7 greatest sci-fi TV finales ever, ranked

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Fiction tin spell connected everlastingly successful definite mediums, but each TV shows must yet travel to end. Fans of sci-fi TV shows person apt noticed that very fewer of their favourite shows were moreover afforded nan chance to get a due finale. Even successful nan streaming era, early cancellations are a bane for genre lovers. That’s why it’s truthful important to observe nan shows that did get to exit nan shape gracefully.

Our picks for nan 7 top sci-fi TV finales does time off retired a fewer shows for illustration Quantum Leap that near fans emotion unsatisfied by nan destiny of nan main character. It’s alright for a show to person an unhappy ending — but it has to beryllium nan correct ending for nan show. As you’ll spot below, moreover a bleak conclusion is amended than nary ending astatine all.

7. Blake’s 7

Paul Darrow successful Blake's 7.BBC

There are fewer fans coming who are alert of Blake’s 7, a British sci-fi bid that ran successful nan precocious 1970s and early ’80s. And if group do cognize astir it, that’s astir apt because it has 1 of nan astir infamous endings successful sci-fi history. After an extended absence, Roj Blake (Gareth Thomas), nan erstwhile leader of a set of rebels, returns nether murky circumstances. Blake’s replacement and his erstwhile second-in-command, Kerr Avon (Paul Darrow), becomes convinced that Blake betrayed them and he kills him for it.

To make things moreover much grim, nan fascist Federation closes successful connected nan remainder of Avon’s unit and murders each azygous 1 of them. Avon himself is nan sole survivor, and nan show ends pinch an enigmatic grin connected his look arsenic he is surrounded by force forces. Fans of nan show ne'er sewage due closure for this series, but what an audacious measurement to spell out.

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6. Star Trek: The Next Generation

 The Next Generation.Paramount

Star Trek: The Next Generation was nan first Star Trek bid that really sewage to spell retired connected its ain terms. Both nan original Star Trek and nan animated bid were canceled up of their time. Going into this episode, nan imaginative squad down nan show were already moving connected Star Trek: Generations, nan first of 4 TNG-era films pinch this cast. Yet, nan bid finale, All Good Things …, useful connected its ain by giving fans a glimpse of nan past, nan present, and nan early of nan crew.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) carries nan bulk of nan section and appears successful astir each segment arsenic nan omnipotent Q (John de Lancie) gives him 1 past riddle to lick successful 3 different clip periods. This proves to beryllium particularly difficult successful nan past and nan future, erstwhile nan unit is much wary of pursuing Picard’s lead. However, nan series’ last segment features a elemental quality infinitesimal that was years successful nan making arsenic Picard himself yet connects pinch his unit complete a information of cards.

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5. Firefly

Summer Glau successful Firefly.20th Century Studios TV

Firefly‘s finale is unsocial connected this database because it wasn’t made to beryllium a bid finale, aliases moreover a play finale. Regardless of Fox’s premature cancellation of nan show, bid creator Josh Whedon closed things retired pinch a vessel section that takes spot almost wholly connected nan Serenity from nan constituent of position of River Tam (Summer Glau).

Through River’s eyes, viewers saw nan members of nan unit laic retired their secrets, including nan outwardly knowledgeable Shepherd Book (Ron Glass). However, River’s adjacent telepathic gift and her inability to ever separate betwixt her visions and reality makes Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathon Fillion) and nan unit mobility whether they are safe to recreation pinch her.

They get their reply successful nan shape of Jubal Early (Richard Brooks), a bounty huntsman who takes them down 1 by 1 connected their ain ship. Everyone isolated from for River, who has her ain plans for their unwanted visitor. The measurement this section ends gives nan unit immoderate closure, though nan characteristic movie Serenity is arguably a awesome bid finale arsenic well.

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4. Babylon 5

Bruce Boxleitner and Mira Furlan successful Babylon 5.Warner Bros. TV

Babylon 5 bid creator J. Michael Straczynski ever intended nan show to past 5 seasons. But erstwhile it looked for illustration nan show mightiness beryllium complete aft only 4 seasons, Straczynski wrote and directed nan bid finale, Sleeping successful Light, and held it backmost for a twelvemonth erstwhile nan show was renewed for a 5th and last season.

The finale acts arsenic an closing for nan full bid and jumps up 2 decades arsenic John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) faces nan extremity of his life alongside his wife, Delenn (Mira Furlan). Thankfully, there’s capable clip to stitchery their closest friends for 1 past dinner, and for Sheridan to afloat return banal of his life and what Babylon 5 meant for nan beingness — and for everyone who served there.

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3. Watchmen

Regina King successful Watchmen.HBO

The Watchmen TV bid pulled disconnected nan unthinkable feat of pursuing up nan original comic by Alan Moore and creator David Gibbons pinch a communicative that serves arsenic a worthy sequel that astir fans believed they would ne'er get. The show takes its clip successful revealing really its main characters were connected to nan comic, but everything was yet laid bare pinch nan conclusion of nan communicative of Angela Abar (Regina King) and her husband, Cal (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who was secretly Jonathan Osterman, aka Doctor Manhattan.

For nan finale, Jonathan was paralyzed by his foreknowledge that he was astir to die. But done his death, Angela realized that a beingness of possibilities whitethorn person opened up for her to do much arsenic a hero. In a cleanable touch, nan bid ends connected a mobility that whitethorn ne'er beryllium answered. And we’re OK pinch that.

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2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

 The Clone Wars.Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Clone Wars almost didn’t get a existent conclusion because it wasn’t a privilege arsenic Disney took complete Lucasfilm conscionable complete a decade ago. Star Wars Rebels besides spoiled nan truth that Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) survived nan Clone Wars, which took distant immoderate of nan suspense astir her fate. So, The Clone Wars play 7 had an uphill conflict heading into its revival connected Disney+.

By this clip successful nan series, Ahsoka had near nan Jedi Order down and go a formidable heroine successful her ain right. The last section caught up to nan events of Revenge of nan Sith arsenic Order 66 wiped retired nan Jedi. Ahsoka fared amended than astir of nan Jedi, but her endurance came astatine a precocious value arsenic her actions led to nan decease of almost each of her clone troops. The closing moments characteristic Ahsoka’s haunting tribute to her men, and nan long-awaited presence of Darth Vader. That ended up being an incredibly impactful measurement to adjacent retired this section of Star Wars history.

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1. Star Trek: Picard


It’s wholly imaginable that Star Trek: Picard‘s finale placed truthful highly because it’s nan astir caller 1 connected this list. But it’s difficult to deliberation of different finale that delivered connected each fronts nan measurement that this 1 did. The full 3rd play of Picard played for illustration an extended miniseries that reunited nan formed of The Next Generation and featured intriguing links to some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. But nan past 2 episodes were for illustration nan awesome TNG movie we ne'er sewage to spot successful theaters, and it was glorious.

For nan very past episode, viewers saw nan past voyage of an aged Enterprise, and nan first voyage of a caller Enterprise. The TNG unit had their past adventure, and gave measurement to a caller crew. Every azygous main characteristic connected nan show had a satisfactory sendoff, and arsenic 1 communicative ended, different began. Star Trek: Picard stuck nan landing successful its last episode, and that’s why fans person been clamoring for a Star Trek: Legacy spinoff.

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