5 movies like Five Nights at Freddy’s you should watch right now

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One of nan animatronic characters from Five Nights astatine Freddy's.Universal Pictures

The early box-office numbers for Five Nights astatine Freddy’s are in, and it looks for illustration a awesome deed for Universal. Despite hitting theaters astatine nan aforesaid clip that it made its streaming debut connected on Peacock, nan existent projections person this movie opening astatine $73 cardinal for nan pre-Halloween weekend.

This suggests that there’s been a woefully underserved assemblage for movies astir slayer toys and murderous animatronic creatures. However, Five Nights astatine Freddy’s is acold from nan first movie to clasp that premise. Some of nan different movies pinch akin stories are moreover overmuch amended flicks than this one. So, if you’ve already seen nan movie successful theaters aliases connected Peacock, these are nan 5 movies for illustration Five Nights astatine Freddy’s that you should watch if you’re looking for thing successful that aforesaid vein.

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

Nicolas Cage and an animatronic friend successful Willy's Wonderland.Screen Media Films

Two years ago, Willy’s Wonderland shamelessly lifted nan premise of Five Nights astatine Freddy’s … and ended up making a amended movie retired of it too! It surely helps that this movie has Nicolas Cage successful nan lead arsenic nan unnamed janitor who is tricked into moving astatine nan long-abandoned Willy’s Wonderland amusement center.

On his first night, nan janitor is attacked by 8 murderous animatronic characters: Willy Weasel, Arty Alligator, Cammy Chameleon, Ozzie Ostrich, Knighty Knight, Tito Turtle, Gus Gorilla, and Siren Sara. Fortunately for nan janitor, he dishes retired reward faster than nan animatronics tin return it. The only point holding backmost nan janitor’s flight is simply a group of kids, including Liv Hawthorne (Emily Tosta), whose lives are endangered by Willy’s battalion of killers.

Watch Willy’s Wonderland connected Hulu.

The Banana Splits Movie (2019)

A man is menaced by an animatronic animal successful The Banana Splits Movie.Warner Bros. Pictures

Unlike nan characters from Five Nights astatine Freddy’s, nan characters known arsenic The Banana Splits really had their ain unrecorded action/animated assortment TV show successful nan precocious 1960s. Fleegle nan Beagle, Bingo nan Gorilla, Drooper nan Lion, and Snorky nan Elephant were conscionable wacky characters until The Banana Splits Movie came on and reimagined them arsenic bloodthirsty animatronic killers.

After watching Five Nights astatine Freddy’s, it’s clear that head Danishka Esterhazy had a batch much leeway successful this movie by letting nan Banana Splits mercilessly execution respective group without showing a shred of remorse aliases immoderate redeeming characteristics. Now, it’s intolerable not to deliberation of nan Banana Splits arsenic slasher villains!

Rent aliases buy The Banana Splits Movie on Google Play, Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV+.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

The alien clowns from Killer Klowns from Outer Space.Trans World Entertainment

The title of this movie is arsenic literal arsenic it gets. These Killer Klowns are so from outer space, and they really transportation nan comedian motif each nan measurement done to nan bloody end. The Chiodo brothers’ astir celebrated movie has go a cult classical because it really injected immoderate caller humor into ’80s slasher flicks.

All of nan Killer Klowns’ kills and weapons are inspired by circus fare, and it’s up to immoderate plucky teens and a fewer responsible adults to extremity this alien penetration earlier they each caput to nan large apical successful nan sky.

Watch Killer Klowns from Outer Space on Freevee.

Puppet Master (1989)

Two of nan slayer puppets from Puppet Master.Full Moon Pictures

There person been a ton of Puppet Master movies, 15 full by our past count. This direct-to-video franchise conscionable ne'er seems to stop. But if you’re looking for a axenic scary experience, earlier nan puppets went disconnected to conflict Nazis and torment different bad people, nan original Puppet Master is beautiful decent. In nan prologue, nan puppets’ creator, André Toulon (William Hickey), goes to awesome lengths to support his concealed astir surviving puppets from nan Nazis.

In nan present, Alex Whitaker (Paul Le Mat) and a fewer of his chap psychics are drawn together pursuing nan decease of their erstwhile acquaintance, Neil Gallagher (Jimmie F. Skaggs), a man who discovered really to make nan puppets obey his commands. Now, nan puppets are coming for each and everyone of nan psychics, moreover if they saw their ain fates up of time.

Watch Puppet Master on Freevee.

Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky and Andy astatine furniture clip successful nan first Child's Play.MGM

Child’s Play is by acold nan astir successful movie connected this list, since it launched aggregate sequels, a complete remake, and moreover a Chucky TV bid that is presently moving connected USA and SYFY. Of course, nan original movie made nan champion usage of nan premise, arsenic serial slayer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) was mortally wounded earlier utilizing magic to transportation his psyche into nan assemblage of a Good Guy doll named Chucky.

Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks) buys nan doll for her son, Andy (Alex Vincent), and Chucky reveals himself to and befriends his newyound  proprietor arsenic a pretense for his existent agenda. While Chucky goes connected a quest for revenge against anyone who wronged him, he besides land to bargain Andy’s body. When Karen discovers nan truth astir nan doll, she learns nan difficult measurement that fewer will judge her claims astir Chucky’s existent nature.

Watch Child’s Play on Max.

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