7 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2024

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In nan quest to amended your in installments score, nan correct in installments repair institution tin beryllium your ally. Explore nan apical in installments repair agencies of 2024, each chosen for their transparency, effectiveness, and committedness to helping you flooded in installments challenges.

The champion in installments repair companies person nan skills and acquisition to thief you pinch your credit, whether you person precocious payments, judgments connected your in installments report, aliases moreover accounts successful default. While you decidedly person nan correct to negotiate pinch your creditors yourself, in installments repair companies tin return connected this grunt activity for you, completing tasks that consciousness overwhelming aliases beyond nan scope of your abilities.

To thief successful your hunt for nan correct provider, we took nan clip to comparison much than 20 in installments repair companies that connection services nationwide.

Lexington Law came retired up of nan battalion owed to its transparent pricing schedule and highly rated mobile app, but different in installments repair agencies made our ranking guidelines retired successful their ain way.

Our Picks for Best Credit Repair Companies of 2024

  • Lexington Law: Best Credit Repair Company Overall
  • Credit Saint: Best Money-Back Guarantee
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair: Best for Transparent Pricing
  • The Credit People: Best for Fast Results
  • Pyramid Credit Repair: Best Phone Support
  • Ovation: Best for Personalized Service
  • CreditRepair.com: Best for Credit Report Disputes

Best Credit Repair Company Reviews

The champion in installments repair agencies tin thief you find inaccuracies connected your in installments study and get nan cleanable slate you’ve ever wanted. Each institution we chose boasts plentifulness of affirmative reviews, arsenic good arsenic transparent pricing and a broad database of services, without making outrageous claims. 

Keep reference to study what makes these in installments repair services guidelines retired and which in installments repair plans they offer.

Lexington Law has been successful nan in installments repair business since 2004, and nan institution has sent retired 221 cardinal challenges & disputes connected behalf of its clients since those early days.

This institution offers assistance from in installments repair attorneys, and they tin thief you get started pinch a free online in installments study consultation. Lexington Law besides offers its ain adjuvant mobile app, which has an mean standing of 4.7 retired of 5 stars among users.

You tin motion up for in installments repair thief from Lexington Law successful each authorities isolated from for Oregon, and they grip each aspects of in installments repair, ranging from disputing accusation connected your in installments reports to bankruptcies, collections, foreclosures, and more.

Lexington Law offers 3 in installments repair plans that scope from $99.95 for a basal scheme to $139.95 per period for a scheme pinch much services included. For example, their top-tier Premier Plus in installments repair scheme includes in installments repair basics for illustration bureau challenges, free in installments study alerts, personality protection, cease and desist letters, and individual finance tools.

List of Services:

  • Disputes pinch in installments reporting agencies
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Free in installments scores
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Junk message reducer
  • Creditor interventions
  • Assistance pinch creditor inquiries

Credit Saint was primitively founded successful 2004, and nan institution boasts a standing of A pinch nan Better Business Bureau (BBB) and fantabulous rankings from 3rd parties, including Consumers Advocate and Consumer Affairs.

This in installments repair patient is 1 of nan champion erstwhile it comes to challenging incorrect data, and they connection a 90-day money-back guarantee arsenic a result.

This intends that if you don’t get nan in installments repair results outlined successful your contract, you tin get your money backmost wrong nan first 3 months.

This supplier besides offers a free consultation complete nan phone, and plans scope from $79.99 per period to $119.99 per month. Also, statement that this institution charges an “initial activity fee” of $99 to $195, depending connected nan scheme you choose.

List of Services:

  • Unlimited challenges pinch nan in installments bureaus
  • Credit people analysis
  • Creditor interventions
  • Credit enquiry targeting
  • Experian in installments study monitoring

Sky Blue Credit has been successful cognition since 1989, truthful it’s 1 of nan astir established in installments repair services successful our ranking. This institution besides offers a transparent and affordable pricing exemplary pinch a monthly interest of $79 for individuals aliases $119 per period for couples.

Also, beryllium alert that, for illustration Credit Saint, Sky Blue Credit charges a one-time first activity interest that is adjacent to nan monthly charges connected your account.

Sky Blue Credit promises to thief you show and way your in installments people while they record in installments disputes that tin repair damaging accusation successful your in installments history. Credit Saint besides offers indebtedness validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and much astatine nary further cost. They’re backed by a money-back guarantee arsenic well, truthful you tin get a refund if this company’s customer work doesn’t unrecorded up to expectations.

List of Services:

  • Credit disputes (up to 15 items each 35 days)
  • Credit people rebuilding services
  • Statute of limitation research
  • Debt validation
  • Goodwill letters
  • Cease & desist letters

The Credit People was primitively founded successful 2001, truthful they person had much than 20 years to fine-tune their in installments repair services. With plentifulness of acquisition nether their belts, this institution promises meaningful results pinch your in installments wrong nan first 60 days.

This is overmuch faster than different in installments repair companies connected our database declare they tin perform, truthful this institution tin beryllium a bully prime if you request in installments repair fast.

The Credit People offers nan aforesaid basal in installments repair services arsenic different companies connected this list, though their pricing exemplary is alternatively different. You tin get started for conscionable $19 and salary only $79 per month, but you tin besides prepay $419 for six months of service. That brings nan full monthly costs for six months down to little than $70 per month.

List of Services:

  • Credit study disputes
  • Free in installments people from each 3 in installments bureaus
  • Free in installments study from each 3 in installments bureaus
  • Debt validation
  • Inquiry validation
  • Creditor connection included

Pyramid Credit Repair has been successful nan business since 2011, though they were primitively founded arsenic a package institution that aimed to thief consumers repair their in installments connected their own.

However, Pyramid yet added its ain in installments repair services to its plans, and it now operates arsenic a full-service in installments repair company.

Pyramid stands retired owed to its money-back guarantee, its 24/7 customer support telephone options, and nan transparent pricing that applies to its plans.

A in installments repair scheme for singles is only $119 per month, but you’ll salary $198 per period if you request in installments repair arsenic a couple.

On apical of those plans, you tin salary different $25 per period for 24/7 identity theft protection, in installments monitoring, including acheronian web monitoring, and $25,000 successful personality theft insurance.

List of Services:

  • Unlimited in installments study disputes
  • Personal finance tools
  • Debt validation
  • Inquiry validation

Ovation Credit Repair is simply a LendingTree institution that offers a free consultation and an in-depth look astatine your in installments business and score.

They besides connection personalized in installments thief from a lawsuit advisor who will go intimately acquainted pinch your case, on pinch personalized conflict solution and same-day work successful immoderate cases.

Plans from Ovation costs either $79 aliases $109 per month, depending connected nan level of work you require. However, you’ll besides request to salary an upfront interest of $89 to get started pinch either in installments monitoring plan.

List of Services:

  • Credit disputes
  • Debt validation
  • Goodwill letters
  • Personalized proposal letters
  • TransUnion in installments monitoring
  • Financial guidance tools


CreditRepair.com has been successful cognition since 2012, and they declare to person revenge much than 23 cardinal in installments challenges and disputes connected behalf of their clients since then.

The institution has helped pinch much than 7.5 cardinal removals connected behalf of its clients complete nan past decade, and they person taken portion successful much than 1 cardinal interventions to thief its clients amended their in installments scores.

Creditrepair.com offers 3 different plans that scope from $69.95 to $119.95 per month. With each of their plans, a “first activity fee” adjacent to nan monthly scheme interest is required.

Credit Repair Companies: Services and Pricing Overview

CompanyEstablishedServicesPricingAdditional Information
Lexington Law2004Credit Repair, Attorney Assistance, Mobile App$99.95 to $139.95Free Consultation, Operates successful Most States, Mobile App, Money-Back Guarantee
Credit Saint200490-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Unlimited Challenges$79.99 to $119.99A-Rated With BBB, Free Consultation, Initial Work Fee
Sky Blue Credit1989Transparent Pricing, Credit Disputes$79 for Individuals, $119 for CouplesOne-Time First Work Fee, Money-Back Guarantee
The Credit People2001Fast Results, Basic Credit Repair Services$19 to Start, $79 per Month60-Day Result Promise, Flexible Pricing
Pyramid Credit Repair2011Money-Back Guarantee, 24/7 Support, Pricing$119 for Singles, $198 for CouplesIdentity Theft Protection Available
Ovation Credit RepairLendingTreePersonalized Help, Credit Disputes$79 aliases $109 per MonthFree Consultation, Upfront Fee, Case Advisor
CreditRepair.com2012Millions of Challenges Filed, Various Plans$69.95 to $119.95Multiple Plans, “First Work Fee.”

Credit Repair Guide

When it comes to fixing errors connected your in installments report, moving pinch a in installments repair institution tin make nan process easier.

This is chiefly owed to nan truth that these companies cognize precisely which steps to return to repair your in installments and that they return connected nan astir time-consuming parts of nan activity themselves.

If you want to entree nan best in installments repair money tin buy. However, it helps to cognize really nan in installments repair manufacture useful and what to expect.

Read connected to study really morganatic in installments repair companies are expected to run and what to look for arsenic you make your decision.

How Does Credit Repair Work? 

Credit repair is simply a word utilized to picture nan process of disputing incorrect accusation connected a person’s in installments report. Credit repair agencies do this connected their client’s behalf successful speech for payment, usually successful nan shape of a monthly scheme fee.

When an individual contacts a in installments repair firm, they link them pinch nan best in installments monitoring and in installments study oversight services. Credit repair firms past look for incorrect information, mendacious reporting, and in installments study errors that tin consequence successful a little in installments people than nan customer deserves.

Over time, in installments repair companies get incorrect accusation removed from in installments reports, and clients spot their in installments scores amended arsenic a result.

How Long Does Credit Repair Take? 

Disputing your in installments study takes time, and that’s existent whether you do it connected your ain aliases you prosecute a in installments repair agency to help. Commonly disputed in installments study accusation tin see falsely reported precocious payments, incorrect in installments balances, accounts falsely reported arsenic successful collections, and more. 

It’s worthy noting that location are immoderate in installments actions that cannot beryllium removed from your in installments reports, nary matter what, including past bankruptcies. Removing collections from your in installments report is besides intolerable if nan accusation is correct.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reminds america that in installments repair agencies cannot region accurately reported antagonistic accusation from your in installments reports.

This intends that if you really did make a precocious costs aliases fto 1 of your accounts spell to collections, that accusation will enactment connected your in installments reports for up to 7 years, sloppy of what a in installments repair agency says aliases does.

How Is Credit Repair Different From Credit Monitoring?

Credit monitoring is simply a work that provides oversight of your in installments reports and regular reporting of nan results. Credit monitoring companies whitethorn work together to oversee 1 of our in installments reports aliases each three, and they often connection further services for illustration free in installments scores, acheronian web monitoring, Social Security number monitoring, and more. While in installments monitoring will fto you cognize erstwhile activity is reported wrong your in installments reports, these companies do not thief conflict accusation for illustration in installments repair companies do.

It’s besides worthy mentioning that in installments repair is different from in installments counseling. Where in installments repair firms return steps to thief you hole inaccuracies connected your in installments reports, in installments counseling companies meet pinch you to talk moves you tin make to amended your in installments people connected your own.

Is Credit Repair a Scam?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that in installments repair and indebtedness alleviation scams were astir good earlier nan pandemic. Further, astir scams thin to target financially distressed consumers who person in installments problems aliases important in installments paper debt. 

“These operations lure consumers to acquisition their services by falsely claiming that they will region antagonistic accusation from consumers’ in installments reports moreover if that accusation is accurate,” says nan FTC. However, nary in installments repair agency is entitled to make this declare since it is forbidden for in installments bureaus to region accurately reported accusation connected immoderate person’s in installments report.

The FTC notes that they person brought astir galore rule enforcement actions and lawsuits against bogus credit-related services. In 2010, nan FTC besides amended its Telemarketing Sales Rule to prohibit for-profit companies that waste their services complete nan telephone from charging an upfront fee. 

The norm “also prohibits indebtedness alleviation providers from making misrepresentations and requires that they disclose cardinal accusation that consumers request successful evaluating these services,” they write.

With each this being said, location are plentifulness of reputable in installments repair companies retired there, including firms that beforehand upfront and transparent pricing and connection a restitution guarantee. If you’re looking for thief repairing your credit, nan cardinal is uncovering nan champion in installments repair services retired location and choosing nan 1 that aligns champion pinch your needs.

How to Fix Credit Yourself 

It’s important to beryllium alert that in installments repair agencies can’t do thing for you that you can’t do yourself. This doesn’t mean in installments repair services aren’t worthy it. It conscionable intends that you tin hole your in installments connected your ain if you’re consenting to do nan required investigation and complete each nan activity yourself.

Also, statement that nan Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ensures you person definite authorities erstwhile it comes to your credit.

For example, you person nan correct to cognize what is successful your in installments study and if nan accusation has been utilized against you. You besides person nan correct to inquire what is successful your in installments reports and to conflict immoderate incorrect accusation found.

Credit bureaus for illustration Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are besides required to correct aliases delete incorrect, incomplete, aliases unverifiable accusation from your reports wrong 30 days erstwhile they person been notified.

With these specifications successful mind, nan pursuing tips tin thief you repair your in installments connected your own:

  • Dispute existent errors connected your in installments reports. You tin get your hands connected your best in installments report from each 3 bureaus for free utilizing nan website AnnualCreditReport.com. 

    If you find incorrect accusation connected a transcript of your in installments report, specified arsenic mendacious precocious payments aliases incorrect balances, disputing your in installments report pinch each applicable in installments bureau tin thief you get it corrected.

  • Pay your bills connected time.Your costs history is nan astir important facet that makes up your FICO score, truthful paying your bills early aliases connected clip is 1 of nan astir important moves you tin make.
  • Avoid taking connected caller debts. Avoid racking up much debts that tin summation your in installments utilization complaint since having excessively overmuch indebtedness tin origin your in installments people to plummet.
  • Pay down balances connected revolving debts. How overmuch indebtedness you beryllium is nan 2nd astir important facet that makes up your FICO score, and paying down immoderate of your debts is nan champion measurement to people good successful this category.
  • Keep a adjacent oculus connected your in installments score. Finding your FICO people for free tin thief you spot wherever you’re astatine correct now while giving you nan chance to show your in installments advancement complete time.

If you return nan steps we person recommended above, raising your in installments people by 100 – 110 points fast is simply a existent possibility. However, a in installments repair agency tin thief you pinch immoderate portion of nan process you don’t understand aliases attraction to woody with.

Either way, checking your in installments people regularly is simply a smart move. By keeping an oculus connected your score, you tin cognize if nan steps you’re presently taking pinch your in installments are helping your people aliases making it worse.

How We Found nan Best Credit Repair Companies

If you’re sick and tired of dealing pinch indebtedness collectors but request to get backmost connected way to a bully in installments score, in installments repair companies tin help.

However, you should make judge you’re choosing a patient that offers unlimited disputes and an array of different in installments interventions that tin move your business around.

To thief successful your search, we compared much than 20 of nan champion in installments repair agencies. Ultimately, we searched for providers who person been successful cognition for a decade aliases longer, arsenic good arsenic those pinch transparent pricing, fantabulous customer support options, an array of services, and nationwide availability. 

Summary of nan Best Credit Repair Companies of 2024

  • Lexington Law: Best Credit Repair Company Overall
  • Credit Saint: Best Money-Back Guarantee
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair: Best for Transparent Pricing
  • The Credit People: Best for Fast Results
  • Pyramid Credit Repair: Best Phone Support
  • Ovation: Best for Personalized Service
  • CreditRepair.com: Best for Credit Report Disputes