8 Best VA Loan Lenders of 2024

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Navigating nan analyzable terrain of VA location loans demands a keen oculus for specialized lenders who understand nan unsocial needs of veterans and subject personnel. In this extended overview, observe nan apical 8 VA indebtedness lenders of 2024, each poised to supply tailored solutions for those who've served our nation.

The owe manufacture is incredibly competitive, pinch hundreds of lenders looking to get your business. But erstwhile it comes to VA loans, you don’t want to spell pinch conscionable immoderate lender.

Most lenders don’t do galore VA loans, and immoderate do nary astatine all. Since VA loans are a highly specialized owe type, it’s champion to spell pinch lenders who attraction mostly aliases moreover wholly connected this indebtedness type.

To thief you pinch nan decision, we’ve prepared this guideline listing what we judge to beryllium nan champion VA location loans of 2024. We’ll screen each lender, past supply you pinch a thorough knowing of VA location loans and really they work.

Before we spell immoderate deeper, you tin scan nan comparison array beneath to get a speedy overview of nan 8 champion VA indebtedness lenders of 2024:

Our Picks for nan Best VA Loan Lenders May 2024

We’re not going to support you waiting – beneath is our database of what we judge to beryllium nan champion VA location loans of 2024, and what we judge each is champion for:

  • Veterans United: Best Overall
  • USAA: Best for Lowest Rates
  • Quicken Loans: Best Online Lender
  • PenFed Credit Union: Best for No Lender Fees
  • Navy Federal Credit Union: Best for First-Time Homebuyers
  • LendingTree: Best Online Mortgage Marketplace
  • Wells Fargo: Best Mortgage and Banking successful One Place
  • loanDepot: Best for Other Mortgage Options

Best VA Loan Lenders – Company Reviews

Below are summary reviews of each of nan 8 champion VA location loans for 2024. Under each summary reappraisal is simply a nexus to our afloat reappraisal of each peculiar lender. Feel free to click done if you’d for illustration much accusation earlier making a determination connected which VA lender to use.

Veterans United takes our apical honors arsenic nan champion wide VA owe lender. It’s easy to spot why. It’s nan largest VA owe lender successful nan state and 1 that specializes wholly successful moving pinch veterans.

For example, nan institution useful pinch elder members of each branches of nan US military, including nan Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, to thief them enactment connected apical of developments affecting veterans. They besides connection their Veterans United Lighthouse program.

Not only does it thief veterans build and amended their credit, but it besides provides a web of existent property agents nationwide who are knowledgeable successful VA location purchases.

Why We Like Veterans United: Having nan position of nan largest VA owe lender successful nan state intends veterans are trusting their location financing needs to Veterans United much than immoderate different lender. We besides for illustration that nan institution focuses wholly connected VA loans, truthful they aren’t distracted by different indebtedness programs.

See Our Full Veterans United Review

USAA tends to beryllium connected nan debased extremity of nan liking complaint spectrum pinch VA loans. But there’s a batch much to USAA than conscionable VA loans. It’s a full-service financial supplier offering a wealthiness of financial services designed specifically for veterans. In summation to banking, insurance, and investments, nan institution specializes successful car insurance, wherever it consistently ranks astatine nan apical of nan database for nan full industry.

USAA provides nan afloat scope of VA loans, including fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, arsenic good arsenic jumbo loans. Meanwhile, their USAA Home Learning Center will thief amended veterans connected nan galore specifications of nan owe lending process.

Why We Like USAA: Not only does USAA supply debased rates, but they besides connection a wide assortment of financial services for veterans. That includes banking, insurance, and investments.

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Though it’s not wide known, Quicken Loans is nan largest unit owe lender successful nan full country. But owe financing is offered done their online lending portal, Rocket Mortgage. It provides a afloat scope of owe products, including accepted and FHA loans, successful summation to VA loans. That’s important because if a VA indebtedness is not nan champion option, Quicken Loans tin coming alternatives.

Quicken Loans gets our ballot arsenic nan champion online VA owe lender. That’s because nan full lending process takes spot online, truthful you tin use and way your advancement from nan comfortableness of your location aliases spot of employment. You tin besides upload astir of nan required archiving needed for nan owe exertion process, correct connected nan website.

Why We Like Quicken Loans: The institution website indicates Quicken Loans will judge a debt-to-income ratio (DTI) arsenic precocious arsenic 60%. This is good supra nan normal maximum of 43%.

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With PenFed Credit Union, short for Pentagon Federal Credit Union, it should beryllium evident that this lender has a beardown predisposition toward VA loans. In fact, it chiefly provides services for those employed by nan US authorities and its agencies. In summation to mortgages, they besides supply car loans and credit cards. PenFed besides offers FHA loans, successful lawsuit that mightiness beryllium a amended prime than a VA loan.

Why We Like PenFed Credit Union: PenFed charges nary lender fees, for illustration origination aliases exertion fees. The only closing costs you’ll salary will beryllium those charged by 3rd parties, for illustration attorneys, appraisers, and title companies. The in installments national besides provides up to $2,500 successful lender credits, which tin beryllium utilized toward third-party closing costs and different expenses.

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Navy Federal Credit Union is nan largest in installments national successful nan United States, and by a very wide margin. And though nan sanction includes “Navy,” they invited members of each different branches of nan US Armed Forces. At nan in installments union, you tin return advantage of banking services, for illustration deposit accounts, car loans, and in installments cards, successful summation to location mortgages.

Navy Federal besides provides accepted and FHA loans, successful summation to VA loans.

Why We Like Navy Federal Credit Union: The truth that this lender is simply a in installments union, and 1 that caters to subject families, makes it a apical prime for first-time homebuyers.

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LendingTree is an online indebtedness marketplace, wherever dozens of lenders connection their indebtedness programs to consumers. Not only does it see mortgages, but you tin besides find car loans, in installments cards, individual loans, and different financial products connected nan platform. LendingTree is not a nonstop lender, but nan website is free to use.

Of course, nan advantage of shopping connected an online marketplace is that you tin besides see different financing options. In summation to VA loans, participating lenders besides connection accepted and FHA loans.

Why We Like LendingTree: It’s an fantabulous prime for anyone who is chiefly shopping for nan lowest owe rate. By completing a elemental online indebtedness application, you’ll get offers from aggregate lenders. You tin past take nan lender that offers nan champion operation of rates and terms.

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Wells Fargo is not only 1 of nan largest owe lenders successful nan state but besides 1 of nan very biggest commercialized banks. That intends you tin bask full-service banking, including checking, savings, CDs, entree to a wide assortment of indebtedness programs, and moreover mini business banking – pinch nan aforesaid institution you get your owe from.

Wells Fargo provides each types of owe financing, including accepted and FHA loans, arsenic good arsenic VA mortgages. And arsenic a bank, they besides connection secondary financing, including location equity loans and location equity lines of in installments (HELOCs). Eligible VA borrowers should besides beryllium alert that Wells Fargo does not complaint an origination interest connected VA loans.

Why We Like Wells Fargo: Full-service slope that tin accommodate each your financial needs, including mini business banking if you are self-employed.

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loanDepot is simply a nonstop lender that, overmuch for illustration Quicken Loans, operates wholly online. That will make for an easy and convenient indebtedness process, including nan expertise to upload required supporting documentation, correct connected nan website.

loanDept is simply a nonstop lender, truthful you tin beryllium assured you will beryllium moving pinch them done nan full owe process. The institution operates successful each 50 states, arsenic good arsenic Washington, DC. Though it’s not arsenic well-known arsenic immoderate of nan different lenders connected this list, it’s really nan fifth-largest owe lender successful nan country.

Why We Like loanDepot: They connection nan afloat scope of owe financing products, including accepted and FHA loans, arsenic good arsenic secondary financing options, successful summation to VA mortgages.

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Best VA Loan Lenders of 2023

VA Home Loan Guide

How Does a VA Loan Work?

In astir respects, VA loans activity for illustration immoderate different type of mortgage, including accepted and FHA loans. The main quality is that you must beryllium an eligible seasoned aliases an active-duty personnel of nan US subject to suffice for a VA loan.

You should besides beryllium alert that VA loans are only disposable for owner-occupied, superior residences. If you want to acquisition a picnic location aliases rental property, you’ll request to see a accepted indebtedness instead.

Probably nan biggest advantage of VA loans is that they supply 100% financing. Not only will that destruct nan request for a down payment, but besides for a 2nd owe aliases a location equity statement of in installments (HELOC).

Though HELOCs person go communal for homeowners, it’s ever champion to understand the pros and cons of a HELOC. Though they person definite advantages, location are definite risks. Either way, they’re usually not basal if you suffice for a VA loan.

VA loans are disposable for some purchases and refinances. Rates and fees are little erstwhile you do an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), arsenic opposed to a cash-out refinance. It’s important to understand when to refinance, past to activity pinch the champion owe refinance companies for VA loans.

Because of nan 100% financing factor, refinances tin beryllium much analyzable pinch VA loans than pinch accepted loans.

Whether you are purchasing aliases refinancing, it’s important to know really to get nan champion VA indebtedness rates. Under “How to Qualify for a VA Loan” below, we’ll spell complete nan factors that will impact nan complaint you’ll pay.

What Is nan VA Funding Fee?

When you make a down costs of little than 20% utilizing a accepted mortgage, you’ll beryllium required to salary what’s known arsenic backstage owe insurance, aliases PMI. This is an security policy, you arsenic nan homeowner, are required to acquisition to partially compensate nan owe lender should you default connected nan loan.

VA mortgages do not usage PMI. Instead, they person what is referred to arsenic nan VA backing fee. This is simply a interest collected by nan Veterans Administration, which will partially compensate lenders for borrower default connected nan loan. This is particularly important pinch VA loans since they impact 100% financing.

The VA backing interest is paid astatine nan clip of closing. If it isn’t paid by nan spot seller, lender, aliases a gift from a family personnel of nan borrower, it will beryllium added to nan indebtedness amount. This is nan astir communal scenario.

For example, connected astir purchases, nan backing interest will beryllium 2.3%. If nan indebtedness magnitude is $300,000, nan magnitude owed will beryllium $306,900, pinch nan VA backing interest added to nan main magnitude of nan loan. The borrower will past efficaciously salary nan backing interest complete nan life of nan mortgage.

There are various rates that use to nan VA backing fee. Those rates are arsenic follows for 2024:

If Your Down Payment Is…Your VA Funding Fee Will Be…
First UseLess Than 5%2.15%
5% aliases More1.5%
10% aliases More1.25%
After First UseLess Than 5%3.3%
5% aliases More1.5%
10% aliases More1.25%


If you utilized a VA-backed aliases VA nonstop location indebtedness to acquisition only a manufactured location successful nan past, you’ll still salary nan first-time backing fee.

The VA backing interest is different for refinances. If you are doing an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL), successful which you are refinancing only to little nan liking complaint and costs connected your loan, nan interest is 0.5%.

If you are doing a refinance and taking rate retired pinch nan loan, nan VA backing interest will beryllium 3.6%.

Just for comparison’s sake, accepted mortgages complaint monthly owe security premiums, which VA loans don’t have. FHA loans person some upfront and monthly premiums.

If you do person to adhd nan VA backing interest to your indebtedness amount, deliberation of it arsenic 1 of the costs of owning a home. When it comes to VA loans, nan backing interest is simply a large logic why you’ll suffice for nan loan.

Pros and Cons of a VA loan

What Is nan VA Loan Limit?

For 2024, the modular maximum VA indebtedness magnitude is $766,550 for a single-family property. However, successful areas designated arsenic “high cost,” nan maximum indebtedness magnitude tin beryllium arsenic precocious arsenic $970,800. The maximum limits are higher for owner-occupied homes pinch 2-4 surviving units successful them.

But moreover if you want to acquisition a location for much than nan modular maximum, you tin do truthful utilizing nan VA Jumbo program. That’s a programme that enables you to bargain a higher-priced home, but it will require you to make a partial down payment.

It useful for illustration this: Let’s opportunity you want to acquisition a location for $926,200. That’s $200,000 supra nan modular maximum indebtedness limit.

If you only needed to get nan maximum of $766,550, you could do truthful pinch nary down costs whatsoever. But nether nan VA Jumbo Loan Program, you’ll beryllium required to make a down costs adjacent to 25% of nan magnitude by which nan indebtedness exceeds nan modular maximum.

Since nan spot you are purchasing is priced $200,000 complete nan modular maximum limit, you’ll request to make a down costs adjacent to $50,000, which is 25% of $200,000.

That whitethorn look for illustration a large chunk of money. But $50,000 represents a down costs of conscionable nether 6% connected a location worthy $926,200.

That’s an outstanding woody since accepted Jumbo loans typically require a 20% down payment.

How to Qualify for a VA Loan?

To beryllium eligible for a VA loan, you must beryllium either an active-duty personnel of nan US subject aliases an eligible veteran. Eligibility is wished by acquiring a VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You whitethorn person received this certificate upon discharge from nan military, but don’t interest if you didn’t. Your owe lender will assistance you successful obtaining nan certificate.

Whether you are a seasoned aliases presently connected progressive duty, location are circumstantial requirements for that eligibility based connected erstwhile you served and for really long. Eligibility will not beryllium granted if you were dishonorably discharged.

Apart from VA eligibility, you tin suffice for a VA indebtedness nan aforesaid measurement you would pinch immoderate different owe program. While nan pursuing accusation will thief you understand nan process, it’s champion to fto a lender show you really to get approved for a location loan.

Other Considerations Your Lender Will Look At


The Veterans Administration does not group a circumstantial minimum in installments score, but alternatively leaves it up to individual lenders. Most lenders group nan minimum people astatine 620, though immoderate will spell lower. The lender will besides see individual components of your credit, specified arsenic immoderate history of bankruptcy, foreclosure, aliases superior delinquencies.

Just arsenic is nan lawsuit pinch different types of mortgages, your in installments will person a beardown effect connected nan complaint you’ll salary connected your loan. Be judge to check existent owe rates based connected your existent in installments score.


Lenders will mostly look for a continuous employment history of astatine slightest 2 years. Military work aliases assemblage tin partially aliases wholly fulfill this requirement, arsenic agelong arsenic you person nan committedness of employment successful a occupation related to your subject aliases assemblage experience.

Debt Ratio

VA mostly prefers your full fixed obligations, including some nan caller lodging costs and immoderate recurring indebtedness payments, to beryllium wrong 43% of your unchangeable monthly income. However, lenders will sometimes spell higher if you person compensating factors, for illustration a down payment, rate reserves aft closing, aliases fantabulous credit.Your indebtedness ratio will beryllium a awesome facet successful answering nan question, How overmuch location tin I afford?

Your indebtedness ratio will beryllium a awesome facet successful answering nan question, How overmuch location tin I afford?

Down Payment

Since VA loans are celebrated for providing 100% financing, a down costs is typically not required.

Closing Costs

These tin beryllium paid by nan borrower, but besides by nan seller, nan lender, aliases a gift from a family member.

Types of VA Loans Available

VA loans are disposable successful 3 basal types, fixed-rate, adjustable-rate (ARM), and Jumbo loans.


These are mortgages pinch position ranging from 15 years to 30 years and transportation a fixed complaint and monthly payment. Though nan liking complaint connected a fixed complaint is higher than it will beryllium for an ARM, it’s a overmuch little risky indebtedness since nan costs will ne'er change. This will beryllium peculiarly important if liking rates emergence successful nan future.

Before choosing a 15-year loan, which has a higher monthly payment, you should first see nan implications of a 15-year vs 30-year mortgage. For astir borrowers, nan 30-year indebtedness will connection a little payment, which will beryllium a much comfortable fit.


This indebtedness type has a fixed-rate term, which is followed by yearly adjustments. For example, pinch a 5/1 ARM, you’ll person a fixed complaint for nan first 5 years of nan loan. After that, nan complaint will alteration each year. To support nan payments from going excessively precocious upon adjustment, ARMs person complaint caps.

For example, successful a emblematic arrangement, nan complaint will not beryllium capable to summation much than 2% connected nan first adjustment. Subsequent adjustments will likewise beryllium constricted to 2%, pinch a maximum accommodation of 5% complete nan life of nan loan.

However, moreover pinch nan complaint caps, your complaint and costs tin spell up substantially from nan first term. If nan indebtedness starts astatine 4% and has a 5% life cap, you whitethorn yet extremity up paying 9%. These loans are suitable only if you scheme to enactment successful nan location for nary much than nan first fixed-rate word of nan program.

Jumbo Loans

We covered this earlier nether “What is nan VA indebtedness limit,” truthful we won’t spell into immoderate item here. A VA Jumbo indebtedness is simply a programme that enables an eligible borrower to get much than nan modular indebtedness amount, successful speech for making a down costs adjacent to 25% of nan excess indebtedness amount. Before taking a jumbo loan, beryllium judge to summation a thorough knowing of nan VA Jumbo loan. The higher dollar magnitude does correspond a greater risk.

How We Found nan Best VA Loan Lenders

There are galore owe lenders offering VA loans, but only a mini percent specialize successful this indebtedness type. To travel up pinch our database of nan 8 champion VA loans for 2024, we considered nan pursuing criteria:

The number of VA loans nan lender does.

  • Specialization successful VA loans.
  • The number of VA indebtedness programs nan lender offers.
  • The lender’s reputation.
  • Specializations, for illustration accommodating debased in installments scores, debased closing costs, and different services offered by nan lender.

In addition, we chose lenders that screen wide geographic areas to use arsenic galore group arsenic possible.

Summary of nan Best VA Home Loans of August 2024

  • Veterans United: Best Overall
  • USAA: Best for Lowest Rates
  • Quicken Loans: Best Online Lender
  • PenFed Credit Union: Best for No Lender Fees
  • Navy Federal Credit Union: Best for First-Time Homebuyers
  • LendingTree: Best Online Mortgage Marketplace
  • Wells Fargo: Best Mortgage and Banking successful One Place
  • loanDepot: Best for Other Mortgage Options

We judge immoderate 1 of these lenders will beryllium an fantabulous prime to supply you pinch a VA loan.

Final Thoughts – 8 Best VA Loan Lenders of 2024

Selecting specialized VA indebtedness lenders is captious successful nan competitory owe market. This guideline highlights apical choices: Veterans United for veterans, USAA for debased rates, Quicken Loans for online convenience, PenFed Credit Union for nary fees, Navy Federal Credit Union for first-time buyers, LendingTree for online comparisons, Wells Fargo for banking integration, and loanDepot for divers options. 

Each lender addresses unsocial needs, offering tailored solutions for VA loans successful 2024.