5 Reese Witherspoon movies you should watch in November

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen November 1, 2023 4:00AM

Over nan past 25 years, Reese Witherspoon has go 1 of nan awesome movie stars of her generation. Since first emerging connected nan segment successful a bid of comedies, Witherspoon has definitively proven that she tin beryllium funny and melodramatic successful adjacent measure, and she’s created a number of indelible roles complete nan people of her decades of stardom.

Few actresses are much versatile aliases charming than she continues to beryllium to this day, and these are nan 5 movies you should commencement pinch if you’re looking to drawback her champion work.

Walk nan Line (2005)

The movie that Witherspoon won her Oscar for, Walk nan Line is really much astir Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash than it is astir Witherspoon’s June Carter.

While Phoenix whitethorn get much surface time, though, it’s difficult to contradict that Witherspoon packs nan bigger punch, perfectly playing each segment arsenic nan chemistry betwixt nan 2 of them grows. Walk nan Line has been lampooned arsenic a accepted biopic, but there’s existent emotion successful Witherspoon’s performance, and she besides proves that she’s a beautiful decent singer.

Election (1999)

Perhaps nan movie that first proved that Witherspoon was a legit star, Election follows a strange, perverse feud betwixt a successful precocious schoolhouse student who is moving for people president and nan History coach who wants to make judge that she doesn’t succeed.

Election feels for illustration a remarkably prescient movie astir antheral rage, but it’s besides an acidic drama that’s hugely entertaining from beforehand to back. Alexander Payne has gone connected to beryllium that he’s 1 of nan awesome board moving today, and Election was nan movie that put some him and Witherspoon firmly connected nan map.

Legally Blonde (2001)

Witherspoon’s full-blown movie prima role, Legally Blonde was besides definitive impervious that Witherspoon tin play wide comedy. Telling nan communicative of Elle Woods, a caller assemblage postgraduate who was a sorority queen, and decides to use to Harvard Law School, nan movie is surely a small ridiculous, but it’s besides incredibly satisfying.

What’s more, this is simply a movie that is wholly carried by Witherspoon. It wouldn’t person worked pinch immoderate different actress, and it remains 1 of nan biggest hits of Witherspoon’s full career.

Wild (2014)

An adjustment of a memoir of nan aforesaid name, Wild tells nan communicative of Cheryl Strayed, a female who finds her life spiraling retired of power and decides to halt her downward trajectory by hiking nan Pacific Crest Trail, moreover though she has fundamentally nary outdoor experience. Wild is a movie each astir isolation, and Witherspoon carries it disconnected beautifully.

The movie besides features an fantabulous supporting move from Laura Dern (Jurassic World Dominion) arsenic Strayed’s mother. Wild‘s depiction of Strayed’s turmoil, and nan beauty of its outdoor scenery, make this 1 of nan astir compelling movies that Witherspoon has ever made.

Pleasantville (1998)

One of Witherspoon’s champion early roles, Pleasantville tells nan communicative of 2 modern teenagers who find themselves transported into a sitcom from nan 1950s. Witherspoon and Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire are fantabulous arsenic 2 teenagers who find themselves astatine turns charmed and disturbed by nan measurement this world is group up.

Pleasantville is a world almost wholly devoid of conflict, and nan movie’s ostensible constituent is that its rose-tinted nostalgia whitethorn look great, but only because it covers up a batch of what makes life wonderful. Its cardinal metaphor whitethorn consciousness a small heavy-handed, but Pleasantville still holds up 25 years later.

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