6 upcoming products that will make 2024 a huge year for Apple

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Next twelvemonth is group to beryllium a bumper twelvemonth for Apple fans, pinch nan institution readying a immense scope of caller and updated products successful 2024. With rumors pointing to important changes crossed nan board, it could beryllium a awesome clip to upgrade.

We’ve sorted our measurement done nan rumors to find which upcoming Apple products we’re astir excited about. If each of these devices unrecorded up to nan hype successful 2024, location will beryllium a full batch to look guardant to.

Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro being worn by a personification while utilizing a keyboard.Apple

Whether it becomes a roaring occurrence aliases a spectacular flop, there’s nary uncertainty that nan Vision Pro is nan 1 instrumentality everyone will beryllium talking astir successful 2024. The first awesome caller merchandise class for Apple successful astir a decade, a batch is riding connected this mixed-reality headset.

Since Apple announced nan Vision Pro astatine its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) successful June 2023, location has been a slow drip-feed of leaks and news. First, developers were invited to effort it out, and past members of nan property sewage nan chance to return it for a spin. In some cases, nan feedback has been highly positive.

There are still a batch of unanswered questions surrounding nan Vision Pro, and its occurrence is acold from guaranteed (especially erstwhile it costs $3,499). But there’s nary uncertainty that we’re eagerly awaiting our chance to springiness it a go. After all, it’s not each time that Apple launches specified a flashy product. If it goes well, it could upend nan virtual reality industry.

The iPhone 16 range

iPhone 14 Pro location surface pinch civilization app icons and nan Activity and Fantastical widgetsChristine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

It’s hardly a astonishment that a caller iPhone is coming successful 2024, but nan iPhone 16 scope could beryllium a sizeable upgrade connected what came earlier for respective reasons.

For 1 thing, rumors constituent toward respective changes to nan chassis design. That includes a caller “capture” button that could supply speedy entree to nan camera. Meanwhile, nan Action button is expected to travel to nan full lineup alternatively of being restricted to nan Pro models. Put together, those changes should mean little fiddling for apps and features, arsenic you’ll beryllium capable to quickly load up actions pinch a azygous property — and do it connected much phones successful nan range, too.

As good arsenic that, immoderate buttons could make nan move to haptic tech, we mightiness get moreover amended zoom connected nan Pro phones, and we’ve moreover heard rumors of an “iPhone 16 Ultra” that could make an appearance. With each that perchance successful nan works, 2024 could beryllium an incredible year for nan iPhone 16.

A immense iPhone SE upgrade

The Apple iPhone SE (2022) being held successful a mans hand.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

While nan iPhone 16 captures astir of nan attention, there’s a batch to look guardant to erstwhile it comes to Apple’s affordable iPhone SE. In fact, nan 4th type — apparently owed retired successful 2024 — could beryllium nan biggest overhaul of nan instrumentality successful its history.

That’s because it expects a slate of changes, some wrong and out. For instance, rumors propose it’ll get an all-screen creation pinch Face ID alternatively of its existent look, which still comes pinch heavy bezels and a Home button.

Elsewhere, it mightiness get an OLED display, a 48-megapixel camera, and a speedy chip. Leaks person suggested it will fundamentally beryllium an iPhone 14 pinch a fewer changes (such arsenic retaining nan iPhone SE’s single-lens camera). That will beryllium a important upgrade complete nan existent iPhone SE and will beryllium peculiarly intriguing, considering it’s ever overmuch much affordable than nan remainder of nan iPhone lineup.

The M3 MacBook Air steps up

Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air placed connected a desk.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

When Apple launched nan 15-inch MacBook Air, it instantly gave fans of nan lightweight laptop a full batch much prime erstwhile picking a device. But contempt nan MacBook Air scope gaining a caller lease of life pinch this change, some nan ample and mini models are stuck connected nan previous-generation M2 chip. That’s each group to alteration successful 2024.

In nan coming months, we’ll spot nan MacBook Air get equipped pinch M3 chips, which should supply a notable capacity boost. That will beryllium peculiarly nan lawsuit successful gaming, arsenic nan M3’s GPU provides a significant uptick compared to its M2 predecessor.

It should yet put to furniture nan thought that nan MacBook Air can’t beryllium utilized for thing much than browsing nan web and penning documents. Infusing it pinch an M3 spot could beryllium a existent milestone for nan bladed and ray laptop.

The Apple Watch X

Smart Stack connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.Smart Stack Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Apple Watch is simply a resounding occurrence communicative for Apple, and pinch nan tenth version coming up successful 2024, chances are Apple will want to observe that somehow. This isn’t conscionable speculation, either — location person been plentifulness of rumors that a typical “Apple Watch X” exemplary is coming soon.

According to Bloomberg newsman Mark Gurman, this day exemplary will person a slimmer case, a microLED display, a ton of caller wellness features, and more. That could beryllium capable to make it nan astir memorable Apple Watch successful years, aft respective iterative (albeit still strong) versions successful caller memory.

That said, it’s not definite that nan Apple Watch X will motorboat successful 2024 — it could alternatively make an quality nan twelvemonth after. But if 2024 is nan day it debuts, location won’t beryllium excessively agelong to hold for nan astir breathtaking Apple Watch successful years.

OLED comes to nan iPad Pro

The iPad Pro (2022) sitting successful nan Magic Keyboard.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

As nan years spell on, Apple seems to bring nan iPad Pro closer and person to nan Mac, expanding its capabilities and making it much MacBook-like. These days, nan iPad Pro comes pinch superb speakers, awesome keyboard options, and moreover nan aforesaid desktop-grade Apple silicon chips arsenic nan Mac. But there’s 1 area wherever nan iPad could vastly amended erstwhile it’s not being utilized for illustration a laptop: nan display.

Don’t get america wrong, nan iPad Pro’s mini-LED XDR surface is fantastic, but we’ve been waiting for a agelong clip for Apple to return nan plunge into OLED. Specifically, an OLED show would thief return things up a notch, particularly considering you don’t ever beryllium straight successful beforehand of an iPad — immoderate broadside perspective viewing tin item nan LCD backlighting’s flaws.

The bully news is that nan iPad Pro is wide expected to travel pinch an OLED show successful 2024. The benefits could beryllium felt beyond conscionable viewing angles — OLED brings deeper blacks, faster refresh rates, and amended artillery efficiency. Those could each beryllium fantabulous upgrades to an already class-leading device.

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