5 ways to take your PC from boring to beautiful

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Building a PC is not conscionable astir picking nan best graphics card and processor — you often want it to look good, too. After all, this container of intermezo is going to beryllium successful your abstraction for nan adjacent fewer years, truthful it’s only earthy that you mightiness want it to fresh well.

Some group dislike RGB, and immoderate group committedness by it. No matter which campy you’re in, location are ways to toggle shape your PC from bland to interesting, and not each of them impact flashing lights. Here are immoderate options to get inspired.

Install immoderate RGB strips

An Asus motherboard pinch a Phanteks NEON LED portion surrounding it.

Do you conscionable want a spot much radiance wrong your PC but don’t needfully want to walk a luck to execute it? RGB strips (also called LED strips) will springiness you nan champion bang for your buck.

If you’re unfamiliar pinch them, an RGB portion is simply a elastic magnitude of LED lights that you tin connect wrong your PC case. Those lights tin often beryllium configurable, truthful you don’t needfully request to purpose for a afloat rainbow of colors. You tin group them up to lucifer nan artistic of your PC and/or your room and enactment that way.

The strips usually travel pinch an adhesive of immoderate benignant and tin beryllium installed wrong aliases extracurricular your PC case. You tin beryllium arsenic other arsenic you for illustration pinch these, either settling for a azygous barroom astatine nan bottommost of nan lawsuit aliases lining astir of your lawsuit pinch lights.

In modern motherboards, these strips plug into nan RGB header and person some powerfulness and awesome from nan motherboard. Sometimes, you’ll tally into models that request to beryllium plugged into nan powerfulness supply, usually via a SATA connector. You tin besides bargain an outer RGB controller, specified arsenic this Cooler Master Mini. They tin usually beryllium daisy-chained if nan number of headers is an issue, conscionable for illustration RGB lawsuit fans can.

One connection of warning: RGB strips and lawsuit fans tin beryllium beautiful confusing.

Most RGB strips, for illustration this combo set, are affordable and tin beryllium bought for arsenic small arsenic $10. That’s cheaper than adding other RGB fans, but they do thing for your PC different than boost its aesthetic. A instrumentality will besides proviso much airflow, and that’s ever bully successful beefy gaming builds wherever improving nan cooling is an important goal.

One connection of informing present is that some RGB strips and lawsuit fans tin beryllium beautiful confusing, and it’s easy to bargain nan incorrect point and past later connected find retired that it doesn’t fit. Like astir PC building, buying nan correct group tin require a batch of research. Study nan specs of your motherboard and past nan fans successful mobility and make judge they stock nan aforesaid connector, specified arsenic a 3V, 5V, aliases 12V. Then, publication up connected whether they’re addressable (ARGB) aliases not, meaning whether each LED tin beryllium controlled separately. Believe it aliases not, that, too, tin origin problems successful position of compatibility. There’s besides nan mobility of nan pin layout. A speedy TL;DR is to look for what matches your motherboard’s headers perfectly.

All this other reference tin make nan imaginable of mounting up RGB strips and/or fans sound beautiful daunting, but it’s really not truthful bad erstwhile you fig retired nan headers supported by your motherboard.

Liquid cooling

Custom h2o cooling wrong a gaming PC.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

A CPU instrumentality is basal for almost each of nan top processors, and you’ll often want to spell pinch a third-party exemplary for nan pricier chips alternatively of utilizing nan banal instrumentality that comes pinch nan CPU (if it moreover comes pinch one). There’s plentifulness of room for immoderate RGB action there, but if you really want ultimate aesthetics, it’s difficult not to mention liquid cooling setups.

When I opportunity liquid cooling, I’m mostly referring to nan much approachable option, meaning all-in-one coolers (AIO). A civilization loop tin look overmuch amended than AIO successful a PC, but nan obstruction to introduction is simply a batch higher, truthful you’ll request to do a adjacent spot of reference earlier you’re fresh to springiness it a go. It’s very satisfying erstwhile it’s up and running, though.

Liquid cooling tin sound scary astatine first, what pinch nan thought of putting h2o into your PC and letting it perchance ruin each those costly components — but this is simply a communal misconception. High-quality AIO liquid coolers are safe and don’t require that overmuch much attraction than an air-cooled system. They’re mostly overmuch much businesslike than aerial cooling, too.

Assuming you’re going pinch an AIO cooler, they bring a definite artistic to your build that can’t really beryllium matched by a bulky CPU fan. It each looks rather high-tech and sophisticated, and pinch RGB options, a liquid cooler tin go a rather striking constituent wrong your PC build. The extremity consequence is sleek and clean.

Many h2o blocks and reservoirs travel pinch integrated RGB lighting that tin usually beryllium controlled by proprietary package aliases nan aforesaid package arsenic nan remainder of your setup (usually thing supplied by your motherboard manufacturer). Aside from RGBs, you tin often prime up immoderate colored coolant to capable nan pipes pinch thing that matches your style.

When it comes to liquid coolers, it’s important to investigation and guarantee they’ll fit. This requires matching them to nan remainder of your components, but chiefly nan PC case. Depending connected your setup, location are immoderate nosy and businesslike options, truthful cheque retired our guideline to nan best AIO coolers to prime nan 1 that suits your build.

Upgrade your PC case

The Hyte Y70 PC lawsuit pinch a touchscreen.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Although immoderate of america retrieve nan days erstwhile PCs utilized to beryllium successful boring grey cases, those days are gone now, and oftentimes, you mightiness really struggle to find a plain achromatic (or gray, moreover much so) lawsuit pinch nary broadside sheet and zero RGB. RGB tin beryllium turned off, but nan broadside sheet has go specified a staple that wanting to hide each of your components from show tin beryllium an issue. But I digress.

The PC lawsuit is 1 of nan astir impactful components erstwhile it comes to choosing your individual style. It’s responsible for some nan wrong and nan outside, mounting nan shape for each nan different parts, which is why buying a PC case should beryllium done early connected if you’re focusing connected aesthetics.

Cases travel successful each shapes and sizes. There are behemoths for illustration nan Hyte Y70 Touch pictured above, but location are besides mini-ITX that are comparatively mini and will fresh a mini table conscionable fine. No matter nan shape factor, nan best PC cases connection tons of airflow, ports, and, astir of all, stylish options.

A communal prime is simply a modular RGB case, meaning a achromatic chassis pinch immoderate RGB fans inside. These tin beryllium either really inexpensive aliases highly expensive, and nan lawsuit will often support adding other fans for amended airflow (and much bling). In this category, nan is simply a celebrated choice, but location are really tons of options depending connected what fits your needs. Some really return nan gamer branding to nan adjacent level, for illustration this (priced astatine an eye-watering $500).

A immense Cooler Master afloat building PC lawsuit sits connected a table.Cooler Master

Since this type of lawsuit has go a staple successful nan gaming PC market, galore brands started to stray from it and effort to service up thing different. Take nan arsenic an illustration — it’s unsocial and stylish, and though it tin location high-end components conscionable fine, it won’t instrumentality retired for illustration a sore thumb if you instal it successful your office.

PC cases almost commonly travel successful black, but location are plentifulness of aesthetically pleasing options successful white, too. There’s nan , for instance, aliases nan .

Some group disregard nan lawsuit and conscionable equine their PCs connected nan wall aliases wrong their desks. That’s different action to research if you person nan clip and nan money to do that pinch your computer. One bully point to opportunity astir a wall-mounted PC is that nan airflow shouldn’t beryllium an issue.

Cable guidance is key

The Hyte Y40 PC lawsuit sitting connected a table.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Ah, cablegram management. It’s arguably 1 of nan champion and worst things astir building your ain PC. It’s incredibly satisfying erstwhile done right, but adjacent parts frustrating astatine times. Choosing nan correct hardware tin thief make it little annoying and much nosy to group up, though.

I shudder erstwhile I deliberation of nan first PC I ever built and nan complete messiness that I made retired of nan cabling. Fortunately, nan lawsuit didn’t person a broadside panel, truthful I could expanse it each nether nan proverbial rug and hide until it was clip to unfastened it up.

These days, manufacturers support tidy cablegram management. It’s not conscionable amended for aesthetics but besides for airflow and easiness of access, and hey — if you person each those cool-looking components, you don’t want to screen them up, right? This is why it’s worthy investing nan clip and nan money into due cablegram management.

Certain motherboards beryllium that almost wholly portion your PC of each nan visible cabling.

For starters, erstwhile you’re shopping for a powerfulness supply, make judge to spell pinch a modular model. This lets you usage only nan cables you need, reducing clutter from nan get-go. Then, things for illustration cablegram sleeves and combs tin thief you put everything successful nan aforesaid place, which is particularly important if your motherboard and lawsuit don’t person immoderate routing channels for nan cables to spell through. You tin besides usage velcro straps to support nan cables together successful a tidy way.

Certain motherboards beryllium that almost wholly portion your PC of each nan cabling — astatine slightest connected nan surface. However, they’re fewer and acold apart. is simply a Z790 motherboard that moves each nan cabling to nan underside of nan motherboard, truthful nan visible apical broadside is afloat cable-free. While it tin beryllium recovered for sale, it’s only disposable arsenic portion of a immense bundle pinch an RTX 3070 and a pre-fitted case. You astir apt can’t usage this motherboard extracurricular of Gigabyte’s ain hardware, though, and location aren’t excessively galore instrumentality headers — fortunately, daisy-chaining should work.

A powerfulness portion attached nether a desk.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

MSI has its ain minimalistic motherboard, referred to arsenic Project Zero, wherever each nan fans and connectors are moved to nan backmost of nan board. It’s disposable successful AMD ( ) and Intel (B760M) flavors, and it’s only compatible pinch six cases successful full arsenic of correct now.

Do you cognize what’s moreover worse than clutter wrong your PC? Clutter outside of nan case, and that tin beryllium tricky to avoid. With conscionable astir a cardinal different cables going successful and retired of your computer, each it takes is simply a glimpse for them to mysteriously extremity up wholly tangled. We person immoderate cable guidance tips if you want to get that cleaned up.

Color matching

A gaming PC pinch RGB synced lights moving Apex Legends.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

If you’re readying retired a caller PC build, you tin prioritize aesthetics from nan get-go and get thing that’s powerful and stylish successful 1 go. Most PCs are a somewhat mismatched operation of components successful position of looks, but it helps that nan immense mostly of PC parts travel successful black. However, a popular, albeit somewhat pricier action is an all-white build aliases moreover thing much colorful (although that’ll costs you extra).

I’ve talked astir achromatic PC cases above, but you tin get different components successful achromatic shrouds if you want everything to fresh a definite colour scheme. Those parts besides often service up immoderate RGB, truthful if you’ve been dreaming of a operation of achromatic and pastel lighting, it’s wholly possible.

Let’s commencement pinch motherboards. At a premium, you tin get astir of nan apical motherboards successful white, specified arsenic nan . It’s worthy noting that this committee costs up to $70 other erstwhile successful white, but hey — nan mobo is nan biggest constituent wrong your PC, truthful nan achromatic exemplary looks awesome complete a achromatic background.

Many of nan best RAM kits, beryllium it for DDR4 aliases DDR5, besides travel successful white. It’s not uncommon for these to costs somewhat much than their plain achromatic counterparts, but dissimilar nan motherboard, it’s usually a $5 to $10 difference. Liquid coolers and CPU aerial coolers, arsenic good arsenic regular lawsuit fans, tin each beryllium recovered successful achromatic and pinch RGB options included.

Pink PC lawsuit complete a achromatic background.Vetroo / Newegg

A newer inclination that galore manufacturers picked up connected is graphics cards successful afloat achromatic shrouds. The premium you’ll salary for those is overmuch higher, but if nan remainder of your build is decked retired successful white, a achromatic GPU tin look a spot jarring — unless you’re aiming for a monochrome look, which is fun, too. Even high-end GPUs for illustration nan RTX 4090 tin beryllium bought successful white, and a batch of nan much affordable models are up for grabs, specified arsenic .

Not into nan full all-white aesthetic? No problem — location are tons of options successful different colors, though matching nan full build gets trickier. The pinkish PC lawsuit by is really a coagulated action connected apical of being beautiful cute, but you’ll struggle to find pinkish RAM aliases GPUs to match. However, you tin operation things up and adhd immoderate RGB strips to execute nan look you want.

Whether you spell for thing perfectly outrageous aliases a minimalistic approach, decking retired your PC successful immoderate other bling is beautiful fun. It’s not for everyone, but erstwhile you build a PC, it’ll past you for years, truthful there’s nary logic not to accommodate it to fresh your individual style. Just retrieve to double- and triple-check that it each fits together, aliases nan nosy lighting bonanza you’ve been hoping for mightiness move into disappointment.

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