit that made him truthful celebrated on Friends.

Studio 60 On nan Sunset Strip (2006-2007)

Perry’s first post-Friends TV task was Studio 60 connected nan Sunset Strip, which besides happened to beryllium writer Aaron Sorkin’s follow-up to The West Wing. Set down nan scenes of a sketch drama show that is akin to Saturday Night Live, but is emphatically not SNL, Studio 60 gave Perry a chance to present his return connected immoderate of nan sharpest and astir chopped penning connected TV.

Studio 60 was not nan benignant of tremendous occurrence that The West Wing had been, but nan show still has its defenders, and it’s undeniably a awesome opportunity for Perry to show what he was tin of.

Fools Rush In (1997)

A romanticist drama that whitethorn person felt forgettable erstwhile it was first released, Fools Rush In feels for illustration a revelation successful retrospect. The movie, which was released while Friends was still reasonably early successful its run, follows Perry’s characteristic arsenic he is forced to face existent responsibilities for nan first time.

A perpetual bachelor who finds retired that he sewage a female (played by Black Mirror‘s Salma Hayek) pregnant during a one-night stand, he must wrestle pinch familial expectations and what he wants from his ain life. It’s a awesome capacity from Perry, who connected apical of delivering coagulated jokes, besides has awesome chemistry pinch Hayek.

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