7 beloved Windows apps that Microsoft has killed over the years

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Microsoft’s history is littered pinch nan discontinuation of once-beloved applications. Most recently, WordPad, nan renowned matter editor app, was conspicuously absent from nan latest beta build of Windows 11, indicating an extremity to its 28-year-long journey. I person fond memories of utilizing nan app backmost successful my assemblage days erstwhile Microsoft Office was excessively pricey for me.

WordPad is acold from nan only app to get canceled by Microsoft complete nan years. From pioneering productivity devices to nostalgic multimedia players, let’s reminisce astir immoderate of nan astir celebrated applications that Microsoft has consigned to nan annals of tech history.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9Digital Trends

Internet Explorer emerged arsenic a ascendant web browser successful nan mid-1990s, gaining wide fame owed to its integration pinch nan Windows operating system. However, complete time, it faced disapproval for information vulnerabilities and slow performance, starring to a diminution successful usage. Competitors for illustration Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome yet surpassed Internet Explorer successful popularity, prompting Microsoft to modulation to its ain Edge browser.

In 2022, Microsoft officially ended support for Internet Explorer to support Edge, marking nan extremity of an era successful web browsing history. While remembered arsenic a pioneering unit successful nan early days of nan internet, Internet Explorer’s bequest is now mostly overshadowed by much modern alternatives.

MSN Messenger

msn messengerDigital Trends

MSN Messenger, besides known arsenic Windows Live Messenger, was an instant messaging exertion developed by Microsoft. Launched successful 1999, it quickly became 1 of nan astir celebrated messaging platforms globally, offering users nan expertise to chat pinch friends and family successful real-time, stock files, and play games wrong nan application.

MSN Messenger played a important domiciled successful shaping online connection during nan early 2000s, pinch its iconic features specified arsenic civilization emoticons, position messages, and chat rooms. However, pinch nan emergence of societal media platforms and mobile messaging apps, specified arsenic Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, MSN Messenger’s personification guidelines began to decline.

In 2013, Microsoft officially discontinued MSN Messenger and encouraged users to migrate to Skype, different messaging level acquired by Microsoft. While MSN Messenger is nary longer available, it remains a nostalgic awesome of nan early days of online messaging and societal interaction.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie MakerDigital Trends

Windows Movie Maker was a video editing package introduced successful nan Windows Essentials package suite. Introduced successful 2000, it allowed users to easy create and edit videos and quickly became a celebrated prime for amateur video editors owed to its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

The package offered basal editing features specified arsenic trimming and adding transitions, titles, and effects, making it suitable for creating elemental location videos and slideshows. However, contempt its wide use, Windows Movie Maker faced disapproval for its constricted capabilities compared to master video editing software.

In 2017, Microsoft officially discontinued support for Windows Movie Maker and removed it from nan Windows Essentials suite. While nan package is nary longer disposable for download aliases installation, it remains a nostalgic instrumentality for galore who fondly retrieve its domiciled successful creating and sharing individual videos during nan early 2000s.


Image of Windows 10 Cortana Settings ButtonDaniel Martin/Screenshot / Digital Trends

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual adjunct named aft nan AI characteristic from Halo, was introduced successful 2014 pinch Windows Phone 8.1 and later integrated into Windows 10 and different Microsoft products. Cortana was designed to thief users pinch tasks for illustration mounting reminders, managing calendars, and searching nan web by offering voice-activated assistance and earthy connection interactions. It besides provided personalized recommendations based connected personification preferences and behavior, on pinch integration pinch Microsoft’s productivity suite.

Despite its first promise, Cortana faced stiff title from established virtual assistants for illustration Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. In response, Microsoft shifted its attraction distant from consumer-focused features, scaling backmost third-party Cortana skills and removing Cortana from nan Windows taskbar successful 2021. Instead, nan institution redirected Cortana’s capabilities towards integration pinch Microsoft 365 productivity apps, targeting business and endeavor environments. Cortana reached nan extremity of its life rhythm successful 2023, making measurement for Microsoft’s newest AI-based assistant, Copilot.


A screenshot of nan Wunderlist app connected Windows 10.Microsoft

Developed by 6Wunderkinder, Wunderlist was a wide utilized task guidance app renowned for its user-friendly interface and seamless cross-platform compatibility. Launched successful 2011, it quickly gained fame for its intuitive design, allowing users to create and shape to-do lists effortlessly crossed various devices.

In 2015, Microsoft acquired 6Wunderkinder, starring to nan eventual status of Wunderlist successful favour of Microsoft To Do. In May 2020, Microsoft officially ceased improvement connected Wunderlist, marking nan extremity of its travel while leaving a lasting effect connected nan productivity app marketplace pinch its elemental yet powerful features.

Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader was an e-book scholar exertion developed by Microsoft. Launched successful August 2000, it allowed users to publication e-books connected their Windows-based devices, providing a integer replacement to accepted printed books. Microsoft Reader supported various e-book formats, including its ain proprietary format, arsenic good arsenic nan celebrated Open eBook (OEB) format.

The exertion featured customizable matter sizes and fonts, on pinch note capabilities, making it a versatile instrumentality for reference and studying. However, contempt its early popularity, Microsoft Reader faced stiff title from different e-book scholar package and devices, specified arsenic Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks. As a result, Microsoft announced nan discontinuation of Microsoft Reader successful August 2012, citing a displacement successful attraction towards different products and services. While Microsoft Reader is nary longer available, it played a domiciled successful nan early improvement of integer reference experiences and remains a portion of nan history of e-book technology.


DriveSpace was a disk compression inferior developed by Microsoft for its MS-DOS and Windows operating systems. Introduced successful nan early 1990s arsenic a successor to nan DoubleSpace utility, DriveSpace allowed users to compress and decompress difficult thrust partitions, efficaciously expanding disposable retention space.

The inferior utilized disk compression algorithms to compress files connected nan fly, reducing nan disk abstraction required to shop data. This characteristic was peculiarly useful for users pinch constricted retention capacity connected their difficult drives.

However, DriveSpace faced disapproval for its capacity effect and occasional information nonaccomplishment issues. With advancements successful retention exertion and nan preamble of larger-capacity difficult drives, nan request for disk compression utilities diminished complete time. As a result, Microsoft discontinued DriveSpace successful later versions of its operating systems, opting to attraction connected different retention guidance solutions.

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