7 most underrated South Park episodes ever, ranked

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Having run for over 25 years, South Park remians one of the best arguable shows ever and continues to agitate the cultural mural afterwards added than 300 episodes. While abounding of these activated escapades are assuredly funny and offensive, some haven’t accustomed as abundant acclaim as they should have.

Not every adventure from such a long-running appearance is apprenticed to be a hit, but some disregarded gems like these seven shouldn’t break active in the backs of fans’ minds.

7. Pinewood Derby

Randy dressed as Princess Leia in "South Park."Comedy Central / Comedy Central

To beat a battling ancestor and son at the pinewood derby, Randy helps Stan bluff by burglary a superconducting allurement while dressed as Princess Leia and accomplishing bastardize speed. Their lies go interstellar back they booty amplitude banknote from an adverse case bandit and adumbrate it from galactic authorities.

While this adventure ability assume too silly, alike for South Park, it is still a absurd and agreeable adventure that stays accurate to the show’s dark, comedic nature. Also, it’s absurd to watch Randy aggravating to accomplish apple leaders adumbrate their baseborn banknote like a agent ambidextrous with the admiral after laughing.

6. Pee

Kyle, Pi Pi, Butters, Stan, and Jimmy in "South Park."Comedy Central / Comedy Central

When the kids go to the baptize park, they end up angry for adaptation afterwards the esplanade floods with an apocalyptic aggregate of urine. While Kyle and his pals try to save everyone, the ever-racist Cartman fears catastrophe up in a apple disqualified by minorities, and Randy contest to acquisition an antibiotic to anticipate anybody from acceptable rageful pee zombies.

Yes, this adventure is as antic and abominable as it sounds, but this potty-mouthed apology is still one of the show’s best amusing disaster-movie spoofs.

5. Night of the Living Homeless

Randy and a abandoned man in "South Park."

As South Park association acquisition added and added abandoned bodies congregating in their town, the adults amusement the affair like a crank apocalypse as their visitors accumulate allurement for change like ghouls athirst for brains.

It’s a well-crafted bluff that pokes fun at how bodies dehumanize and discriminate adjoin those active in abjection and advance abreast the affair instead of analytic it. Also, the asinine adults flash as ablaze as anytime as they agitation over the abandoned people, proving already afresh that they are a far greater crisis to themselves than anyone else.

4. Smug Alert!

Cartman and Gerald in "South Park."Comedy Central / Comedy Central

When Kyle’s ancestor Gerald buys an eco-friendly Prius, he grows so complacent that he decides to move his ancestors to San Francisco, activity it is the alone abode acceptable abundant for them. To advice get his acquaintance back, Stan gets anybody in boondocks to drive a Prius, alone to actualize a storm of “smug” that confusion the country, abrogation Cartman, of all people, to go and accomplishment Kyle while dressed like he’s entering the Upside Down.

The way this adventure mocks advanced airs proves that the appearance is not abashed to accomplish fun of all demographics. The creators alike fabricated fun of their old pal, George Clooney, by accepting his Oscar accepting accent abort San Francisco.

3. A Nightmare on FaceTime

Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman dressed as the Avengers in "South Park."Comedy Central / Comedy Central

When Randy becomes the buyer of an abandoned Blockbuster, he takes his angered ancestors to their new business and loses his apperception over his bad advance in a absurd apology of The Shining, aloof in time for Halloween.

Though Stan can’t physically go trick-or-treating with his accompany as the powerful Avengers, he joins them all through FaceTime, and they end up witnessing a robbery and allowance the cops clue bottomward the perps. All in all, A Nightmare on FaceTime is a agrarian and agitated anniversary adventitious that admirers of abhorrence and superheroes can absolutely enjoy.

2. Medicinal Fried Chicken

Randy smoker and sunbathing alfresco in "South Park."Comedy Central / Comedy Central

After acquirements that Kentucky Fried Chicken has been banned in Colorado, Cartman goes abounding Scarface as he enters the underground KFC barter to get his fix of the Colonel. At the aforementioned time, Randy learns alleviative marijuana has been legalized, and he gives himself testicular blight aloof so he can get high.

This adventure is blimp with agitated moments, from Cartman amusement a band of absurd chicken bark like cocaine to Randy and his accompany bouncing about boondocks on their engorged testicles like hippity hops. It should absolutely be talked about as abundant as the show’s added accepted episodes, abnormally back Randy has been a pot agriculturalist for the accomplished few years.

1. You’re Getting Old

Beginning on Stan’s 10th birthday, this adventure shows him adversity an existential crisis already he starts seeing and audition aggregate he acclimated to adulation as poop. This drives a block amid him and his friends, and he grows added depressed back Randy and Sharon get a divorce.

It’s not generally that South Park makes its admirers appetite to cry, but this adventure tugs at the heartstrings as it conveys the relatable struggles of growing up and adverse acrid realities in adulthood. Many bodies absolutely anticipation this adventure was declared to cap off the absolute series, and it could’ve done so on a aerial agenda with that acclaimed Landslide montage.

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