7 most underrated It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes ever

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As the longest-running live-action sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (otherwise accepted as IASIP) has accustomed admirers some iconic episodes abounding of moments that accept been referenced in assorted forms of media. Whether it’s agreeable masterpieces like The Nightman Cometh or arguable abstract like The D.E.N.N.I.S. System, the best accepted episodes of the ball alternation are admired by admirers and abide to be allotment of accepted culture.

For every alarmingly acclaimed adventure from IASIP, however, there’s a hidden gem that does not get the acclaim and absorption it deserves. From Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats to The Gang Gives Back, these underrated episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia generally characterize the gang’s beneath chancy or added polarizing antics. These episodes may be overlooked, but a rewatch will admonish admirers aloof how witty, funny, and agrarian abounding of these storylines are.

Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo (Season 11, Episode 1)

The assemblage and Andy arena with beer in Paddy's Pub in Chardee MacDennis 2 Electric Boogaloo of It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFXX

Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo is a absurd adventure that had one above botheration – it couldn’t alive up to the original. Season 7’s Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games is a admired archetypal that helped adhesive It’s Always Sunny‘s abode as one of the best sitcoms on Hulu. From Frank Reynolds’ (Danny DeVito) time in a dog abode to the air-conditioned bread cast that gave the losers a angry chance, admirers accept acceptable apparent the amusing adventure added than once.

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Electric Boogaloo, on the added hand, complicates “Chardee MacDennis” by throwing in a declared axle bold controlling who’s absorbed in it. As the assemblage tries to accumulate their accord and accordingly fail, the bearings goes agrarian and leads to a Saw-like articulation in the basement and affecting array from the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). While the aboriginal adaptation of the bold is acutely better, Electric Boogaloo had its highlights, which accommodate the aberration that the controlling is not absolutely from Mattel and Dee and Dennis Reynolds’ (Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton) agreeable accommodation to bake Charlie Kelly’s (Charlie Day) banderole in the hospital.

Frank’s Back in Business (Season 8, Episode 7)

Charlie and Frank continuing abutting to a mic in Frank's Back in Business in It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFXX

Charlie becomes Frank’s right-hand man in Frank’s Back in Business, area “the Warthog” is pulled aback into the accumulated apple one aftermost time to save his old aggregation from a adverse takeover. Meanwhile, Dennis, Dee, and Mac (Rob McElhenney) altercate over a absent wallet in Paddy’s Pub, but anon get roped into Frank’s scheme.

While admirers accept consistently accepted that Frank is wealthy, it’s this Season 8 adventure that explains why that is. Frank is absolutely adamant as a big attempt at Atwater Capital, which confuses Charlie to no end because he can’t amount out absolutely what it is that they “make.” The activating amid the duo is sidesplitting, abnormally as Charlie becomes added balked by how Frank aloof seems to be spending the company’s money. It’s an adventure that’s not accustomed abundant acclaim for ablaze comedic moments like the cardboard jam, “Vic Vinegar, bodyguard,” and, of course, “Fight Milk.”

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack (Season 4, Episode 10)

Charlie and Mac in a accumulated appointment in Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack from It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFXX

When Dee has a affection attack, the blow of the assemblage predictably somehow makes it about themselves, with the Reynolds ancestors accepting into appliance and supplements and Mac and Charlie award jobs for their bloom benefits. Eventually, Dee and Dennis apprehend they don’t absolutely like cardio and would rather buy supplements and Botox. Meanwhile, Frank has landed in a brainy bloom facility.

Many fans, and alike audiences who accept never watched a distinct IASIP episode, will admit Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack for one scene: the abominable “Pepe Silvia” cabal account from Charlie in the mailroom. Aside from this massively accepted meme from the show, the absolute adventure itself has several added acutely agreeable moments that highlight why it should be amid the greats. On top of Dee and Dennis’ antic attempts at injecting anniversary added with Botox, the adventure has an disregarded storyline centered on Frank, who is about reenacting moments from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest as a able advertence to DeVito’s blur debut.

The Gang Replaces Dee With a Monkey (Season 15, Episode 4)

Dee continuing in advanced of her acceptance in The Gang Replaces Dee With a Monkey from It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFXX

The assemblage takes a antic actually and decides to alter Dee with a monkey back she leaves to accompany a TV alternation audience and a career as an acting teacher. To Mac, Dennis, and Charlie’s surprise, the monkey that Frank brings to the bar can absolutely cascade appropriate drinks, so they put him to work. While they get way too bashed acknowledgment to their new bartender, Dee gets bashed on ability as she hosts an added ambiguous acting class.

The Gang Replaces Dee With a Monkey was accordingly overshadowed by the ballsy adventitious it would set up — the gang’s cruise to Ireland. It’s accessible to balloon about this fun adventure from one of the added contempo seasons of IASIP, which accent how egotistic and power-hungry Dee could be, while additionally showcasing how calmly the men in the assemblage can be outsmarted by an absolute monkey.

The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell (Season 4, Episode 11)

Charlie and Frank continuing abaft pumpkins in The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.FXX

To abide one of the best sitcoms of all time, It’s Always Sunny relies on accustomed tropes and formulas that accept formed able-bodied in the past, which is why episodes like The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell can be a shock for fans. A affectionate of anamnesis episode, the absolute storyline is based on the gang’s lie about “Patrick’s Pub” actuality active during the Revolutionary War. Scenes from 1776 boss the adventure and appearance the gang’s captivation in arise the alternative bell.

The acutely beginning IASIP adventure was arrant for abounding admirers back it aboriginal premiered. At that point in the show, admirers accepted a accurate formula, and this Season 4 adventure went way out of bounds. In The Always Sunny Podcast, episode 56, McElhenney himself argues that the adventure is underrated and unjustly hated, discussing how the “tremendous aggregate of admirers pushback on this accurate episode” was unwarranted. He alike adds that it’s “within the top bristles to 10 best episodes” of the series, which goes adjoin abounding viewers’ abrogating opinions of The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell.

Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats (Season 6, Episode 10)

Charlie animated as he holds a bat covered in chains in Charlie Kelly King of the Rats from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.FXX

Season 10’s Charlie Work is accurately what admirers will point to back asked for the adventure that captures how abundant Charlie does for the gang, but Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats should absolutely be advised a abutting second. The adventure starts with an acutely drained Charlie, who has aloof emerged from Paddy’s basement afterwards bashing hundreds of rats. It’s aloof one of the abounding things he has to do to accumulate the bar working, and he’s acutely annoyed of it. The blow of the adventure focuses on Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank’s poor efforts at planning a altogether affair for Charlie based on his “dream book,” which mostly contains cool ramblings.

King of the Rats is remembered for the “spaghetti policy” scene, which has become one of abounding fan-favorite IASIP memes. The adventure itself is generally overlooked, though, admitting the actuality that it provides a attenuate moment of selflessness from Mac, Dennis, and Dee. The leash put calm absolutely aberrant altar from Charlie’s dream book aloof to acclamation him up, and the “denim chicken,” “bird with teeth,” and “worm hat” they created are added than abundant affidavit to revisit the hidden gem.

The Gang Gives Back (Season 2, Episode 6)

The assemblage adverse off in advanced of a assurance in The Gang Gives Back from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.FXX

It’s Always Sunny has never shied abroad from actuality an offensive or arguable show. The Gang Gives Back is affidavit of this, as the adventure involves kids alongside scenes that blow fun at alcoholism and racism. It follows the gang’s adverse association account as basketball coaches for bounded adolescence basketball teams, all while Charlie relies on the Waitress as his sponsor for his appropriate Alcoholics Anonymous membership. As expected, the assemblage turns the basketball training into a antagonism amid them, which leads to them teaching the kids bedraggled tricks and strategies to win the game.

The division 2 adventure is rarely mentioned amid the best of the series, admitting demography IASIP‘s approved and activated blueprint and authoritative the best out of it. The Gang Gives Back has so abounding ablaze moments that deserve added attention, which accommodate Dee accepting hit in the face with Mac’s elbow, the missing shoes and the amaranthine laps as punishment, and Charlie’s agreeable assignment as a bashed referee.

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