8 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2024

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Facing taxation troubles tin beryllium overwhelming, but location are companies retired location fresh to assist. Which 1 of nan top-rated taxation alleviation firms of 2024 is nan correct fresh for you?

The champion taxation alleviation companies supply valuable services for consumers who find themselves successful trouble pinch nan Internal Revenue Service (IRS) aliases their authorities taxation authority. These firms tin thief you fig retired your best strategy moving forward, including which programs you suffice for to thief trim taxes and immoderate penalties you owe.

For nan intent of this guide, we compared dozens of taxation alleviation companies to find nan champion of nan best. Not only did we comparison services offered, but we pored complete third-party reviews and rankings, investigated immoderate guarantees these companies advertise, and checked their websites for wide transparency.

Community Tax came retired up of nan battalion owed to its personalized taxation alleviation services, fantabulous reviews, and A+ legalization pinch nan Better Business Bureau (BBB). Community Tax besides offers a free consultation and a 100% money-back guarantee.

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However, we besides consciousness we tin urge respective different apical taxation alleviation services that connection akin services, including Anthem Tax Services, Optima Tax Relief, Urgent Tax Help, and more.

If you are struggling pinch debts to nan IRS owed to federal income taxes you beryllium and you request third-party thief to find a solution you tin unrecorded pinch nan champion taxation alleviation companies mightiness beryllium your champion hope. Below you’ll find a further mentation of our ranking on pinch individual reviews of each of nan taxation alleviation companies that made nan cut.

Most Important Factors When Choosing a Tax Relief Company

As you comparison taxation alleviation companies, it’s important to understand nan type of thief they connection arsenic good arsenic immoderate guarantees they have. Keep an oculus retired for hidden fees, arsenic not each companies are transparent astir them. Read reviews, look astatine results, and salary attraction to nan pursuing factors:

  • Assistance Offered: You whitethorn request assistance pinch a taxation levy aliases costs garnishment, aliases it’s imaginable you request taxation alleviation services to thief you discuss a colony for little than what you owe. Some companies specialize successful 1 area of taxation relief, truthful make judge to take a patient that offers nan type of thief you request most.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The apical taxation alleviation services thin to supply a money-back guarantee that ensures you’ll get nan results you need. We urge checking companies for this type of guarantee earlier you commit.
  • Free Consultation: The champion taxation alleviation companies besides connection a free consultation that gives consumers a chance to person instant proposal connected their situation. This first consultation is besides a bully clip to inquire questions and summation insights into your adjacent champion steps.
  • Minimum Debt Requirements: Also statement that immoderate taxation alleviation firms require a minimum magnitude of taxation indebtedness to get started, though different factors whitethorn beryllium considered arsenic well. If you don’t beryllium a lot, immoderate of nan taxation alleviation companies whitethorn not beryllium capable to activity pinch you. Also, beryllium alert that galore taxation alleviation companies connection a shape connected their website that you tin capable retired to spot if you suffice upfront.

The Best Tax Relief Companies of May 2024

The champion taxation alleviation thief is attainable, flexible, and easy for consumers to access. We compared each nan apical companies to find firms that committedness taxation alleviation services and present connected a accordant basis. If you’re struggling pinch overdue taxes and request thief figuring retired what to do next, we propose starting your hunt pinch nan companies we item below.

Which Companies Didn’t Make nan Cut

Tax alleviation services tin beryllium immensely adjuvant if you’re struggling to resoluteness a stressful taxation situation. However, you should make judge to debar taxation alleviation companies that committedness nan world and don’t deliver.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns that galore taxation alleviation companies make mendacious claims and return money upfront, but past neglect to return nan steps to resoluteness their client’s taxation debts connected their behalf. That’s why we only looked astatine companies that person fantabulous third-party rankings and reviews, arsenic good arsenic companies that person exhibited their expertise to resoluteness taxation indebtedness for clients.

Reviews of nan Best Tax Relief Companies

Ready to comparison each nan apical taxation alleviation services? The reviews beneath explicate each company’s offerings arsenic good arsenic immoderate advantages you tin summation by seeking retired their services. We’ll besides spell complete immoderate awesome downsides you should beryllium alert of arsenic you comparison each firm.

Community Tax

Community Tax offers taxation alleviation thief for consumers who are receiving letters from nan IRS, having their wages garnished, aliases having a lien placed against their property. The institution is accredited by Consumer Affairs, and it besides boasts an A+ standing pinch nan BBB.

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Why It Made nan List: This institution promises a free consultation that tin thief you find imaginable resolutions earlier you commit. They besides connection a 100% money-back guarantee for their services.

What Holds It Back: Community Tax has fantabulous rankings from third-party reviewers, but they don’t explicate nan circumstantial taxation solution services they connection intelligibly connected their website.

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services offers a tailored taxation solution work that tin thief you resoluteness aged taxation debts and settee for little than what you owe. Services offered see Offer successful Compromise (OIC) assistance, taxation solution help, taxation mentation services, garnishment and levy rescue, and more. They tin besides thief you discuss and group up a realistic costs scheme pinch nan IRS without nan request for garnishments aliases slope levies.

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Why It Made nan List: Anthem Tax Services has resolved millions of dollars successful taxation indebtedness for clients, and this patient still holds an A+ standing pinch nan BBB. They’re besides accredited by nan National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), nan California Tax Education Council (CTEC), nan National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and more.

What Holds It Back: This patient doesn’t connection immoderate accusation astir nan costs of its services connected its website. To find retired really overmuch you’ll person to salary for help, you’ll request to capable retired their interaction shape aliases telephone successful to speak pinch a qualified taxation professional.

Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief is yet different taxation alleviation work that receives fantabulous reviews from users and has an A+ standing from nan BBB. This institution claims to person helped resoluteness complete $1 cardinal successful taxation indebtedness to date, and they connection each nan accepted taxation solution services consumers typically seek. This includes Offer successful Compromise, taxation lien discharge assistance, slope levy release, assistance pinch installment agreements, and more.

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Why It Made nan List: Optima Tax Relief offers a free consultation and a 15-day money-back guarantee for their services.

What Holds It Back: The money-back guarantee this institution advertises is only bully during nan “investigation phase” and nary longer applicable erstwhile nan institution originates moving to resoluteness your taxation debts.

Tax Hardship Center

The Tax Hardship Center boasts an A+ legalization from nan BBB arsenic good arsenic galore five-star reviews connected personification reappraisal sites for illustration Trustpilot. This institution offers celebrated taxation solution thief pinch Offers successful Compromise (OIC), installment agreements, taxation audit representation, punishment abatements, and more.

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Why It Made nan List: Tax Hardship Center makes it easy to reply a fewer questions online to spot if you qualify. They besides connection a free consultation pinch a qualified, in-house taxation professional.

What Holds It Back: Like different taxation alleviation firms, nan Tax Hardship Center doesn’t connection immoderate accusation connected their pricing aliases scheme costs. While this is communal among taxation alleviation services, it’s still a awesome downside.

Victory Tax Lawyers

Victory Tax Lawyers is simply a taxation alleviation patient that helps individuals and corporations settee unresolved and problematic taxation debts. They thief their clients group up installment agreements, taxation lien resolutions, Offers successful Compromise (OIC), taxation levy resolutions, and more.

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Why It Made nan List: Victory Tax Lawyers connection a free consultation that tin thief you fig retired your adjacent champion steps. Also, statement that each consultations and taxation alleviation thief travel straight from taxation alleviation lawyers.

What Holds It Back: Unlike different taxation alleviation services that made our ranking, Victory Tax Lawyers does not connection immoderate benignant of money-back guarantee.

Urgent Tax Help

Urgent Tax Help promises assistance from a squad of taxation attorneys and specialists who person years of acquisition resolving problematic taxation debts. They connection an array of services, including nan solution of liens and costs garnishments. They tin besides assistance you arsenic you use for nan IRS Fresh Start Program, use for a punishment aliases liking abatement, and more.

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Why It Made nan List: This institution offers a free consultation for clients who want to talk complete their options earlier they commit.

What Holds It Back: This patient doesn’t advertise a money-back guarantee of immoderate kind, dissimilar immoderate different taxation alleviation services that made our ranking.

Complete Tax Debt

Complete Tax Debt is different taxation alleviation work to see if you are hoping to resoluteness your taxation liabilities for little than what you owe. This institution features an A standing pinch nan BBB, and they committedness to get you backmost connected way toward compliance pinch nan IRS.

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Why It Made nan List: Complete Tax Debt offers consumers a free consultation and taxation study pinch a qualified taxation master without immoderate responsibility to salary for services.

What Holds It Back: Complete Tax Debt offers scarce accusation connected its website astir nan nonstop taxation alleviation services it offers. This intends you’ll person to complete a free consultation to find retired which taxation remedies they propose and assistance with.

Landmark Tax Group

Finally, don’t hide to see Landmark Tax Group for individual aliases firm taxation indebtedness relief. This patient offers services for illustration nan Offer successful Compromise (OIC), alleviation for penalties and interest, and assistance pinch overdue payroll taxes. They besides connection a bounty of accusation and resources connected their website that tin thief you do immoderate investigation connected your own.

Get Started With Landmark Tax Group

Why It Made nan List: Landmark Tax Group has immoderate of nan champion resources for taxation alleviation connected its website. This institution besides offers a free, no-obligation consultation that tin thief you determine if this is nan institution for you, arsenic good arsenic a 15-day money-back guarantee.

What Holds It Back: This institution doesn’t look to beryllium registered pinch nan BBB, nor do they person galore media mentions. This is apt owed to nan truth this institution was founded reasonably recently, successful 2012.

What You Need to Know About Tax Relief

Tax alleviation is simply a tricky manufacture wherever companies don’t consciousness obligated to beryllium transparent erstwhile it comes to nan fees they charge. That’s why it’s important to comparison companies based connected their reviews, their results, and their wide integrity.

There’s thing incorrect pinch paying out-of-pocket for thief pinch taxation alleviation since you could easy prevention thousands of dollars if your debts are settled for little than you owe. However, you should beryllium observant to only activity pinch reputable companies that cognize what they’re doing.

Here are immoderate different important manufacture issues you should cognize about:

There Are Many Strategies Used to Resolve Tax Debt connected Both nan State and Federal Level

First, it’s important for consumers to understand that location is much than 1 measurement to resoluteness taxation indebtedness issues, conscionable arsenic location are myriad taxation problems that whitethorn request resolving. One of nan astir communal taxation alleviation solutions is nan Offer successful Compromise (OIC), which is simply a strategy utilized to thief you settee your taxation debts for little than you owe. However, taxation alleviation thief comes successful galore forms, and not each consumers will suffice for OIC. Other strategies taxation alleviation companies mightiness propose see IRS installment plans and negotiations to region aliases trim costs garnishments and taxation levies.

Tax Relief Scams Are Common

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns that scams are rampant wrong nan taxation alleviation manufacture and that consumers request to beryllium observant earlier they motion up for this type of help. Some taxation alleviation companies complaint pricey upfront fees but ne'er return immoderate steps to thief resoluteness your debt, they note.

Other companies committedness entree to programs consumers can’t moreover suffice for. Make judge you cognize nan institution you scheme to activity pinch is reputable, and that they person a agelong history of qualified customers.

The IRS Offers Its Own Plans That Can Help You Resolve Tax Debt

Consumers should besides beryllium alert that they don’t person to activity third-party thief successful bid to resoluteness taxation debt. The IRS offers its ain plans that tin thief consumers directly, including installment agreements and nan Offer of Compromise.

While taxation alleviation companies tin assistance you arsenic you use for these programs, nan IRS Fresh Start Program has made it easier for consumers to group these programs up themselves. Also, statement that you tin moreover discuss your ain punishment abatement pinch nan IRS if you tin beryllium financial hardship.

You Can Take Part successful a Free Consultation With More Than One Company

While galore of nan champion taxation alleviation companies connection a free consultation, don’t hide that you tin return advantage of this perk much than once. Consider speaking pinch respective firms that connection taxation alleviation thief successful bid to perceive much than 1 viewpoint and group of imaginable solutions. Free consultations tin besides thief you find retired which companies you consciousness astir comfortable with, arsenic good arsenic comparison pricing and fees.

How We Chose nan Best Tax Relief Services

Tax alleviation companies decidedly person a bad rap owed to each nan scams nan worst players effort connected consumers, but location are plentifulness of reputable companies to take from. We compared each nan apical taxation alleviation services to find ones that connection high-quality assistance that helps consumers resoluteness their taxation debts truthful they tin move connected pinch their lives. Here are nan main criteria we considered successful our ranking:

Free Consultation

We consciousness very powerfully that taxation alleviation companies should connection consumers a free consultation. As a result, we prioritized firms that connection this use supra each others. A free consultation is recommended and important for you to return portion successful earlier you springiness 1 of these firms entree to your financials arsenic good arsenic financial compensation.

Money-Back Guarantee

We besides looked for taxation alleviation companies that connection a money-back guarantee, preferably 1 without a batch of good print. A money-back guarantee tin supply bid of mind arsenic you statesman nan process, and it tin guarantee you’ll get your money backmost if nan taxation alleviation thief you were offered doesn’t play retired arsenic promised.

Reputation and Reviews

We besides considered rankings from third-party companies for illustration nan Better Business Bureau, arsenic good arsenic personification reviews from Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs. Companies that are affiliated pinch nan National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), nan California Tax Education Council (CTEC), nan National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and different master organizations besides received precocious marks.

Summary: The Best Tax Relief Companies of 2024