7 best Peaky Blinders episodes, ranked

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Although it’s been complete for respective years, Peaky Blinders was 1 of nan defining hits for Netflix while it was connected nan air. The show, group successful nan aftermath of World War I, follows nan Peaky Blinders, 1 of nan astir powerful gangs successful London. The show is simply a gangster play successful nan champion sense, filled pinch meaty conversations, plentifulness of propulsive plot, and a awesome lead capacity by Oppenheimer‘s Cillian Murphy.

Over nan people of six seasons, Peaky Blinders had a number of standout episodes, but these were nan ones that stood retired most. These are nan 7 champion episodes from Peaky Blinders’ 36-episode run.

7. Mr. Jones (season 5, section 6)

Sam Claflin preaching successful Peaky Blinders. Netflix

One of nan champion things about Peaky Blinders is nan measurement it inserts its characters into existent history, and that’s perfectly executed successful nan play 5 finale. As Tommy useful to execute his scheme to termination Father Mosley arsenic he’s delivering a sermon, anyone who has done immoderate ray Googling knows that Mosley is going to past and unrecorded for decades to come.

Things inevitably spell sideways, and Tommy loses immoderate friends successful nan process. Tommy hates everything that Mosley stands for, but this time, nan season’s expansive villain gets distant pinch it.

6. The Duel (season 4, section 5)

Adrien Brody holding a weapon successful Peaky Blinders. Netflix

The section that sets nan segment for nan play 4 finale, The Duel is besides plentifulness thrilling successful its ain right. Tommy and Luca Changretta astir travel to blows, and though that brawl is yet surgery up, Luca has different sinister designs successful mind, and heads to London to talk assassinating Arthur.

The Duel besides gives america plentifulness of Alfie, and The Dark Knight Rises prima Tom Hardy knows really to make a repast retired of each infinitesimal he gets connected screen. Season 4 was Peaky Blinders operating astatine nan highest of its powers, and The Duel provides an appropriately expansive penultimate chapter.

5. Lock and Key (season 6, section 6)

Cillian Murphy sitting pinch glasses. Netflix

Anyone who has ever seen a TV show knows that sticking nan landing is incredibly difficult. Tying up loose ends while reminding america that Tommy’s adventures won’t extremity conscionable because we extremity watching them, Lock and Key forgoes a benignant of epic climax successful favour of quieter, much isolated action beats.

Lock and Key is not nan astir shocking section of Peaky Blinders, but it delivers nan nonstop correct level of closure, allowing fans to consciousness satisfied that nan show they’ve invested truthful overmuch successful has reached its earthy endpoint.

4. The Company (season 4, section 6)


Asteroid City‘s Adrien Brody was 1 of nan champion impermanent stars successful nan entirety of Peaky Blinders, and he gets a wonderfully operatic ending here. The Company gives nan Shelby family its uncommon happy ending, but this section is beautiful tense successful and of itself.

Arthur, who has been pinch nan show since nan beginning, seems to die, but his decease is faked, and Brody’s Luca is yet dispatched. Season 4 ends pinch aggregate triumphs, though, arsenic Tommy besides finds himself elected to parliament aft getting immoderate important accusation from Alfie.

3. Season 3, section 2


Perhaps nan astir shocking infinitesimal successful nan history of Peaky Blinders comes successful this section erstwhile Tommy and Grace’s emotion communicative comes to a tragic end. In nan play premiere, Tommy and Grace sewage married, but Peaky Blinders doesn’t connection its characters happy endings.

That’s why, successful nan very adjacent episode, Grace is changeable and killed by a mysterious assassin. This infinitesimal gives america 1 of nan show’s highlights for Cillian Murphy, who conscionable wants his woman to enactment alive. The assassin is tracked down and killed, but what’s singular astir this section is really good it manages to unrecorded successful Tommy’s grief.

2. Season 2, section 6


The play 2 finale features Tommy settling his affairs, and it’s immensely satisfying successful ample portion because of nan accumulation of individual scenes it contains. The play 2 finale besides features Polly getting immoderate revenge connected Inspector Campbell.

Really, though, nan attraction present is connected Tommy, and Cillian Murphy delivers a awesome capacity throughout. Tommy thinks he is slated for death, and while he’s yet fixed a reprieve, this section is appropriately mournful throughout.

1. Season 3, section 6

Cillian Murphy holding a weapon successful Peaky Blinders. Netflix

A play finale that provides a cleanable climax to nan season, and besides important setup to what whitethorn beryllium nan show’s champion season, nan play 3 finale is nan cleanable Peaky Blinders episode. After dealing pinch nan nonaccomplishment of Grace earlier successful nan season, Tommy spends overmuch of nan finale trying to rescue his boy Charles from nan clutches of Father Hughes.

While that conflict gets resolved successful grim, satisfying fashion, and nan episode’s last moments are dedicated to nan apprehension of nan Shelby family, which is what yet turns them against Tommy, mounting up nan conflict that will specify play 4.

All six seasons of Peaky Blinders tin beryllium streamed connected Netflix.

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