7 biggest flaws of the most popular movie franchises, ranked

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There are immoderate movies, specified arsenic Citizen Kane, The Godfather, and Casablanca, that galore group work together are cleanable mobility pictures. But nary matter what anyone says, nary movie tin ever beryllium genuinely flawless.

At slightest 1 correction ever makes it into nan vanished product, and erstwhile nan first hype dies down aft a movie’s release, these flaws only turn much and much noticeable, particularly arsenic people’s ideas and standards change. So while they whitethorn person achieved monolithic acclaim successful their heydays, these 7 movie franchises still person a fatal flaw that needs addressing.

7. Avatar — It uses an outdated achromatic savior narrative

 The Way of Water."20th Century Studios / 20th Century Studios

Even though they achieved monolithic occurrence successful theaters, nan Avatar films are blameworthy of perpetuating nan achromatic savior trope, successful which a Caucasian leader comes to prevention group of colour from trouble. Sam Worthington’s protagonist, Jake Sully, exemplifies himself arsenic he assimilates himself successful nan Na’vi and ends up starring them to warfare against nan quality title arsenic their messiah, “Toruk Makto.”

It’s an outdated cinema stereotype that Avatar doesn’t moreover do a bully occupation presenting, pinch Sully appearing much arsenic a bland, generic archetype than an existent character, making him 1 of nan astir forgettable parts of nan franchise.

6. The Hobbit — Turning nan book into 3 films

 An Unexpected Journey."Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

Peter Jackson’s imagination of Middle-earth is nary alien to imaginative liberties, arsenic The Lord of nan Rings movie trilogy compressed galore plotlines and altered definite characters to streamline J.R.R. Tolkien’s three-book epic for cinemas. While this helped make it a legendary success, The Hobbit films didn’t person arsenic overmuch occurrence contempt their monolithic profits.

Unlike nan original trilogy, The Hobbit franchise took a 300-page book and stretched it into 3 3-hour films. It is understandable that Jackson decided to grow connected nan vaguer aspects of nan original story, specified arsenic Gandalf leaving to conflict Sauron successful Mirkwood, arsenic good arsenic Bard and Thranduil’s characters. But nan franchise became truthful filled pinch caller and unnecessary storylines that nan trilogy felt bloated. It would’ve been amended if nan filmmakers stuck pinch their original scheme to divided nan caller into 2 parts for cinemas.

5. James Bond movies — Its stereotypical portrayal of women

Ana de Armas successful "No Time To Die."MGM / MGM

It seems for illustration astir Bond girls successful nan past person earnestly debased self-esteem. Just astir each female 007 has encountered succumbs to Bond’s charm and intersexual advances to an almost cartoonish degree. Even erstwhile Bond’s advances suffice arsenic battle and harassment, nan women he targets spell on pinch them, and nan movie brushes it each speech arsenic conscionable different 1 of 007’s intersexual conquests.

Though nan Daniel Craig James Bond films person steered distant from this harmful trend, nan franchise still can’t look to shingle its misogynistic reputation, particularly since overmuch of it was built astir Bond being a womanizer.

4. Toy Story — There are excessively galore toys!

Several toys look successful scary successful a segment from nan Pixar movie "Toy Story 3."Pixar / Pixar

Pixar has had problem doing immoderate of its sequels right, and Toy Story is nary exception. As each sequel kept trying to apical its predecessors, much and much toys were introduced to nan franchise to shingle things up. And conscionable for illustration successful existent life, nan presence of caller toys caused nan aged ones to beryllium pushed aside.

This became problematic successful Toy Story 4, wherever astir of Bonnie’s toys were near connected nan sidelines successful favour of Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Jessie, Forky, and different newcomers. This raises fears for nan upcoming 5th film, but hopefully, it tin do what nan 3rd did and purge nan formed of immoderate of its extraneous toys and attraction much connected presenting a satisfying narrative.

3. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy — It has a campy tone

Spider-Man crawling connected nan broadside of a skyscraper successful a poster for "Spider-Man" (2002).Sony / Sony

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy revived superhero films erstwhile it debuted successful nan 2000s, and it still has galore fans who person kept it connected a gangly pedestal. But arsenic comic book movies continued to germinate since then, it has go clear that Raimi’s campy saga wasn’t rather nan genre astatine its best.

There’s immoderate over-the-top acting that comes successful galore forms, from Peter and Harry’s hammy deliveries to nan villains’ cringe yquips to terrified women screaming their heads disconnected for illustration they’re successful an Evil Dead movie. There’s besides a slope that, for immoderate reason, has a vault filled pinch golden coins for illustration it belongs to Scrooge McDuck. This campiness whitethorn springiness nan trilogy its unsocial charm, but return distant nan nostalgia, and these films wouldn’t clasp up good successful nan modern era of much realistic comic book adaptations. Speaking of which …

2. The Dark Knight trilogy — Lapses successful communicative logic

Batman rides his Bat-Cycle successful "The Dark Knight."Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman films group a precocious barroom for nan superhero genre. While nan films whitethorn person made comic book movies look realistic, they still are lacking successful real-world logic. For example, Ra’s al Ghul teaches Bruce everything he knows astir fighting before getting him connected committee pinch his plans to destruct Gotham.

Even erstwhile Bruce decides to travel a no-killing rule, he starts a occurrence that kills overmuch of nan League of Shadows and flips 2 bull cars complete successful a mode that could person killed nan drivers. The Joker besides manages to thrust a schoolhouse autobus retired of a slope successful nan mediate of postulation without anyone stopping to notice. And would nan Gotham constabulary section really nonstop ALL its officers beneath Gotham to apprehension Bane successful The Dark Knight Rises?

1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe — There excessively overmuch that’s excessively similar

 Infinity War" connected a poster.Marvel Studios / Marvel Studios

There’s nary denying that nan MCU has been an overwhelming success, but arsenic audiences person now seen, location tin beryllium excessively overmuch of a bully thing. Many of nan franchise’s films look to person been rolled retired connected a conveyor loop successful caller years, factory-made to fulfill nan basal requirements for an enjoyable comic book blockbuster.

Many of nan movies now look for illustration nan stereotypical hero’s travel pinch an overabundance of jokes and progressively bad CGI, and this problem is only made worse by each nan streaming shows that person taken up nan studio’s time.

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