7 unpopular opinions about great TV shows

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When a show achieves capable acclaim and popularity, it’s difficult to perceive a personification opportunity thing astir audiences don’t work together with. But location are ever immoderate opposing views that get buried by nan overwhelming majority.

Nevertheless, moreover nan astir beloved stories person flaws that shouldn’t conscionable get brushed speech by those who spot them done rose-colored glasses. With that successful mind, present are immoderate unpopular opinions astir these wide awesome shows.

The main characters sewage worse to watch (Seinfeld)

The formed of "Seinfeld" seated connected a couch.NBC / NBC

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are immoderate of nan astir recognizable characters to look connected TV, and their humorous antics made them a smash deed crossed Seinfeld‘s 9 seasons. While they started arsenic 4 lovable friends going done nan motions successful a confusing world, they each changed for nan worse arsenic clip passed. Jerry turned into an unsympathetic naughty pinch small attraction complete what was happening astir him. Similarly, Elaine mislaid her unique morals and devolved into a cynical and mean-spirited woman.

The show’s charm ever came from nan flawed protagonists learning thing from their experiences, but they were still likable and relatable group successful nan earlier seasons. As a result, nan measurement became truthful self-centered and mean-spirited dissolved that charm successful nan later seasons, reaching an apex successful nan bid finale erstwhile they watched and laughed astatine an obese man getting mugged.

The show is amended without Gina (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Gina successful "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."NBC / NBC

The 99’s Gina Linetti whitethorn person been a celebrated characteristic amongst fans. However, her outstanding narcissism and selfish antics often made her an insufferable annoyance during her tenure connected nan show, and nan truth that she gets distant pinch everything without consequence made her characteristic much irritating.

On apical of that, nan show seemed to hardly cognize what to do pinch her successful later seasons, arsenic exemplified by really she and Boyle’s relative had a kid successful a storyline that went nowhere, very overmuch flying complete viewers’ heads. One would hardly moreover announcement that she wasn’t successful nan show’s 99th-anniversary episode. All successful all, Gina conscionable seemed to slice into nan inheritance until she yet near nan show, and her departure didn’t look to return overmuch distant from its success.

The communicative is boring (Andor)

An "Andor" promo poster featuring Cassian Andor of his supporting cast.Disney / Disney

Despite not focusing connected nan Jedi, nan Sith, aliases nan Mandalorians, Andor has go 1 of nan astir beloved and grounded Star Wars shows successful caller years. While its communicative is heavy and much mature, astatine times, it conscionable isn’t that interesting, and galore characters don’t guidelines retired from each other. Remember those boring Senate meetings from The Phantom Menace?

This show fundamentally stretches those retired crossed 12 episodes, and it’s easy to cheque retired aft a fewer episodes. Even if nan show is meant to research nan banality of evil wrong nan Galactic Empire, overmuch of nan communicative doesn’t make for breathtaking TV entertainment.

The finale isn’t that bad (Game of Thrones)

Emilia Clarke successful "Game of Thrones."Helen Sloan/HBO / Helen Sloan/HBO

Yes, nan finale didn’t fulfill everyone’s expectations, but fans of nan show cognize that it has ne'er been 1 for giving them nan communicative they want to see. The Red Wedding is simply a premier illustration of really nan show is consenting to return risks pinch its communicative contempt immoderate backlash from audiences.

Sure, Daenerys’s descent into villainy whitethorn person been sudden, but it still seemed for illustration that’s wherever she would’ve ended up, arsenic there’s ever been a lethal acheronian brewing wrong of her that reached nan aboveground arsenic her powerfulness and isolation increased. Also, Jon intelligibly didn’t want to beryllium king of Westeros, truthful his banishment from nan Seven Kingdoms and Bran taking nan throne really gave nan erstwhile nan state he ever wanted.

Chandler should’ve ended up pinch Kathy (Friends)

Kathy and Chandler successful "Friends."NBC / NBC

In play 4, Paige Brewster joined Friends arsenic Joey’s character girlfriend, Kathy, whom Chandler falls successful emotion with. They recognize their communal emotion for each different and kiss, which drives a wedge betwixt Chandler and Joey for a short time. But moreover aft they yet commencement dating, Chandler suspects her of cheating pinch her costar aft seeing them execute successful an explicitly intersexual play, and it’s Chandler’s insecure fears that thrust her to cheat connected him successful nan end.

While nan characters often locomotion successful and retired of romanticist relationships successful nan show, Kathy was special. She had terrific chemistry pinch Chandler, and it genuinely felt for illustration she and him were a cleanable match, astir apt much truthful than him and Monica. Even so, nan writers could person astatine slightest executed Chandler’s breakup pinch Kathy a batch better, arsenic having her cheat connected Chandler retired of spite seems to person assassinated her character, which made her hectic storyline pinch Chandler and Joey look for illustration it was each for nothing.

Jackie and Fez should’ve stayed a mates (That ’70s Show)

Jackie and Fez successful "That '70s Show."Fox / Fox

Jackie and Fez ever had a romance burning betwixt them. Since nan bid began, it seemed for illustration Fez was chasing an intolerable romance pinch an idealized type of Jackie, and their questionable curen of each different agelong kept them from being nan correct match.

However, nan measurement nan 2 of them matured passim nan bid made them overmuch amended candidates for each other, and they seemed fresh to beryllium a mates astatine nan extremity of nan series. The execution of their romanticist arc successful play 8 whitethorn person been messy, but Fez seemed for illustration nan champion personification Jackie could’ve ended up with, and her marrying Kelso earlier nan events of That ’90s Show seems for illustration a relapse for her characteristic and an easy measurement to fulfill fans.

The cringe joke ruins nan show (The Office)

Michael, Jan, Jim, and Pam successful Michael's condo successful "The Office."NBC / NBC

The Office is known for its awkward moments and style of cringe humor, which has made nan adventures of Dunder Mifflin Scranton an abject but relatable viewing experience.

But moreover successful nan show’s champion episodes, Michael’s awkward and insensitive antics tin make what is expected to beryllium a sitcom excessively difficult to watch. Given really uncomfortable these episodes tin be, it’s astonishing really truthful galore group person been capable to spell backmost and binge-watch them again and again complete nan years.

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