5 underrated Robert De Niro movies you should check out

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Alex Welch

By Alex Welch October 25, 2023 6:00AM

Robert De Niro stands connected a vessel platform successful Stardust.Paramount Pictures

Robert De Niro is 1 of nan astir revered actors of each time, and for bully reason. The two-time Oscar victor has fixed immoderate of nan astir indelible performances successful movie history, and acknowledgment to his decades-spanning relationship pinch head Martin Scorsese, he’s been astatine nan halfway of 1 of nan astir noteworthy partnerships that cinema has ever known. This year, nan duo has added different worthy summation to their existing database of collaborations successful nan shape of nan caller true-crime play Killers of nan Flower Moon.

While De Niro’s business pinch Scorsese has produced astir of nan films he’ll ever beryllium best-known for, nan character has starred successful much awesome movies than astir different Hollywood stars successful history. With that successful mind, present are 5 underrated movies featuring De Niro that you should cheque out.

This Boy’s Life (1993)

This Boy's Life (1993) Official Trailer - Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio Movie HD

This 1993 play is simply a bruising, difficult coming-of-age communicative that isn’t mentioned capable erstwhile critics and casual viewers alike talk Robert De Niro’s filmography. Based connected a memoir by Tobias Wolff, This Boy’s Life stars De Niro arsenic nan domineering, abusive stepfather to Toby (Leonardo DiCaprio).

It’s a painful, effective showcase for some De Niro and a then-up-and-coming DiCaprio, and it marked nan first clip that nan 2 actors had ever worked together onscreen. Thirty years later, they’ve reunited for Killers of nan Flower Moon.

This Boy’s Life can beryllium rented aliases purchased connected Prime Video.

A Bronx Tale (1993)

A Bronx Tale - 4K Restoration Trailer | Giant Pictures

One of only 2 films that Robert De Niro has ever directed, 1993’s A Bronx Tale stars nan Oscar victor arsenic an MTA autobus driver whose narration pinch his young boy is threatened by nan boy’s admiration for a section mafia leader (Chazz Palminteri).

The movie gives De Niro nan chance to connection much of his ain position connected galore of nan aforesaid subjects he’s explored done his activity pinch Martin Scorsese, but it doesn’t consciousness for illustration a knockoff Goodfellas aliases Mean Streets. On nan contrary, it’s a amazingly stirring coming-of-age play astir nan different, sometimes conflicting places 1 tin look for guidance passim life.

A Bronx Tale is streaming connected Sling TV for free.

Ronin (1998)

Ronin Official Trailer #1 - Robert De Niro Movie (1998) HD

Directed by John Frankenheimer and co-written by David Mamet, Ronin follows a squad of erstwhile typical authorities agents who are hired to propulsion disconnected a vulnerable heist.

De Niro stars successful nan movie arsenic a erstwhile CIA mercenary, and nan character brings due levels of some grit and machismo to what is fundamentally a straightforward thriller that’s nevertheless executed astatine a precocious level. As acold arsenic De Niro’s action-movie efforts go, Ronin isn’t mentioned astir arsenic often arsenic it should be, and it’s worthy checking retired conscionable for its numerous, unforgettable car pursuit sequences.

Ronin streaming connected Max.

Stardust (2007)

Stardust (2007) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Robert De Niro has a small, but scene-stealing domiciled successful this 2007 imagination blockbuster from Kingsman: The Secret Service head Matthew Vaughn. Based connected nan Neil Gaiman caller of nan aforesaid name, Stardust follows a young, adventure-seeking man (Daredevil prima Charlie Cox) who sets retired to seizure a fallen star, unaware that he isn’t nan only 1 intent connected doing so.

Along nan way, he crosses paths pinch De Niro’s Captain Shakespeare, a skyship pirate who is acold much jovial and delightfully theatrical than his estimation suggests. De Niro’s performance, on pinch Michelle Pfeiffer’s gloriously villainous move arsenic its witchy antagonist, are nan main reasons to activity retired Stardust if you haven’t already.

Stardust is streaming connected Paramount+.

The Intern (2015)

The Intern - Official Trailer [HD]

For nan past 20 years aliases so, Robert De Niro has starred successful much than a fewer forgettable, occasionally atrocious comedies. It is, therefore, worthy mentioning 1 of nan actor’s only caller comedies that’s really really good: The Intern.

Written and directed by rom-com auteur Nancy Meyers, this underrated 2015 gem stars De Niro arsenic a 70-something widower who takes a occupation arsenic an intern astatine a trendy manner website and quickly befriends its overworked CEO (Anne Hathaway). Together, De Niro and Hathaway person capable playful, charming chemistry to make The Intern’s goofy, perchance saccharine premise work, which only helps nan film’s galore memorable comedic gags guidelines retired that overmuch more.

The Intern is streaming connected Hulu.

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