7 best YouTube videos for kids

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Like it aliases not, your kids are going connected YouTube. Older kids mightiness person their ain devices pinch access. Maybe you person restricted them to YouTube Kids, which offers a safer, much contained situation wherever they can’t entree videos that aren’t age-appropriate. Younger kids, meanwhile, are astir apt watching videos you find that entertain them for a fewer minutes while you get a speedy chore done aliases chat pinch friends complete greeting coffee. Thankfully, if you (or they) take nan correct videos, YouTube tin beryllium educational, connection good, cleanable nosy and entertainment, and beforehand affirmative morals and values.

If you’re looking for bully YouTube videos for kids, these are a awesome spot to start. This database includes a operation of videos that would beryllium bully for kids arsenic young arsenic 1 up to toddler/pre-school age, kids successful people school, and mediate schoolhouse up to tween/teen.

Humpty Dumpty Grocery Store | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

CoComelon – Nursery Rhymes

Best for Ages 1-4

Humpty Dumpty Grocery Store | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Any genitor pinch a toddler is astir apt already acquainted pinch CoComelon, 1 of nan astir celebrated YouTube channels pinch much than 168 cardinal subscribers. The videos are musical, engaging, colorful, and fun. But astir important, they are besides educational. They’re a awesome measurement to support your toddler occupied for a short play of clip if you request to get thing done aliases they’re being other finicky.

This video, 1 of galore connected nan channel, features a nosy variety connected nan nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Nina is chasing down nan integrative artifact ovum she sewage from nan vending instrumentality astatine nan market store, but it keeps eluding her. The tune is catchy, and nan truth that lyrics look astatine nan bottom, karaoke style, makes it easy for kids to study nan words and travel on pinch nan cadence. The chopped sound effects arsenic nan ovum soars done nan air, bumps items, and bounces connected nan crushed will person kids giggling arsenic they watch it, apt complete and complete again.

Celebrate Thankfulness pinch Daniel Tiger! | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

PBS Kids

Best for Ages 1-4

Celebrate Thankfulness pinch Daniel Tiger! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | PBS KIDS

Parents emotion nan PBS Kids YouTube transmission conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic kids. It’s peculiarly awesome for kids getting fresh to commencement kindergarten. Daniel Tiger’s show is 1 of nan options connected nan transmission that’s praised for its attraction connected school kids affirmative affectional intelligence.

This video, an hour-plus-long episode, is astir being thankful for people, what you have, and typical moments. Kids study astir being helpful, caring for family, and having a affirmative attitude, moreover erstwhile mistakes happen. The speech is mixed successful pinch philharmonic numbers to support kids entertained nan full measurement through. Educational moments astir style recognition, measuring, and entity recognition are interspersed passim nan episode.

Saying Hello And Making New Friends | Read The Book Bonjou! | Circle Time pinch Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids

Best for Ages 2-8

Saying Hello And Making New Friends | Read The Book Bonjou! | Circle Time pinch Khan Academy Kids

Online learning level Khan Academy has its ain YouTube transmission filled pinch awesome resources for kids and parents. One of nan recurring segments is called Circle Time, wherever kids are encouraged to play pinch others, study astir caller topics, and read. These lessons tin beryllium mixed pinch ones offered successful nan free Khan Academy Kids app.

This video successful nan bid is astir helping kids make caller friends. The hosts publication from nan book Bonjou astir a boy named Leo. He speaks Creole to a caller student successful nan school, helping him consciousness welcome. Along pinch nan audio reference and illustrations from nan pages of nan book, you tin besides opt to show subtitles. With these ocular and audible options, kids tin travel on successful nan measurement that’s astir comfortable for them.

A Bad Case of Stripes publication by Sean Astin


Best for Ages 5-9

'A Bad Case of Stripes' publication by Sean Astin

This YouTube relationship was created by nan SAG-AFTRA Foundation and was designed to complement nan children’s literacy website of nan aforesaid name. It’s filled pinch tons of videos of actors reference children’s books mixed pinch illustrations. There’s a awesome operation of actors, but kids (and their parents) will emotion this 1 pinch Sean Astin. He’s reference astir a young woman named Camilla Cream who loves lima beans. But she ne'er eats them because different kids astatine her schoolhouse don’t for illustration them.

Each communicative has a civilized instruction and helps kids grow their vocabulary and comprehension. This 1 is astir learning to judge yourself and not interest truthful overmuch astir what others deliberation of you. The video includes a nexus to an activity guideline kids tin do afterward.

How to Draw A Cute Cupcake Monster Folding Surprise

Art for Kids Hub

Best for Ages 6-10

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Monster Folding Surprise

Has your kid ever Googled “how to draw” something? Plenty of kids are willing successful nan arts, and if yours falls into this space, nan Art for Kids Hub YouTube transmission is simply a awesome spot to start. Not only does it characteristic step-by-step instructional videos of really to tie each types of objects, animals, and tiny creations, but it besides features kids themselves doing nan work. Rob is simply a dada of 4 who walks viewers done nan projects alongside his kids, making nan transmission a awesome 1 to beforehand family values arsenic well.

One of nan much celebrated videos connected nan transmission is this 1 that involves drafting a cupcake animal and manipulating it to present a cool effect erstwhile folded. Rob is joined by his girl arsenic an overhead position shows his activity side-by-side pinch hers. Seeing her tie alongside him shows conscionable really easy nan process is for moreover young kids to follow. In conscionable 15 minutes, your kid will beryllium mesmerized astatine what they conscionable created.

How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain – Mia Nacamulli


Best for Ages 8-10

How nan nutrient you eat affects your encephalon - Mia Nacamulli

You are astir apt acquainted pinch TED Talks convention sessions, which characteristic influential and inspiring group from each types of industries discussing topics astir life, career, science, and more. TED-Ed is an hold of that, geared towards kids. The YouTube transmission itself has contented designed for kids from K-12 pinch a wide assortment of videos designed to animate curiosity and amended children astir things that are valuable to them.

This video, suitable for older kids including teens and tweens, is simply a awesome 1 to pass kids astir really their nutrient impacts them. Kids who emotion sweetener and junk nutrient will study why bully nutrition is important. It will deed otherwise erstwhile it isn’t mom and dada telling them to eat their veggies, but it’s coming from a trusted, technological perspective. Sure, younger kids mightiness get saturated aft a infinitesimal aliases 2 (the video is nether 5 minutes long). But for older kids, this video could beryllium a game-changer. Maybe they’ll moreover inquire for different helping of vegetables astatine meal (they’ll astir apt still want that cooky after, too, though!)

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Bedtime Story

Best for Ages 1-3

Sesame Street: Elmo's Bedtime Routine | #CaringForEachOther

Sure, giving your kids surface clip correct earlier furniture is not recommended. But this video is an exception. Toddlers mightiness not beryllium excited astir tucking successful for nan night. But pinch nan thief of Elmo successful this short, nether two-minute video, nan cuddly Sesame Street characteristic tin thief get them successful nan correct framework of mind.

Elmo runs done everything he does arsenic portion of his bedtime routine, including having dinner, having a bath, putting connected his pajamas, brushing his teeth, and singing a lullaby. He sings nan opus and kids and parents tin subordinate in. He’s yawning and getting sleepy by nan end, hopefully having toddlers emotion conscionable nan same.

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