5 shows to watch if you like the Prime Video sci-fi series Upload

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Upload has returned connected Prime Video for its 3rd season, this clip pinch episodes streaming 2 astatine a clip each week. The sci-fi comedy-drama tells nan communicative of a young man named Nathan (Robbie Amell), who dies tragically successful a car accident. But earlier nan life drains retired of him, his consciousness is uploaded to a lavish afterlife organization by his obsessive girlfriend, who now holds nan purse strings to his happiness.

Whether you’ve binged your measurement done erstwhile seasons, aliases you’re watching play 3, you tin quench nan request for akin stories pinch these 5 shows to watch if you for illustration Upload.

Note: This article contains immoderate spoilers for nan shows connected our list.

Mrs. Davis (2023)

Mrs. Davis | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

A refreshing and thought-provoking return connected nan conception of AI, Mrs. Davis is astir a early world wherever an AI by nan title sanction has taken over. Everyone listens to her commands done mini earbuds and does immoderate she instructs. They each travel blindly — isolated from for a nun named Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin) and members of a mini guidance group she comes across.

The communicative has nan aforesaid elements of sci-fi mixed pinch drama and play arsenic Upload. The stories are besides some parody our real-life obsession pinch exertion and AI. It’s a fabulous adjacent watch that fans of Upload will love. With nary plans successful nan useful for a 2nd season, it’s besides a speedy and satisfying watch.

Stream Mrs. Davis connected Peacock. 

Avenue 5 (2020-2022)

Avenue 5: Official Trailer | HBO

Avenue 5 mightiness not person been nan immense occurrence it was anticipated to beryllium fixed nan talented formed that includes Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, Zach Woods, and Lenora Crichlow. But it’s wholly ridiculous nosy pinch tons of toilet joke (sometimes literally), silly storylines, and a akin operation of sci-fi and drama to Upload. Also group successful nan future, nan communicative follows an interplanetary cruise vessel owned by clueless billionaire Herman Judd (Gad). When an mishap occurs connected committee and nan main technologist perishes, they veer disconnected people and a sad realization sets in. No 1 aboard really has a hint really to alert a ship, including nan captain, Ryan Clark (Laurie). They’re each conscionable hired actors. The only personification who knows thing is 2nd technologist Billie (Crichlow), but nary 1 listens to her.

The guests turn much and much frightened and nutrient and h2o runs scarce. Those successful complaint and connected nan crushed frantically effort to fig retired really to past nan adjacent 3, 5, possibly moreover 10 years until they get backmost connected people to Earth. Naturally, hilarity ensues. The guests mightiness still beryllium alive, but their days whitethorn beryllium numbered.

Stream Avenue 5 connected Max.

The Good Place (2016-2020)

THE GOOD PLACE (NBC) Official Trailer

Another bid that takes spot successful an afterlife, The Good Place stars Kristen Bell arsenic Eleanor, a female who was little than cleanable while connected Earth. But owed to a clerical correction upon death, she accidentally gets sent to nan Good Place, a Heaven-like oasis for bully and honorable people. While there, she tries to hide her existent colors, and possibly moreover go a amended personification successful nan process, personification who would beryllium worthy of admission. But aged habits dice hard.

The bid besides starsTed Danson arsenic Michael, nan designer of nan afterlife. There’s nan aforesaid humor, themes, and operation of eclectic characters successful The Good Place that fans cognize and emotion from Upload. The communicative isn’t arsenic heavy focused connected nan elements of sci-fi and AI, but it likewise explores nan themes of nan measurement we unrecorded and what happens erstwhile we die.

Stream The Good Place connected Netflix.

Living With Yourself (2019)

Living With Yourself Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

The bid came and went truthful quickly that galore person already forgotten astir Living pinch Yourself, which stars Paul Rudd successful a dual role. He’s Miles, a copywriter who can’t shingle his heavy unhappiness pinch life. When he happens upon a session offering a mysterious curen that promises a amended life, he thinks he has recovered nan answer. Instead, he comes look to look pinch a clone who is overmuch much optimistic, confident, and happy to return complete his life, including cavorting pinch Miles’ wife.

Living With Yourself explores nan conception of exertion and AI successful a unsocial measurement that’s a small different from Upload. With nan 2nd play finale of Upload seeing Nathan downloaded into a clone assemblage tso he tin reenter nan quality world, these 2 stories are much akin than you mightiness think.

Stream Living With Yourself connected Netflix.

Westworld (2016-2022)

Westworld Season 1 - Official Trailer - HBO UK

Rather than attraction connected dormant humans moving connected to an afterlife, Westworld tackles lifelike AIs that are built to beryllium indistinguishable from humans. These android hosts activity successful an big playground called Westworld, wherever able elites tin salary to play and unrecorded retired their wildest fantasies.

Westworld is acold much sinister than Upload. But fans of Upload will emotion really this show takes things to different level. In later seasons, nan androids conflict back, participate civilian life, and effort to get answers to nan questions plaguing them. Powering it all, it’s yet revealed, is simply a instrumentality called nan Rehoboam that manipulates not only nan androids, but, arsenic it turns out, uses information acquired from unsuspecting quality guests to manipulate them and foretell nan courses of their lives, too. If you want to dive into nan aforesaid sci-fi and AI themes successful a deeper and darker way, Westworld is simply a bully spot to do it.

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