6 Best Home Warranty Companies – Updated 2024

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Discover nan champion location warranty companies of 2024 to easiness nan hassles of homeownership. From broad plans to online claims convenience, find nan cleanable sum that suits your needs and provides bid of mind for your home.

The champion location warranties tin thief return immoderate of nan hassles retired of homeownership, and that’s existent whether you’re buying a caller location aliases an existing property.

With a location warranty successful place, you get nan bid of mind that comes pinch knowing galore of your home’s awesome components are covered for repairs aliases replacement. The champion part? You tin salary a monthly costs aliases an yearly fee, and you tin customize your warranty to supply nan nonstop sum you need.

That said, not each location warranties are equal, and immoderate connection much features aliases amended pricing than others. With that successful mind, we compared nan apical 20 location warranty companies to find ones that guidelines by their promises and travel pinch a generous database of inclusions.

Select Home Warranty made our ranking owed to their robust location warranty plans pinch galore inclusions, but we tin besides urge American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, and different companies that connection value location warranty products.

***Monthly scheme costs are based connected a 3,000-square-foot location successful Central Indiana.

Our Picks for Best Home Warranties successful May 2024

  • Select Home Warranty: Best Comprehensive Plans
  • Liberty Home Guard: Best for Online Claims
  • American Home Shield: Best for Flexibility
  • America’s 1st Choice Home Club: Best for Established Homeowners
  • First American Home Warranty: Best Budget Option
  • Choice Home Warranty: Best for 24/7 Service

Best Home Warranties – Company Reviews

While each supplier that made our ranking offers high-quality location warranties, immoderate location warranty plans whitethorn beryllium amended suited to your needs. The pursuing home warranty reviews tin thief you determine which location warranty scheme will supply nan sum you request nan most, whether you want broad sum for each constituent of your location aliases you’re mostly seeking a basal warranty plan.

Select Home Warranty offers 3 different plans that tin thief you screen unexpected repair bills. Options see a Bronze Care basal plan, a mid-tier Gold Care location warranty plan, and a Platinum Care scheme pinch each nan bells and whistles.

With their Platinum plan, you tin get each awesome components of your location arsenic good arsenic each your awesome appliances covered for 1 scheme fee. Coverage tin protect your aerial conditioner, heating, plumbing system, heating system, ductwork, electrical, h2o heater, plumbing stoppage, garbage disposal, apparel washer, and each awesome appliances down to your ceiling fans. Select Home Warranty besides lets you adhd connected further sum for pools, cardinal vacuums, sump pumps, good pumps, standalone freezers, sprinkler systems, and more.

Liberty Home Guard offers 3 location warranty plans for consumers — an appliances plan, a systems plan, and a Total Home Guard location warranty scheme that provides sum for astir each moving strategy and appliance successful your house. The institution besides lets customers take add-on sum for components specified arsenic a excavation and spa, a good pump, a sump pump, septic strategy pumping, and more.

This location warranty supplier besides stands retired owed to their work readiness and online claims process. Liberty Home Guard says you tin taxable your declare by telephone aliases online 24/7, and that they’ll person a technician astatine your location wrong 24 to 48 hours successful astir cases.

American Home Shield has been successful business since 1971, truthful nan institution has had a agelong clip to build a coagulated estimation successful nan location warranty space. This supplier made our ranking owed to nan elasticity of their plans (ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum), which fto you screen your home’s awesome systems, your appliances, aliases each of nan supra depending connected your needs.

American Home Shield’s broad Combo Plan provides wide sum for 21 components of your home, including each nan awesome systems for illustration your electrical system, h2o heater, location appliances, and more. You tin besides build your ain location warranty plan, which allows you to salary for only nan sum you want and need.

AFC Home Club made our ranking owed to nan truth you tin usage immoderate licensed and insured technician for your location repairs. This makes much consciousness for established homeowners who whitethorn already person a web of technicians aliases companies they are comfortable with.

This location warranty supplier besides offers a wide action of plans arsenic well, which tin see location appliances for illustration a cooktop arsenic good arsenic awesome location systems. Customers tin besides adhd connected further sum for components specified arsenic a sump pump, a cardinal vacuum, and a standalone freezer. Add-on sum for tile leaks is besides available.

First American Home Warranty made our ranking owed to nan pricing of their plans, which tin scope from $38 to $48.50. Their highest-tier scheme “Premium” scheme covers astir of nan main components of your home, from your electrical systems to plumbing and awesome location appliances specified arsenic washers.

First American Home Warranty besides offers elastic costs options and a web of pre-screened professionals who tin execute needed repairs. You tin besides petition work 24 hours a time and 365 days per year.

Choice Home Warranty made our ranking of champion location warranties owed to their 24/7 work options, arsenic good arsenic nan truth customers tin quickly and easy record a declare complete nan telephone aliases online.

This supplier offers 2 main sum plans to take from — a basal location warranty that covers appliances and galore awesome location components, and a Total Plan that covers almost each of your home’s components that are prone to breakdowns. Choice Home Warranty besides lets you customize your location warranty pinch further sum for pools and spas, septic vessel pumping, and more.

Home Warranty Guide

What Is a Home Warranty?

A location warranty useful likewise to different kinds of warranties, including extended warranties connected electronics. Customers salary an upfront interest aliases a monthly interest for their work contract, and they person protection for repairs aliases replacements of covered items for nan long of their statement term.

As American Home Shield puts it, a location warranty is simply a “year-long, renewable location work scheme that keeps you protected should a covered breakdown occur.”

They adhd that a location warranty “helps trim nan costs to repair aliases switch galore of nan systems and appliances successful your location and complements your homeowners’ security argumentation by protecting things that your security doesn’t.” Of course, your location warranty sum will only see normal deterioration and tear, not deliberate sabotage aliases repairs stemming from a deficiency of capable attraction and cleaning.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

The champion location warranty plans supply wide sum you tin count on, but they don’t each screen nan aforesaid components, truthful it mightiness beryllium a bully thought to cheque retired sample contracts connected each work provider’s website.

In fact, immoderate location warranties only supply sum for a prime number of items successful your home, specified arsenic your location appliances. Things for illustration trash compactors, built-in microwave ovens, ranges, refrigerators, and laundry machines are commonly covered, for instance. Other plans supply much robust sum for awesome systems for illustration your electrical strategy and plumbing, arsenic good arsenic your home’s h2o heater and HVAC system.

Fortunately, nan champion location warranties will fto you customize your scheme to suit your needs. For example, you whitethorn beryllium capable to adhd connected sum for “extras” aliases optional add-ons you person astir your property, specified arsenic a 2nd refrigerator, excavation aliases spa, sump pump, septic tank, and moreover your crystal shaper and car shed doorway opener. Some location warranties moreover supply sum for tile leaks.

How Much Is a Home Warranty?

The costs of location warranties depends connected nan specifics of your property, nan location warranty supplier you select, and nan tier of sum you want. However, our investigation shows that astir location warranties costs betwixt $37 and $70 per month, without including extras specified arsenic nan work telephone interest aliases taking deductibles into account.

Keep successful mind that nan champion location warranties pinch broad sum complaint monthly fees connected nan precocious extremity of that range. Meanwhile, you tin get humble sum for appliances and immoderate of your home’s systems for little than $40 per month. Cancellation will besides transportation an associated fee, which tin scope betwixt $50 to $75 dollars.

Ultimately, you should see your location warranty arsenic portion of nan costs of owning a home.

What Is nan Difference Between a Home Warranty and Home Insurance?

Where a location warranty provides sum for nan repair and replacement of your home’s systems and appliances, home security protection plans supply sum for nan building of your home. For example, homeowners security protects against hail and tornado damage erstwhile it occurs. This benignant of security tin besides rebuild your location from nan crushed up if you look a full nonaccomplishment owed to occurrence aliases different covered events.

Homeowners security besides comes pinch liability coverage that tin protect you successful nan arena personification is injured connected your spot and sues you for damages. Our guideline to home warranty vs location insurance explains much astir really each of these sum options useful successful position of location protection.

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Are Home Warranties Worth It?

Like immoderate different type of warranty coverage, location warranties tin beryllium worthy it if you request to record a claim. For example, you whitethorn find you’re very happy pinch your location warranty scheme if your electrical strategy needs awesome repairs, aliases if your HVAC strategy breaks down. You whitethorn besides glean fantabulous worth from your location warranty if respective of your location appliances request replacement, aliases if you person tile leak sum and really person to usage it. In galore cases, a location warranty is simply a location update worthy nan money.

That said, moreover nan apical location warranty companies tin look for illustration a discarded of money if your home’s components ne'er request replacement aliases repairs, aliases if nan company’s consequence times and workmanship guarantees aren’t up to snuff. The worth of astir location warranties is successful nan bid of mind they supply homeowners. When you person a location warranty successful place, you tin remainder assured you won’t beryllium faced pinch thousands of dollars successful astonishment repair bills erstwhile you slightest expect it.

At nan extremity of nan day, location warranties tin besides thief you settee nan statement betwixt renting vs buying. A location warranty lets you bask homeownership without being connected nan hook for unexpected repair bills, conscionable for illustration you would beryllium capable to if you rented.

How We Found nan Best Home Warranties

To find nan champion location warranties for 2024, we compared location warranty plans and their features. Our methodology included getting pricing for a standard, 3,000-square-foot location successful Central Indiana to service arsenic a ground for our comparison, and we looked for companies that connection respective scheme options pinch nan expertise for customers to customize their sum limits.

In nan meantime, we purposely chose location warranty companies that are transparent astir their scheme inclusions, costs, and fees. We besides looked for companies that fto customers record a declare online aliases complete nan telephone pinch nan committedness of speedy work thereafter.

Finally, we only included companies successful our ranking that person a “B” standing aliases amended pinch nan Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Summary of nan Best Home Warranties of 2024

  • Select Home Warranty: Best Comprehensive Plans
  • Liberty Home Guard: Best for Online Claims
  • American Home Shield: Best for Flexibility
  • America’s 1st Choice Home Club: Best for Established Homeowners
  • First American Home Warranty: Best Budget Option
  • Choice Home Warranty: Best for 24/7 Service

Home warranties connection sum for repairs aliases replacements of awesome components, pinch customizable plans disposable for a monthly aliases yearly fee. Among nan apical options are Select Home Warranty, American Home Shield, Liberty Home Guard, and others that supply various features and inclusions. 

Homeowners tin take plans based connected needs specified arsenic broad coverage, online claims convenience, flexibility, established homeownership, budget-friendliness, aliases 24/7 service. When considering a location warranty, matching needs pinch plans tin bring bid of mind and financial security.