A Death Stranding live action movie is on the way from A24

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Kojima Productions announced it is moving pinch A24 to create a live-action movie based connected Death Stranding.

A24 is nan workplace down critically acclaimed films for illustration Lady Bird and Everything Everywhere All astatine Once, but it has not stepped into nan realm of video crippled adaptations until now. As for why Kojima chose to activity pinch A24, he says successful a press release that its “innovative attack to storytelling aligns pinch what Kojima Productions has been doing for nan past 8 years.”

Kojima adjacent to nan A24 logo.Kojima Productions

Death Stranding follows a man named Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, arsenic he attempts to reconnect nan world aft nan titular apocalyptic arena that has near group isolated from each other. It’s chartless if nan Hollywood talent featured successful nan game, for illustration Reedus and Lea Seydoux, will reprise their roles astatine this time, and Kojima teases successful nan property merchandise that nan movie mightiness extremity up being a spot different from nan game.

“There are a batch of ‘game adjustment films’ retired there, but what we are creating is not conscionable a nonstop translator of nan game,” Kojima explained. “The volition is that our assemblage will not only beryllium fans of nan games, but our movie will beryllium for anyone who loves cinema. We are creating a Death Stranding beingness that has ne'er been seen before, achievable only done nan mean of film, it will beryllium born.”

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Death Stranding is nan latest PlayStation console-exclusive franchise to get an adaptation. A TV show based connected The Last of Us aired connected HBO earlier this year, garnering captious acclaim and Best Adaptation astatine The Game Awards 2023. A video crippled sequel to Death Stranding is besides successful development.

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Once a PlayStation exclusive, Death Stranding is coming to Game Pass adjacent week

Death Stranding

505 Games has announced that Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass connected August 23. The patient has confirmed that nan type coming to nan subscription work is nan original 2019 crippled and not its Director's Cut.

The crippled will person ultrawide support, a photograph mode, and precocious framerates. 505 Games besides mentions that it will get cross-over content, which presumably refers to nan Half Life and Cyberpunk 2077 collaborations. Additionally, players will get immoderate unlockable items:

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Hideo Kojima NFT scare ends pinch beingness collectible confirmation

Kojima's mascot, Luden's helmet adjacent up.

With plentifulness of gaming companies going into nan NFT market, fans are perpetually connected precocious alert to spot which developer will clasp nan arguable exertion next. Yesterday, rumors that Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima was jumping into nan non-fungible world blew up acknowledgment to a tease from an NFT adjacent company, Anicorn. Turns out, it was each conscionable for a beingness collectible from Kojima Productions and Anicorn.

The original announcement led to a batch of interest among Hideo Kojima's fanbase. Anicorn makes beingness products for illustration watches but besides creates NFTs. Because nan first tweet teasing nan collaboration was vague, replies to it were afloat of prayers that nan task wouldn't beryllium an NFT announcement aliases thing related to nan metaverse.

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A Death Stranding sequel is reportedly successful development

Sam Bridges stands pinch nan kid he must transportation pinch him.

A sequel to 2019's Death Stranding is reportedly successful production. While nary charismatic announcement has been made, nan game's main characteristic character seems to person confirmed it.

In an question and reply pinch Leo, character Norman Reedus was discussing his career. The interviewer, Ilaria Urbinati, asked astir Reedus's book, nan last play of The Walking Dead, and of course, Death Stranding.

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