7 best YouTube videos of 2023

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Even arsenic apps for illustration TikTok predominate galore people’s surface time, YouTube has endured arsenic a root for immoderate it is that you mightiness beryllium willing successful watching. Sports highlights? On YouTube. Clips from late-night shows? Same. Music videos? YouTube’s sewage ’em.

Because YouTube has specified a divers array of options, it tin beryllium difficult to constrictive down our database to conscionable 7 to correspond nan full year. Needless to say, location are plentifulness of videos that could person made this list, but didn’t. For our money, though, these 7 are immoderate of nan champion ways you could’ve spent your clip connected YouTube this year.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna’s FULL Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Undoubtedly 1 of nan astir awesome Super Bowl halftime shows of nan past 10 years, Rihanna managed to thrill during her capacity without appearing to activity each that hard. Of course, conscionable because it didn’t look difficult doesn’t mean it wasn’t. More importantly, though, it was besides conscionable nan reminder we each needed that Rihanna has churned retired much bangers than almost anyone complete nan past 20 years.

She didn’t moreover get to each opus you mightiness person expected, and that’s only a usability of her incredibly heavy catalog. On apical of that, she revealed a gestation successful nan aforesaid casual manner she utilized for everything else.

Olivia Rodrigo covers Stick Season

Olivia Rodrigo - Stick Season (Noah Kahan cover) successful nan Live Lounge

Two of nan year’s biggest breakthrough philharmonic acts sewage to transverse complete erstwhile Oliva Rodrigo covered Noah Kahan’s Stick Season for BBC Radio 1. The screen captures each nan wistful charm of nan original recording, but benefits enormously from Rodrigo’s incredibly expressive vocals.

It stays mostly religious to nan original, but Rodrigo caught this opus astatine precisely nan correct moment. Now, Kahan is nan philharmonic impermanent connected Saturday Night Live, but erstwhile Rodrigo covered Stick Season, she apt helped it rustle up.

Taylor Swift watches a Chiefs shot game

Taylor Swift astatine Arrowhead watching Travis Kelce and nan Chiefs

This is an ongoing phenomenon, to beryllium sure, but thing captured nan internet’s attraction rather nan measurement Taylor Swift’s first quality astatine a Kansas City Chiefs crippled did. Swift, sitting adjacent to her beau Travis Kelce’s mother, took successful nan crippled conscionable arsenic nan nationalist was realizing that this was a existent relationship.

The measurement she watched nan crippled — from her celebrations to her looks of interest — only made nan full point much relatable. On apical of each that, Swift undoubtedly exposed an wholly caller assemblage to nan conception of football, successful each of its confusing complexities.

The History of nan Minnesota Vikings

Trailer | The History of nan Minnesota Vikings, a Dorktown docuseries

Actually an full series, The History of nan Minnesota Vikings is nan latest effort from nan good folks astatine Secret Base, who show agelong documentary stories astir nan world of sports. Using statistic and charts arsenic their backbone, these documentaries negociate to beryllium some hugely insightful and profoundly moving, particularly because Jon Bois and his squad take topics truthful carefully.

In this series, we study astir nan complete history of nan Minnesota Vikings, including plentifulness of insights into peculiar players and moments successful nan history of a franchise that has had plentifulness of success, but has yet to really triumph a Super Bowl.

The Barbie trailer

The first look astatine Barbie was truthful breathtaking successful portion because nary 1 had immoderate thought what to expect from Greta Gerwig’s movie astir nan incredibly successful toy.

What we got, arsenic it turns out, was a parody of nan opening moments of 2001: A Space Odyssey that made it clear conscionable really game-changing nan preamble of Barbie was for a bunch of girls who were wholly accustomed to playing pinch babe dolls. The movie didn’t connection overmuch successful nan measurement of crippled details, but we didn’t really request them. This was the Barbie movie, and we were each going to beryllium there.

Washington’s Dream sketch connected Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live has ever been funny connected a reasonably irregular basis, but astatine slightest erstwhile a year, it gives america a sketch that is simply unimpeachable. Such was nan lawsuit pinch Washington’s Dream from nan section hosted by Nate Bargatze.

The big plays nan domiciled of George Washington here, and he proceeds to connection inspiration to his men by telling them astir his dreams for nan future, including a athletics called shot that involves only “a small kicking” and a strategy of measurement that seems truthful random it could only beryllium intentional. It’s dry, sardonic, and profoundly hilarious.

Corrections section 82 (Seth Meyers)

CORRECTIONS Episode 82: Week of Monday, October 16

Seth Meyers whitethorn beryllium nan champion big successful precocious night, and Corrections is his masterpiece. This running, YouTube-only bid features Meyers addressing corrections that he receives passim nan week from listeners.

What should beryllium a comparatively elemental conceit has quickly evolved into thing that features a bid of moving jokes and bits that are excessively unusual aliases experimental to ever aerial connected NBC. Not everything works, but when Corrections is really humming, arsenic it is successful this episode, location are fewer things connected YouTube that are much apt to make you laugh.

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